hanging for punishment


I offer and discuss three main kinds of spanking "Sensuous and Erotic Spanking" , Disciplinary Spanking and "Punishment Spanking Examples" and examples of them can be found under the respective links

Very briefly they divide into sensuous and erotic which is play using the instruments to charge the 'libido'.
Disciplinary which offers a range of punishment strengths according to the 'crime'.
Finally Punishment which is for those faults go beyond misdemeanours, maybe stealing from family or workmates or bad driving which has hurt somebody. The worst was a lady who said that she had tried to poison her guardian when she was a child and had felt guilty into middle age and wanted to 'purge' this guilt. Some even are flagellants who enjoy the pain.

A goodly proportion of my spanking is disciplinary and this chapter concentrates on this aspect. often for 'high flyers' who are so used to being in control that they feel the need to hand over that control to somebody unchallenging and outside their organisation. This is where I come in as, being outside their organisation, they can visit me for a private session with confidence that I will give them the full punishment they require and ensure them that PRIVATE means PRIVATE. I keep no details of them or their business so once they have left they can be sure that they will not be pestered by me.

If they wish to come again then they must make a new appointment.

To give you some indication of ladies who need this stimulus my visitors include a barrister, police officers, senior civil servants, a hospital administrator, senior business officials as well as housewives. As I stated above my service is confidential and although I will talk through the experiences of others I never give out information about them. In fact I do my best to make sure this happens by only using a Christian name and avoiding finding out more than I need about their business to help me in assessing their needs. I talk about WHY they have come but never about the NAME of their business

Most of this group are aged between 30 and 60 years and their need is DISCIPLINE and PUNISHMENT without any erotic overtones. My success is proved by the number of ladies who make repeated visits. This group tends to me more erratic in visiting (i.e. less regular) as their visits often depend on circumstances. The barrister has a day free from court so will call and ask if she can come. A businesswoman has had had a 'fraught' couple of days brainstorming and needs to be released from her stress. A hospital administrator who after a conference can divert to me on their way home These are typical reasons although by no means the only ones.

Let us go through a typical 'senior' from the start. Angela (just a name) is in her forties, has been several times before and has a bum which is suitable for spanking. She is the Senior Marketing manager with a large company and has had several days of stressed meetings with colleagues. She is boiling over with stress and tension and needs this to be burst. One way is to visit me and, by handing over complete control to me, she no longer has any responsibility for what is to happen.

She calls me and asks for an urgent visit and we arrange for her to come in the afternoon of the next day.

The next day she arrives and greets me with

"Thank you for seeing me at such short notice Sir !"

The session begins immediately and the start is similar to the beginning of a sensuous spanking as the first objective is to prepare the bum for a long session and a hard caning at the end. This is important and is something I stress at all times - lots and lots of hand spanking with plenty of massage. This tones the bum for the instruments.

To digress for a moment. I had a regular visitor who used to receive many strokes of the cane at the end of her session and one day she asked me to give her ten strokes on arrival with no warm up. I did so and then the usual session. At the end she told me that the first ten strokes 'cold' had not done what she hoped but that the rest had been as satisfactory as usual.

The hand-spanking went on for several minutes first over her skirt, then this was removed and it was over her knickers and finally on the bare buttocks. For fifteen minutes I spanked hard and soft, fast and slow all the time massaging her buttocks. We then stopped, she removed the rest of her clothes and stood for ten minutes in the corner with her hands on her head. I saw her rub her red buttocks and told her to bend over the back of a chair while I delivered two dozen with the strap. She cried out as the strokes were hard.

"This is what happens when you disobey instructions"

Now naked I ordered her into my study where my flogging bench is set up and she walked over to the bench looking at it with apprehension. I told her to bend over the bench and I gave her another five minutes hand-spanking and massage to warm her buttocks again before we moved on to the instruments.

I now fastened her down across the bench by her ankles and wrists. Her bum looked very vulnerable as she prepared for discipline. I saw her bum cheeks flex in apprehension as to what was to follow. I took up the medium strap and for several minutes used this until her bum was a bright red. This was between forty and fifty strokes with massaging all the time.lochgally tawse Now I used the heavy strap and this (lochgally tawse) and this caused her to flinch more and the marks showed longer but she was still needing more. I massaged and felt how hot her bum was . Still no lines but plenty of marks. I released her again she stood up and stretched rubbing her bum. Again she stood in the corner for fifteen minutes while I prepared her for the cane. Again she rubbed her sore buttocks when she thought I was not watching and she went over the bench for a dozen more with the strap. Much of what is needed is submission to the humiliation of being naked and exposed as well as the pain in her buttocks. It was time for the cane.

I told her to bend over the flogging bench again and , fastening her down, gave her thirty or forty with my hand to warm her up before picking up the cane. Angela would not be told how many strokes she was to receive but I would stop when I decided. As I had been spanking ladies for many years I was aware of the punishment they needed and each time Angela had visited I had pushed her tolerance level. I picked up my Headmaster's Cane. This was forty inches long and a proper thickness. I rested it on her buttocks, raised it and brought it down hard "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!". It landed across both cheeks and sunk in creating a white line which soon turned to red. I continued for eleven more strokes massaging after each six. I rested and then "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!" the next twelve strokes landed on the same area as the first. Now her buttocks were suffused with lines of red some of which were turning darker.

