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A TOP or a BOTTOM the advice we offer is recognised in the Community as the BEST
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The Disciplinarian

This is the site for Spanking Bondage and SM, !

Whether it is

Hand Spanking,Paddle, Strap Tawse, Cane or Birch with MULTIPLE examples of each Instrument, or the excitement of Bondage
Use the links to find the page you wish!

We promise nothing but PAIN and PLEASURE in this site

Whatever the instrument - Learn the way to SPANK from an EXPERT or

read our pages on BONDAGE and SM (sado masochism)

For TWENTY YEARS I spanked ladies who require this discipline to enhance their lives or would like to try spanking and now I offer my advice FREE.

All spanking must be consensual and nothing should take place which is not agreed between the partners. Part of what I did was bondage as frequently the were fastened or tied down - Athough for many years it was not known outside an exclusive circle of devotees. Books such as 'Fifty Shades of Grey' have brought it to public notice, and interest!.
There can be no EXACT definition as to where the three disciplines divide but I have used the following as a rule of thumb throughout

  • Spanking-Free movement by the Spankee and the use on their BOTTOM of the hand, strap,cane, martinet, etc.
  • Bondage-Here we use restraints but these must only be handcuffs, ankle-cuffs, leg-spreader, blindfold - and of course rope. No metal items (other than the leg-spreader). You will find much more in the Bondage pages from the menu
  • SM- or - to give its full name - Sado masochism is.and takes participants into much more intense pain and pleasure using SM

I have just read a book which lists FIVE pages of items which can be used including many of metal, heavy restraints,wrappings,mouth restraints. This also includes intense pain and may well include burning, bleeding and penetration with instruments. I have included one chapter on this in my Bondage pages.

This site is about all types of Spanking

Erotic, Sensual and Punishment Spanking as well as Galleries, Spanking Examples, Stories and Videos. I now include advice on how to include spanking in your sexual life as well as new chapters on bondage and SM. It is designed for ADULT viewing only.

Whatever your spanking interests this is the site for you and the webmaster, a spanker for over TWENTY years, is happy to give advice on all aspects of spanking

Welcome to the site for Spanking and Bondage Enthusiasts. Look at the Icons on the right and then use the menus at the top to find the pages which interest you. Here you will find Spanking Stories,Information,Advice,Examples, Videos and Galleries as well as exclusive spanking pictures. There is also Bondage information

The are also pages of pictures and stories and from Erotic books of the 17th - 19th centuries as well as some early 20th century pictures

Try our EXAMPLES pages - one of the best is Avril and Anthea

See our New Short Stories "The Department Store" in Spanking Stories 2

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About Me

I am SPANKER not a member of the SM fraternity. I enjoy spanking ladies bottoms and hope that through the 'pain and pleasure - pleasure and pain' I offer is what they want and, in many cases, need! I do nothing which they do not agree to, either verbally or tacitly. Read more...

What Happens

For many clients the actual spanking is the be all and end all. They come and want to be spanked by an expert and having been spanked they leave satisfied - often to return again. Read more...

Spanking Stories

Own Novellas

My name is John de Lacy and I was seventeen at the time when it all started. I was upstairs having just finished my afternoon nap when I heard my father raising his voice to my sisters. Although he was in his study I knew that by moving to one of the spare bedrooms I could look down and see into the study. I hurried along and was just in time to get inside and put my eye to the peephole when he again raised his voice. Read more...

Try our EXAMPLES pages - one of the best is Avril and Anthea

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