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Spanking Examples


The Disciplinarian"


Over the past twenty years I have spankedinnumerable ladies of all ages from 25 (my minimum age) up toseventy plus. Age has never been a consideration and, when I amrelephoned about visiting and I am asked "I am ratherlarge" or "I have never been spanked" myinveriable answer is

"I am not interested in size or age. All Iask is thet you WANT to be spanked!"

This is not just a 'line' but a fact.Spanking is something which is enjoyed by ladies of all ages andshapes.and the misleading pictures on the Spanking sites whichshow only 'models' between 18 and 25 can be veryoff-putting! It frequently takes reassurance for them tounderstand that all that is needed is a 'willing heart and abottom which wants, and needs, to be spanked

I am pleased that I have found some of my visitorswho have agreed for me to use pictures of their bottom. I havealso ben lucky in having several ladies who have helped me tomake the picture shows in 'How to Spank' The insrumentsshown area ll ones I own and use myself (or maybe do notuse!)

The set of examples has been created to show thewide range of people who visit and their reactions. Other ladieshave been willing to write about their experiences and these areshown under Erotic and Disciplinary spanking sections. I thank althose who have agreed for the remarks to be aired. No lady isnamed and for me their anonymity is pt. In fact I only use aliasnames and recomend that they set up a special email account justfor contact..

Spanking is very personal and intimate. It isprobably even more so than sex as the lady is offering her bodyand bottom to an experience she may or may not enjoy. The full'pain and pleasure' pleasure and pain'entailed require total submission on the one hand and totaldiscipine on the other. I warn clients that they should avoid the'personal ' advertisments as many of these are written by'voyeurs' looking for a quick thrill. I comment on onesuch where they lady went to a hotel and was badly hurt by acaning she received from a man who admitted afterwards that'he had never done anything like it before'! It took meseveral visits from her and much patience to retore her trust andreturn to the enjoyment she had found in spanking.

As you read the examples you will see thatthere is a wide variety of clients who visit and that eachexperience is ,b>unique to them and can never berepeated exactly again.