If it is about Spanking, Fetish or Bondage it is HERE

When you enter into the WORLD OF SPANKING you are entering a World which is inhabited by many thousands of people who enjoy spanking or being spanked. For some it is just the Voyeur looking at


If you want to SPANK your wife then the sdvice of THE DISCIPLINARIAN is IMPORTANT as it makes sure both parties have 'pleasure, as well as pain' in the exchange. Go to my BONDAGE pages to find out more. It will take you from initial Hand Spanking to Fetish in Easy Stages

This is the CLASSIC site for Spanking Stories. Every one is written by The Disciplinarian and many of them are based on his own experiences with LADIES and COUPLES.

BONDAGE and FETISH are both extensions of Spanking.handcuffsDANGEROUS arenas. At times they can be BRUTAL and FRIGHTENING and should never be attempted without experienced advice. You can find a full exposition of BONDAGE in the special section devoted to it. I have little to add over FETISH which is not something I have aver been involved with. This also applies to play with ROPES which again are a specialised field and have a number of books devoted to just that subject.

Because SPANKING has developed from a very simple concept when I first stared thirty years ago I now offer a large selection of ADULT VIDEO sites. These go far beyond earlier erotic spanking sites and now border on pornography.

Why not find out about the way The Disciplinarian worked before his retirement and enter Introduction to Spankingfrom the links above

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