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Spanking Instruments - Martinet or Whip

Although there are thonged whips to me they are the single lash ones which are used for SM and have no part in spanking either for pleasure or discipline. I therefore mention them for information but make no further comment.

For the spanker the true name is a Martinet which is a French word for a multi thonged instrument usually with lashes from 12 -18 inches (30 - 45 cms) in length. I have four of the which are shown above.

'A' can be dismissed immediately as it is a small martinet for use on the hands. It has no oter purpise and, even on the hand will have little effect.

'B' is a long lashe one with thin leather lashes. I find this very difficult to use as it necessitates standing a long way from the spankee and its lashes land so randomly that they are ineffective.

'C'. This a simple cheap and nasty I bought from an internet sex shop several years ago. This one is based on the same principle as the 'flogger'. The lashes are made of chouis leather and the item has little function.

'D' is my favourite and is a beautifully designed martinet. The handle is comfortable to hold and strurdy while the lashes, which are 12 inches (30cms) are an ideal length. The lashes are similar to leather bootlaces with a square face. This is a pleasure to hold and to use and more aabout its use can be found in the 'How to Spank section. It is simple to make your own. One dozen bootlaces about 16 inches long. Bind the top four inches tightly together and then wrap the end in spare leather or material to offer a good grip. Good luck with this as you will find it very effective on bums of all sizes!