Spanking Stories 1

Head and Tail
Head and Tail - Part 1 Head and Tail - Part 2 Head and Tail Part 3
Head and Tail Part 4 Head and Tail Part 5 Head and Tail - Final Part
Homework - The Meeting Homework - The Initiation Homework - Training Continues
Homework - The Onward and Upwards Homework - Lifestyle Homework - Will You Join Us
Homework - Angela's Story Homework - The Inner Circle Homework - Accepted !
What A Good Secretary Should Know
What A Good Secretary Needs To Know - A Learning Curve What A Good Secretary Needs To Know - Extra Curricular Activities What A Good Secretary Needs To Know - Half term
Bend Over Alison
Bend Over Alison - Part 1- Introduced to the Cane Bend Over Alison - Part 2
Mother Tries it Out
Bend Over Alison - Part 3
Joining the Club
Bend Over Alison - Part 4
Club Night
Bend Over Alison - Part 5
Alison Discovers her Mother & Madame
Bend Over Alison - Part 6
Alison Joins her Mother
Stories of A Friend
A Friend in Need A Friend Still Needs We Learn to Switch
Please Madam
Please Madam - Initiation Please Madam -
Lessons From a Teacher
Please Madam
My Education Continues
I Expect Discipline
I expect Discipline Part 1 I Expect Discipline Part 2 I expect Discipline Part 3
I expect Discipline Part 4 I Expect Discipline Part 5 I Expect Discipline Part 6
Punishment My Lady
Punishment My Lady - Part 1 Punishment My Lady - Part 2 Punishment My Lady - Part 3
A Smoking Cane
A Smoking Cane The Secretary's Secret Julias Sexuality
The Three Ladies To Follow To Follow
A Woman's World
Result of a Wager Friendship Ladies Circle
Ladies Night To Follow To Follow
More School Stories
Embarrassment for the Secretary Manor House Mayhem Dilemma For The Head
The History Teacher Extra Curricular Activities The Secretary Disciplined
Madam, Report to my Study See me After School Can You Help Me
I Was A Bad Girl Our Family Intimate Connections
Business Short Stories
Business Decisions A Difficult Sale Dear Sir
I Need Discipline I Need Discipline I Need Discipline
Business Problems Business to Pleasure Part 1 To Follow
Other Stories
The Rendevous Stranger in the Night Hymn For Frances
Jane Learns a Lesson We Deserved It Punishment is Meant To Hurt
Wife's Punishment To Follow To Follow
Lesbian Pleasures
Twice Blessed Twice Blessed - Part 2 Twice Blessed - Part 3
Marion Finds her Partner Marion and Muriel with Friends Enjoy Your Spanking
The Family
Family Punishment Ladies At The Ready To Follow
The College
The Principal The Staff Staff Meeting
Ladies Reading Circle
Ladies Reading Circle
My Lecture
Ladies Reading Circle
.First Visitors
Ladies Reading Circle
More Visitors
Ladies Reading Circle
A Lesbian Couple
Ladies Reading Circle
'Domme' to 'sub'
Ladies Reading Circle
Failure and a Bi-Sexual Couple
St Jude's Finishing College
Appropriate Punishment Pleasure After Pain Pleasure Continues
Fiona Discovers She is a Lesbian Shirley and Julie Learn a Lesson Marion Again
Fiona Discovers She is a Lesbian Shirley and Julie Learn a Lesson To Follow
Secretary Faces a Challenge
Secretary Faces a Challenge - Pt 1 Secretary Faces a Challenge - Pt 2 Secretary Faces a Challenge - Pt 3
Wife's Punishment Librarians Librarians - Part 2
Recent Stories
Hymn For Frances Enjoy Your Spanking Bid For Your Wife
Muriel Muriel Alone Again A Busy Morning
Museums and Libraries
Museum Activities Museum Activities - Part 2 Museum Activities - Part 3
Museum Activities - Part 4 Museum Activities - Part 5 To Follow
Librarians Librarians - Part 2 To Follow
More New Stories
Kept In The Family Ladies At The Ready We Deserved It
All Ladies Together To Follow To Follow
All Ladies Together To Follow To Follow

About Me

I am SPANKER not a member of the SM fraternity. I enjoy spanking ladies bottoms and hope that through the 'pain and pleasure - pleasure and pain' I offer is what they want and, in many cases, need! I do nothing which they do not agree to, either verbally or tacitly. Read more...

What Happens

For many clients the actual spanking is the be all and end all. They come and want to be spanked by an expert and having been spanked they leave satisfied - often to return again. Read more...

Spanking Stories

June Brown was in her early thirties and had been the headmistress of the local high school for three years when her husband died. No great death. He was killed in a car accident when hit by a drunken driver but, for June, it was as though the bottom of her world had fallen out. They had been a very loving couple in every sense and they had explored the limits of sensuality in their experiences together. This was what June found so hard. She could put up with the loneliness when she arrived home from school and cooked dinner, marked books or watched television but it was the nights which seemed so long and absence of sex and the other erotic experiences which hurt so much. She knew that she had to fill this void but it would have to be done with extreme caution and thought as to who the person should be. Read more...

Own Novellas

My name is John de Lacy and I was seventeen at the time when it all started. I was upstairs having just finished my afternoon nap when I heard my father raising his voice to my sisters. Although he was in his study I knew that by moving to one of the spare bedrooms I could look down and see into the study. I hurried along and was just in time to get inside and put my eye to the peephole when he again raised his voice. Read more...

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