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Spanking Instruments - The Paddle

Above I show the four paddles in my collection as well as the clothes brush..Let me be clear from the start that I do not, and have NEVER, seriously used the wooden paddles.

Let me get the two wooden paddles out of the way quickly. The first 'A' is a brutal solid paddle which frankly has no point except to hurt and is really for SM groups. I find that if I demonstrate it lightly on a lady's bottom two strokes is enough.

'B' is a soriety paddle from an American University society. Thes were used at initiation ceremonies and are often used to 'break' the spirit of the weaker candidates for the club. The full view does not show exactly how brutal it can be but the small pictures of the drilled areas shows this clearer

paddle detail paddle

The marks left by the first side frighten me as the marks would be very damaging.

The third 'C'is my 'flappy paddle. It is very flexible at the junction of the handle and blade and the blade is lightweight. Ladies enjoy this as I frequently beat a rapid tatoo with it. No pain but lots of sensation.<.p>

'D' is the real 'daddy. It has everything. It is good solid leather with a large blade. It can be used for play and punishment as, when weileded strongly, it gives a goodly 'C R A A C K!!" and a powerful sting. It also has a tiny 'give' in the leather which allows the blade and bottom to react together in a sympathetic way. Difficult to explain but leather and flesh are compatible.

The final instrument is ''E' and this is the clothes brush. NOT recommended on the wooden side where again the varnish coating makes it similar to an 'iron bar'. The brush side is purely for play and should be used on th pussy more than the bottom.