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Spanking Instruments - Strap and Tawse

I have five straps and the two I use most are 'A' and 'E'.'A' This is a very powerful lether tawse and is known as a Lochgally Tawse from its Scottish roots. It has two tongues and is a substantial heavyweight well balanced instrument. I can strongly recommend it it when you are involved in punishment spanking. It should NEVER be used on the hands, albeit this was its main use in Scottish Education.

'B' is also an excellent tawse with a powerful spank. It consists of two layers of black leather which give it extra weight and strength when used. It need the spanker to stand slightly farther away from the spankee than with 'A' so that the tails do not curl round the sides.

'C' This strap isthe one O like least. It is 'wishy washy' has no substance and is very difficult to control because of its length and th e three loose tails. I keep it but never use it.

'D' Short range strap which can be very painful. It is made of thick black leather and whereas the leather of 'B' is soft this one is HARD and unforgiving.. Again one I hardly use.

''E' with 'A' is my favourite. Unlike 'A' though it is soft and flexible and is designed for erotic spanking. Ladies find that two or three dozen strokes with it are stimulating rather than punishment. It will sting the bottom but the buttocks are still receptive. They are not anethsitised as heavier instruments can do.