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Anthology of Spanking

SPANKING, WHIPPING, CANING and flagellation have been a common practice in practically all parts of the world from the beginnings of recorded history. Read More

How to Spank

I am a SPANKER and I enjoy spanking ladies bottoms and hope that through the ‘pain and pleasure – pleasure and pain’ I offer it is what they want and, in many cases, need! Read More

Spanking Instruments

Before any explanation of techniques the various instruments used needs to be explored and, for convenience, I list them in a general order of ‘strength’ – although some of them vary in their effect Read More

Spanking Advice, Information,Stories,Examples and Adult Contacts

Whatever you want to know about Spanking or Bondage you will find it in this site – or you can contact me via twitter and facebook.

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What a wonderful area the bottom is! Mysterious in that it is usually covered but, in ladies, the swell of the buttocks under a tight dress or in trousers hints at pleasures to come.
For the Spanker the possibilities are endless. He can only fantasise about what lies beneath the covering clothes. Here is a picture of what I consider the perfect bottom for spanking..



Get in touch by way of email, twitter or facebook to learn more of what I offer.
Why not try a ‘telephone’ spanking. If you cannot visit I will talk you through exactly what happens. One lady “said “I would not have believed it possible but I will be calling again next week!”.

Everything about Spanking, Bondage & SM

Hand Spanking,Paddle, Strap Tawse, Cane or Birch with MULTIPLE examples of each Instrument, or the excitement of Bondage Use the links to find the page you wish! We promise nothing but PAIN and PLEASURE in this site. Whatever the instrument – Learn the way to SPANK from an EXPERT or read our pages on BONDAGE and SM (sado masochism)


Anal Sex

Anal Sex is not just for ‘freaks’, it is a pleasurable part of the ‘sexual armoury’ and can be enjoyed by everyone ! Understand More


Here we have excerpts from Cunnulingus sessions as well as a chance to go to a Cunnulingus Videos. Understand More


I will be pleased to add further information and pictures if anybody would like to contact me. Understand More


  • You asked me to articulate a few thoughts on my visit to you and, I understand that, although you will use my words you will never give anybody my email or other information which can identify me. Read More

  • I must thank you for the way you dealt with me. I had explained my problem on the telephone and you kindly agreed to help, I When I came the two hour drive seemed an eternity and I was more and more apprehensive as I got nearer.” Read More

  • Thank you for the wonderful visit. As you know I was very apprehensive after my last experience but your voice was so calm and pleasant that I decided to take a chane.  Read More