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Canes - Spanking Instruments


You will see from the above that I have six canes. They all have different functions but I try to avoid those without handles. Until twenty years ago canes were straight or had crook handles. I visited a sub who had just received several canes from a cane maker who had designed a handle which gave a good grip. Since then I have used these regularly.

Canes 'A' -'E' are all about the same length at 32 inches (81cms)and I find this is excellent. All my canes are made of rattan and are between 3/8 and 1/2 inch thick (1.0 -1.25cms). The last one 'F' has been shortened so that it can be used in a restricted area. Canes need a good space to be effective and accurate so ' F' offers a useful alternative.

The ones I recommend are those with handles. For the novice spanker they are the right weight and feel. The grip means that it is comfortable to use when practicing - something I strongly advocate.

buttocksFor the novice with a cane it is very hazardous to work on a lady's bottom. There are several reasons and the most important in my mind is ACCURACY. To test yoursel get a pillow or a cushion and test your aim on this. You will be surprised at how often you miss the centre. Remember a lady's bottom is only about six inches from the thighs to the top. and this is the target area. NEVER hit too high this can catch the coccyx - the small triangular bone at the bottom of the spine. More damage has been caused by caning across this than any other reason. Remember even when flogging in the navy a small apron covered the area.

The thighs are not so dangerous when hit but they are VERY painful and bruise easily. The object is the soft warm bottom cheeks on offer so make sure this is where you strike

The short cane is very useful It is ideal for a confined space where there is no room to stand back. Mine is actually a cut down cane 24 inches long (61cms).

Cane 'B' is similar in weight to the ones with handles. Cane 'E' is what is called a' Nursery' cane. It is very stingy but will not mark as much as the heavier cane.

A final word on the cane. This is the most intense instrument the normal spanker will use. It can be like a wand as it caresses and massages or it can be like a flaming brand as it is laid sharply across the bum. Each has a place in the art but NEVER EVER get too excited as you cane. This is the way to cause damage. Strong, heavy strokes are suitable at times but always with the spanker in control of his emotions and be prepared to stop at any point. I have seen bottoms thrashed by over excitable spankers which have caused long lasting damage to their partners.

is Professionals such as myself have to untangle this mess because spankees WILL come back even after being badly hurt just because they NEED to be spanked but ot takes time to regain their trust and the 'pain and pleasure' which spanking should both partners!