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Spanking Instruments - An Introduction

Before any explanation of techniques the various instruments used needs to be explored and, for convenience, I list them in a general order of 'strength' - although some of them vary in their effect e.g. different styles and power of whips for example.

Hand, paddle, whip, strap, riding crop, tawse, cane.
(I occasionally use the the birch but only under very special controlled circumstances).

I will now discuss each one in more detail with the special effects associated with it. In the pages Sensual Spanking and Disciplinary Spanking I will deal with the specific use of each instrument.

To see any of the pictures larger go to the top of the page where details of each group are shown with extensive notes.

This is the starter in all sessions and controller of everything that happens. It is the perfect instrument offering every 'nuance' that is possible without any outside help. Turn the lady over your knee, or lay her across your lap and the hand immediately is ready for use.Some spankers use a glove but I find that this takes away the rapport which the sympathetic spanker has with his client. A loose hand which cracks down across the buttocks of the client is the 'warning shot' for what is to come. It allows both the striker and struck to adjust themselves to the rhythm of the session. You have seen pictures of a lady across my knee receiving a hand spanking at the top of the page, as well as on other pages.

paddle What a choice! I think a university graduate could write a thesis on paddles there are so many to choose from. I use several, The one which is shown, is a leather paddle with a large oval area offering a complete coverage of both buttocks. It also has a superb sound to it which adds to the effect. A lighter paddle is also leather and I call this 'spappy-happy' as it has a flexible blade, similar to the tail of a beaver, which can be used rapidly to 'disorientate' the spankee's bottom. I also have two wooden paddles. One is shapped like a cricket bat and the other is a 'soriety' paddle from the United States. I do not like wooden paddles as they are often.varnished and land like an iron bar - leaving a bruise. No the leather paddles are the best for every use.

The floggerflogger is a unique instrument which is designed only for sensual and erotic spanking. It is a 'mainy tailed' insrtument similar to amartinet or multi-thonged whip but the lashes are made of chamois leather. They are simple to make and only need a wooden handla about eighteen inches long, a chamois leather also the same length. Cut the chamois into strips about 1/2 to 3/4 inch wide and fasten the ends firmly to the wooden handle with tape, The reulting instrument is superb which used on the back, thighs, calves or breasts of a lady. It stimulates without any pain and can be used for long periods without discomfort.

Whips, which often have a number of tails , range from the soft suede to pigskin and cowhide. - the one shown is a soft suede flogger quoted above. The effect ranges from gentle stimulation of the back, bum, thighs atc. as well as nipples and vagina with the flogger to a very sharp bottom creamer with the cowhide twelve tailed 'martinet'. This latter a difficult instrument for the novice as the tails are awkward to use with the necessary accuracy without spreading too much..

I mainly use the suede for play and the 'martinet' martinetfor punishment only . The idea with suede is to caress the back with it's fifty suede tails and use it up and down from thighs to shoulders. You can also use it when the lady is on her back to 'flick' the nipples or between the legs to the vagina. This is specifically a sexual stimulant and not meant for general use. I do warn again that although the soft flogger is for everybody the 'martinet' is not for the novice as it can cause excessive pain and damage to the client. If I do use a more potent whip then I always twist the tails together before striking, thus keeping its effect within limits. One has to stand back to be sure that it does not curl round the sides of the buttocks. I am not happy with the single strand whip, which is used in extreme BDSM sessions as it can easily curl round the body and cause damage to the side of the buttocks,vagina or penis and ball sack (in the case of men) and thighs so have totally eliminated it from my equipment.

straps and tawse I have divided this from the real 'tawse' (although they are both similar in construction) . The strap is usually about 20 inches long with a handle at one end made of a fairly light-weight leather and is designed for long sessions of spanking.. It was developed I think from the 'belt' which was warn by men in 19 and early 20th century and was used extensively for punishing childre. I show three types her. The lop is similar to a leather belt, the next is a heavyweight tawse and the lower one is a three tongued strap. Its last six inches has two or three tails. I often use the top one to relax clients who are getting tense with the cumulative effect of the session as I can control the stimulation given. Steady rhythmic slapping can produce an almost trance-like effect -welcome when the tawse and cane are to follow!