I knew how stubborn Angela was so told her to stand and face the wall for ten minutes. This time she knew better than to rub her bottom.

> It was now back over the bench and time for the final twelve strokes. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!" the cane lashed down and down until it was time for the final two. I whipped these in particularly hard so that she gasped in pain. Now it was time for her to stand and apologist for all the trouble she had caused.

Now came the finale for her. I released her and fastened her hands to my horizontal overhead rod and then applied the blindfold and earmuffs. Now she could not hear or see. Her legs were spread with the leg-spreader. I removed a birch from the bucket where it was soaking. I shook the tips. I came behind her and lashed the birch across her buttocks. It 'sighed' as it whipped in and sounded so soft as it connected. She cried out in pain. I took no notice and gave her another nine whipping strokes which made her buttocks look like a maze of ridges and furrows. As each stroke landed it criss-crossed the previous ones and compounded the pain as well as tiny blood blisters.

Her bum had taken enough for her first punishment spanking it was time to finish. I unfastened her and took her in my arms as she cried softly and hugged and kissed me

Finally I returned her to the lounge and she came across my knee, not for spanking, but so that could massage some baby oil into her sore buttocks. It would not stop the throbbing pain but it would help to ease her as she drove home.

This was just another of those ladies who needed discipline and for the next few days she would remember it each time she was aggressive to a colleague !.

This is a visit of a lady who was a barrister. She came regularly. She was single and unattached which allowed her to indulge her 'fetish' of hard punishment and strong sex.

The Barrister, Veronica, was unusual in many ways. She needed and expected a hard punishment as well as 'active' sex!

Because of her profession she could be very busy for days. or even weeks, and then had the window of a free day. She would call me saying that she was stressed and could she come. I would give her a time if I was busy and told her that she must arrive in her full working outfit. Always she was prompt.

Because driving in her dress was not sensible when she arrived she would change into costum. Black high heeled, black stockings. (she preferred these to tights>, white suspender belt and white knickers, black skirt and white blouse, black gown and her barrister's wig. This was part of her needs.

hairy pussyWe never 'wasted' time and she came and stood in front of me removing each piece of her garments in turn until she was naked. She then put on a pair of red stockings. As she stood there naked, except for the stockings, I saw she had a black fleece covering her mons, It was also clear that she was ready as there was moisture oozing out and down her legs.

She quickly came across my legs and I spanked her bum for at least ten minutes to warm her up, I felt her pussy and by now she was awash with cum. It was now time to go to the spanking bench and I led her into my office. She was again naked as she bent over and I fastened her wrists and ankles to the legs of my spanking bench and blindfolded her. I caressed her buttocks and then took up my thick black 'lochgally tawse'. I prepared her and then brought the strap down hard across both buttocks "W H I I P P ! !, "S P L A A T T ! !. She flinched but now I laid it on hard. One dozen, then a second turned her bum a flaming red.
hard caningNow the 'coupe de grace'! Two doze with my headmaster's cane. This is what she had been waiting for. She had told me before that she needed to cry out but that I was not to let up. I lined up her buttocks and began to crack the cane across them. By now the pain was beginning to grow and while the strap covered an area the cane cut across with pinpoint accuracy. The bruises were now becoming lines, first white as they landed, then red and finally purple. I gave her thirty strokes while she cried with the pain but never flinching.

I stopped released her."Now I am going to shave you before we continue. Go and lie back with your legs parted.

She lay back and spread her legs. I saw a wet pussy with red puffy lips and pussy hair. I had a bowl of water and wet the whole area. I covered it with gel and gently rubbed it in. I took my razor and gently drew it across the pussy hair removing it as I went. I wiped the pubic area clear and dried it. It now looked smooth and eager for me.
I stood in front of her and she removed my clothes until I was as naked as she was. She kissed me and told me she needed a good hard fucking to take away the pain.

She took my rigid cock and kneeling in from of me took it in her mouth She took it deep and then using her tongue flicked the tiny hole. Then she gently moved until I had to stop her before | came. I was now ready and bent her over the bench, this time for pleasure as I guided my cock to her opening. She was eager for me and I thrust home deeply as she came back to help me enter. The interior was slippery with her spend and I had no difficulty in gong deep. She cried out with the pain as my crinkly pubic hair met her ravaged buttocks but it was no impediment to me entering.

I knew what she needed and rammedbuggery my cock in and out before withdrawing, rubbing again and entering for a second bout. Again I withdrew spread her buttocks and using my fingers applied some gel to her anus and gently pushed it past the crinkled rosette. My fingers slid in the I then presented my cock to the tight bud. At first it was difficult but then she relaxed and I entered her. I took her hips in my hands and fucked her bum for several minutes as she encouraged me. It was so hot and I felt her squeeze my cock and knew that she was ready for final thrusts before my cum poured into her. I prepared and as my knees shook I gave two mighty thrusts as I ejected into the dark interior.

I rested for a few moments across her back before, with a "plop", I withdrew. Cum oozed from her anus as I released her and with tears still in her eyes she gave me a kiss. She then we both went into my shower cubicle and ended with a pleasurable soak.

The session was ended and we dried and coming back across my knee I applied some baby oil to sooth her ravaged bum. We rested and then she dressed and prepared to leave. The session was ended and a very special woman left sore but satisfied.

Before she left she reminded me that she checked the marks every morning when she showered watching them fade. When they had gone she knew it was time to visit again!