Letters from a Submissive

Angela was a submissive who spent nearly a year with me. When she came she was young, inexperienced and lacked knowledge of anything beautiful. When I took her I decided that I would do my best to develop her personality and widen her interests as well as teaching her the ways of discipline and love. I like to think from the letters she wrote that I succeeded. The sting in the tale is an addendum to the final letter.

Dear Master,
As we part company and I travel far across the sea to my new Master I am writing to you to express my feelings on our time together. My new Master has encouraged me to put my thoughts and remembrances on paper so that a beautiful time of my life will not be forgotten as I move on to new adventures and experiences.
It was a shock to get a reply from you when I contacted your email site and told you that I was looking for a master to explore my submissiveness. It was even more of a shock when I discovered that you could offer me much of what I needed. When you first accepted me into your service I little thought that we should become so close. I was young and you were much older - spring and autumn - but the support and kindness you showed me in my inexperience could only have come from one who had lived and suffered.
That first day when I arrived at the Railway Station and you were waiting for me still remains in my memory. The thoughts tumbled through my head "What was I letting myself get into?", "Was my submissiveness genuine or was it a fantasy?", " Could I give myself to anybody totally?" but when I saw you standing calmly with your dog outside the station my fears subsided. This was no 'macho' man who wanted a girl to humiliate. You collected my case and opened the car door for me as though I was an honoured guest. I soon found out that this was natural as you chatted to me in the car. When we arrived at your bungalow which was to be my home for so many weeks I felt that I was indeed coming home. The cosiness wrapped me round.
Throughout our relationship you showed such kindness and your discipline never pushed too far but always advanced my awareness step by step.
I was expecting some immediate action, although I didn't know what but that first night you showed me to my room and left me to myself until dinner when you talked about the relationship between a Master and his submissive. I began to understand that our relationship had to be total. I must give myself to you and you in turn would enhance my life using discipline where necessary but kindness as well.
I was left with the dinner dishes to wash up and, when I failed to dry the dishes properly, you did the correct thing in taking me over your knee and spanking me. I was surprised that it was over my dress and you did not try to spank me on the bare bum. I know now that this was your way of introducing me to you with gentilness and consideration. This was the first time I had been spanked in justice and love and the sting of your hand as it cracked on my bottom was my first inkling that I had come home. You then dismissed me and I had a shower and retired to bed.
Next morning you were already up when I came to breakfast and you told me that in future I should present myself at the side of your bed in my nightgown before you rose in the morning. I had to say "Good morning Master! What is your wish?" You warned me that I would be reminded with the strap after breakfast. For the next twenty minutes as we ate and talked of other things my mind churned with the thought of receiving 'the strap', something of which I knew nothing. After breakfast when the dishes were washed you sat in your chair and beckoned me forward pointing to your knees. I lay across them and waited for my punishment. Your hand came down and for the next few minutes I felt the sting as you used your hand first over my dress and then, with my dress raised, over my knickers. Then it was the moment and you told me to stand and prepare. I was to lift my dress out of the way and bend over the end of the table with my hands out in front of me and my legs apart. I could see the strap resting in front of my eyes. It was long and supple and clearly had seen plenty of use. As I lay there you lowered my knickers and caressed my bum cheeks. My bottom tingled and my mind prepared itself for the experience. I cannot express how I felt as the tingling communicated itself to the rest of my body I knew you wouldn't abuse me so I waited and prepared myself. I watched you lift the strap from the table and move round to my side. There were a few more handspanks before 'crack' I felt the sting of the strap for the first time. There was a searing pain across both buttocks and I squeezed my bum cheeks together. You told me to relax them and to count the strokes. Each one pushed my body into the table and the heat in my body, as well as my bum, became intense as my pubic mound rubbed the edge of the table and became more and more exciting. "One", "two", "three", I seemed to be counting forever but at six you stopped and massaged my bum. You lifted my knickers back into place and told me that I had been good. My body was alive when you gave me the strap on the bare - the first time I had felt it on the bare bum and again it reinforced my decision to remain as your sub as long as you needed me. I accepted that I had done wrong and deserved the punishment.
I went off to my job in town and felt the marks as I sat in my chair taking dictation but, throughout the day, I could think of nothing else except what would be in store for me that evening, When I returned to the bungalow you were there to welcome me asking me questions about my job and listening carefully - something I enjoyed. You then told me to stand up and take off all my clothes and then come and join you on the sofa. I was embarrassed at first as I stood in front of you and removed first my dress and then, with your encouragement, my knickers and brassiere. You told me to keep my suspender belt and stockings on and, as I stood there, I soon saw that it was part of the natural order of things and that at any time I might be expected to do things in the nude. I fetched us both a drink and then you took me over your knees for a good old-fashioned hand-spanking. I loved going over your knees on the sofa with my head in the cushions at one end , my bum over your knees and my feet strteching out at the other. I could disappear into myself as you began to spank and massage. This was love not punishment and the rhythmical strokes went on for what seemed hours and I was soon so relaxed that I hardly felt you fingers slip into my cunt and begin to rub my clitoris. I got agitated as it was the first time I had been invaded in this way by another person but when you felt me go tense you stopped. I felt an orgasm coming on but you told me that I was not to come until you gave me permission. I learnt then that self discipline is part of the code between us. The spanking continued and your fingers went home again and again each time thrusting higher into me. I could now accept you and my legs parted wider to offer even greater access. I remember this moment which lingers in my mind as being a defining moment when I handed myself over completely trusting you not to abuse me. Each time your finers searched me and I came near to orgasm you stopped me. You kissed me and explained that although I would be able to orgasm tonight but it would be when I was told to and not before. You stood up with me unsatisfied and told me to get dinner for us and I went into the kitchen in just my suspender-belt and stockings to cook. You saw me slip my fingers into my quim to relieve myself and immediately you called me back for a further hard spanking reminding me that I only came when I was given permission. I returned to the kitchen very sore and chastened. After dinner we watched television while I lay face up across your lap with my head in your arms while you caressed me and your fingers got more and more active. They were thrusting into me when you said "Come Now!", and in a second I saw what had happened as, by holding and holding, I was able to have an orgasm which left me dazed with its power. You then sent me to my bed when I wanted to join you in yours.
I must end this first letter as my new Master is returning.
With my love and wonderful memories I will write again soon.