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What is Spanking?

SPANKING a verb (used with object)
To strike (a person, usually a child) with the open hand, a slipper, etc.,
especially on the buttocks, as in punishment.

A more comprehensive definition of Spanking follows
Spanking - is a type of corporal punishment involving the act of striking the buttocks of another person to cause temporary pain.[1] It generally involves one person striking the buttocks of another person with an open hand. When an open hand is used, spanking is referred to in some countries as slapping or smacking.
More severe forms of spanking, such as switching, paddling, belting, caning, whipping, and birching, involve the use of an implement instead of a hand.

The above statements is how the dictionaries define spanking.
For 'aficionados' this bland statement, although accurate, misrepresents the true 'pleasure and pain'
the adult spanker and spankee give and receive.
For a child it is a salutary lesson in correct behaviour while for us in the 'scene'
the confrontation between the hand and the bottom is
the start of the 'pleasure and pain'.
It is not the end but, to quote Winston Churchill, "the end of the beginning".
The first time a hand strikes a bottom the chemistry between the spanker and spankee starts.
Enjoy the 'pleasure and pain, pain and pleasure' an expert can offer

I cannot offer my services to all of you but I can show you how you and your partner can get the BEST out of Spanking and Bondage as well as notes on SM.

Men and Women new to Spanking and Bondage often find that the terminology is difficult to grasp as it seems to change from event to event. Before anything else I will attempt to define the main names used in Spanking, Bondage and SM so that you are aware to what I am referring before starting these pages:

The Scene - A term often used to embrace all of spanking, bondage and sado masochism and the activities associated with them by participating members. It sets the 'parameters' around the 20-25% of the population who are interested in spanking, or participates.
Top or Spanker - This is the name used for the controller of a session. In spanking this usually means the person who is doing the spanking
Bottom or Spankee - This is the person whose 'bottom' is being spanked.
>Dominant - This can be either sex but is the controller of the situation. If it is a man it is often abbreviated to 'dom' while if a woman 'domme'
Submissive - Again can be either sex but is the person being controlled. It is often abbreviated to 'sub'
Master - Male Spankers often use this when advertising but strictly it belongs to a Master/Slave relationship. As an example The Disciplinarian is a spanker but was Master Prospero when 'owning' a slave
Mistress - Again used by dominant ladies who advertise their offices as female spankers, who may also own dungeons, and often dress in leather. They also use more extreme 'discipline' than the conventional spanker.
Master and Mistress with Slave - Here is where we get into even more complexities. It is a relationship which is spiritual and mental as well as physical. It does not have to include physical punishment as the Master/Mistress and the Slave can live many miles apart. (One slave of mine moved to the US but still remained my slave and was controlled by me. She was allowed to be punished on my instructions by US Masters!) Masters and Mistresses OWN their slave. It may include almost any activity and frequently Slaves are branded to 'lock' them to their Master. Essentially the Master/Mistress takes total domination of the Slave; and the Slave is completely subservient to the Master and has no independent will of their own. "See Letters from a sub

I must make one point.clear Spanking, Bondage and SM is for ALL - men spankers and women spankees; women spankers and men spankees; gay and lesbian; top and bottom; 'doms' and 'subs'. In fact every permutation of adults

It is not suitable for children or youmg adults under 18 years of age! My preferred age group for spanking and bondage is 25 years old to any age.

I will nail my colours to the mast. I am a male 'dom' and spank women of all ages. I will therefore normally in these notes stick to the man as the 'spanker', top or 'dom' and woman as the 'spankee', bottom or 'sub' because I understand it best and also to avoid the trap of causing confusion. Where it may differ will be obvious in any example I quote by physical imperatives.This however is a 'convention' and all my comments can be taken to apply to any combination of 'spanker' - 'spankee' or 'dom' - 'sub'

Spankees come in all shapes and sizes but for the spanker it is the physical bottom< /b> that matter. Included in the slideshow at the top are examples of a ladies bottom which are perfect for spanking.
The cheeks are already rosy where a vigorous handspanking (and some 'light' caning has been used) but it is the shape and size which are important

Ladies of all shapes and sizes enjoy being spanked but for the spanker 'aficionado' the superb fleshy, well-padded rounded bottom is the ideal for the spanker. I prefer working with 'mature' women for this reason and rarely accept clients who are under 25 years of age (discrimination - yes - but usually any younger and their bodies are still maturing and experience proves they are not ready ready for prolonged spanking.
A mature bottom allows for plenty of action over the surface and will offer the perfect target for pain and pleasure. Done correctly it will never damage the spankee but add to their pleasure
Go to the various pages in the menu and find out the best instruments; the ideal position; how much and how often; how to use all the instruments as well as examples and pictures.
Another important point is the main spanking groups (not bondage but just spanking) and I find that all offer their own challenges.
The three groups are:
Spanking - This is the first action which is offered. A client visits and her bottom is spanked both over her dress, knickers and on the bare bottom. They come are spanked and leave. This maybe an experiment to decide whether they enjoy the physical aspects of spanking. Some will return while for others they have satisfied their curiosity!
Erotic Spanking - Here clients find that the spanking is not enough and that their erotic instincts are aroused. This is usually found when massaging during spanking their legs part offering access to their pussy. In this case the pussy is frequently already wet with spend!
Disciplinary Spanking - In this case a client, frequently a high flying executive, feels the need to hand over control and be punished for some misdemeanor. It maybe they have disciplined a junior unfairly and it preys on their mind. Here they need to 'purge' their guilt and physical punishment is an excellent way to do this. There visit is usually a 'one off' leaving satisfied but with a painful bottom!
Erotic and Disciplinary Spanking together - This is a more complex group. Frequently the client visits for punishment and then finds that besides the pain there is an erotic 'charge' which goes beyond the pain. This group of clients frequently enjoy moving from being erotically spanked and their pussy played with to going over the back of a chair and being strapped or caned hard to fulfill them!

There is no right or wrong way when dealing with clients - it is up to the spanker to find the method which suits the client. It is always the client who is right!

Whatever you want to know about SPANKING and BONDAGE these pages offer suitable help! I do add a short section on Sado Masochism (SM) but, having no experience or interest, I leave it to the specialists. I quote books that you may wish to read if you find the subject interesting.

For ladies interested in being SPANKED I would strongly advise against contacting potential spankers in Chat Rooms or Personals. These often lead to heartache and even physical and mental damage as many of the authors have no experience or even knowledge of Spanking or Bondage and are just out for a 'cheap thrill'.
However I am not the only Spanker and reputable ones can be found online

Before you go further with anybody for Spanking,Bondage or SM go to


where a full explanation is given as to its reasons and use! .

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