This is the traditional tawseScottish 'tawse' and every spanker should have one. Again it is about twenty inches long and about 2ins wide with two or three tails but the leather used is much heavier than the strap above. It equates with the old razor strop of infamous memory! In use it is a much more powerful instrument than the lightweight strap and needs good control as it can easily cause excessive bruising of the buttocks if the strokes are given over enthusiastically. Given with precision clients can stand a long session from the instrument. I have never used the tawse on the hands but from Scottish friends who were subjected to it at school I understand that it could bruise the hands so badly that they could not write for days.

Riding Crop
There are two types of riding crop, the genuine crop which one uses with a horse. This can be a vicious instrument which belongs to the S/M tradition rather than the spanker.but as long as it has a proper tail then is is suitable for use. crop This is more of a play instrument which gives a sharp sting to a very small area. It still has to be very carefully controlled in its use otherwise the striker can 'over hit' meaning that the lash of the crop, rather than the hand on the end, strikes the client and causes discomfort far beyond what was intended. I have one but hardly ever use it.

An instrument with a long tradition the cane is the most feared of the spanker's 'armoury'. Ideally they should be between two foot six and three foot six in length with the optimum 3ft, although they do vary from 30 inches to four feet. Many are made of rattan and they range in thickness from light and whippy (the so called 'maternal cane) to the medium (the schoolroom cane) then the Headmaster's cane,thicker and which is a very potent instrument with finally the thick, hard and heavy cane or judicial cane.


The maternal cane is not really one for me as it is shorter and lighter and has very little effect on the client. I have a range of canes available but I have now given up using the thin whippy cane as, besides the above reasons, it easily curls around the bottom and can damage the side of the buttocks if the client moves or the stroke is not accurate. It is also liable to split while in use which is also dangerous. All canes must be soaked in water occasionally to keep them in condition. The stiffer canes offer more precision and have a greater effect. Even with these precautions the old crook handle versions can twist in the striker's hands - something not important in schools but VERY important to the spanker. I am now using some new straight canes with handles; these are of different weights and, in the right hands, are very accurate and effective! Clients who have experienced them prefer them for their accuracy, even though they say they sting more than the traditional cane. Just a quick comment on the judicial cane - this is not for anybody except those undergoing punishment by the law. It is usually four to four and half feet long and is designed for hitting with maximum force by a trained operator with the 'criminal' strapped down. To find out more about these see pages on the web about Singapore where it is frequently usedas an insrument of jusicial punishment!

With birches again we have the 'three bears' - the maternal, schoolroom and judicial. The former is lightweight, birchesshort and light with little power - a 'frightener' rather than a 'punisher'. The schoolroom birch offers a longer stronger set of twigs with more weight - this can easily draw blood if not carefully used. Finally the judicial birch is a long heavy object with more twigs and a greater punishment power. If requested for the birch we use the schoolroom birch. These need to be specially made for each client, they usually have twenty or so tips and are soaked in brine until required.

I do not like using them myself as the tips can draw blood, wrap round and scar the sides of the buttocks and, after a very few strokes, can easily have cracked and splintered ends. I prefer to use them while the spankee is wearing knickers to avoid the above problems. The sensation is still strong even though it is not on the bare bottom. Just for information when used on Royal Navy training ships for young seamen, and on the Isle of Man where jusicial caning was still available to magistrates until recently, shorts were worn.
This is a specialist instrument for that special request. I havealso recently seen an artificial birch produced by The Hanson Paddle Company which appears a much more satisfactory and controllable instrument to use and clients find exciting.
Finally let me add that I do not deal with clients whose request is "that I am beaten until I bleed" - and there are requests such as that!

I am often asked about the Spanking Bench I use so I display it below. This is firmly fastened in the middle of the room -clients bend over the bench and, if they wish, there are brackets for straps to restrain their wrists and ankles

 spanking bench

A superb site for equipment is The London Tanners. Although based in the USA they supply equipment all over the world. Click on the link below to go to their site