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british amateur spanking vol 6

Stars: Shay Mason Mistress Tiffany Mistress Red Mistress Lucy Angel ...More
Description: More tender, cherry-red, amateur arse cheeks for all you spanking lovers out there! Whether it's a hand, a cane, a belt or a whip you end up with the same effect...erotic moans of sheer pleasure but they will not be sitting for some time.

Stars: Vanessa Lee Lizzie Tucker Cherysse Jenny Girl Emma Vivian ...More

Description: It's time for some more taboo fantasy scenarios featuring nothing but fantasy spanking fun! Vanessa Lee is hanging with the wrong crowd so she gets a bad girl bare spank session while Lizzy Tucker gets a spanking because of her bad grades. The heat sizzles in the kitchen when an orgasmic spanking goes down before a sexy brunette gets tossed over her uncle's knee for smoking in the house. Come join the fun and watch these girls get the treatment they .

spanked wives 2

Stars: Amber Rayne
Description: "Thank you Daddy" is a terribly powerful phrase for someone such as this big bald guy sitting in a blue-gray couch. The wife gives him just what he wants, after she realizes her "place", as well as her husband's in the grand scheme of things. What wimp he is, sniveling at his own cowardice as his wife fucks the shit out of this other guy. A real man wouldn't stand for this, and he wouldn't be gullible enough to allow such a situation to be sustained ...More

cuckolded husbands

Stars: Mellanie Munroe Michael Kahn
Description: Well, even though this guy had good intentions, he learned a very valuable lesson. Grow a pair and handle your problems yourself, because if you don't, some gross fat guy will end up fucking your wife - and she'll love it. At least he found out that his wife was a total slut.

lady spanks
Stars: German Speaking/span>
Description: These women are all about getting their bubbled asses spanked by their Doms! This film is very hot and a must see for any person who is turned on by spankings, bondage, and punishments! Enjoy!

Stars: Nina Hartley Kylie Ireland Audrey Hollander Otto Bauer
Description: Sometimes you have the need to be naughty. Increase your naughtiness factor when you learn the erotic expression of spanking. Watch and learn from industry veteran Nina Hartley as she shows how spanking play can enhance your intimate engagements. This is a video that will both amuse and arouse - no matter the case, it's sure to add creativity to your libidinous adventures.

spanked virgins
Stars: Honey Shay Hendrix Jack Uppitt David Charles
Description: If you love spanked bottoms, corporal punishment and virgin asses getting red and rosy, then this movie is for you. Veteran adult-film star Jack Uppitt introduces his perversely sadistic friend David Charles to two sweet honeys tender female ass flesh. Non-stop fucked-up filthy film of firm and tender females being paddled, spanked, swatted, and stung

spanking tails
Stars: various
Description: One of the oldest methods of correction is corporal punishment. To many spankologist, it is the ultimate. We have created a series of fantasies which explore it and its results. In the "Paddle Tales, Tom (The Icon) Byron, PJ Sparkxx, E.Z. Ryder and explore the paddle. In "Spanking Tails" Angela Faith, Tanya Foxx, Tina, Sonny Daze and Bill Houston explore many methods of reddening bottoms. The classic "Spank and Spank Again" Rounds out this triple feature ...More

Stars: Anne Michael Kahn
Description: Anne has been very, very naughty and she is just begging for a good, solid spanking! This movie takes place in a doctor's office and features, Anne, who is a luscious, young blonde. Anne takes a spanking by a paddle, a wooden spoon, and a good ole slap of the hand! This movie is a must - see if you want to see beautiful Anne get spanked!

Stars: Jordan Michael Kahn
Description: Who would’ve thought getting caught in ones room masturbating could be so much fun? Jordan is fondling herself as her stepfather walks in to have a talk. He put her over his knee and spanks her ass until it is flaming red. This makes Jordan wet between her legs, so she takes advantage of her stepfather’s cock because it’s the only thing that will make her relax.