The Shop - Part 4
The Disciplinarian

The couple had returned to the bedroom where they rested i each others arms for several minutes before Michael eased away from Muriel. He brought his fingers across her now smooth and shaven pubis until her felt her pussy. The outer lips were now prominent as all the play earlier and the recent spanking had brought her to a climax which was no longer exhausted. He gently rubbed them before using the flat of his hand he "S L A P P ED" down and pussy whipped her. She cried out in shock at the first smack but ashe continued she giggled and then laughed wriggling as she felt a frisson of erotica. She put her hand down and taking his cock in it began to vigorously rub it up and down. This foreplay brought the both to a time when the needed more than just play and Michael told Muriel to turn round and come over hi.

She did so and he saw her punished bittocks in front of his face while he felt his cock being drawn into Muriel's mouth. He gently parted her pussy lips - no hair this time - and licked the inside of her cunt. The cum which was oozing out tasted perfect to him and he began to tongue her prominent cllitoris as it poked out of it nest. She gasped as nipped it and then flicked it with his tongue. He flickered backwards and forwards making her more agitated. Muriel meanwhile was performing wonders on his cock and at times she had the whole thing in her mouth while at other she just teased the ruby crest while her fingers played with his balls. Michael stretched out and found his gel and put some on his fingers.. While he still teased her clitty he slid first one finger, then two and finally three into her anus at the same time moving them in and out . The excitement was getting too much for both of them and Miichael eased Muriel to the side. He then drew her to the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide. His rearing cock found her pussy and he drove home. She gasped as this was the deepest he had ever penetrated and then came the magic time as he worked away inside her bringing her to climax after climax until she seemed on a permanent high. Her blood seemed to boil through her body as his cock sent her higher and higher. Still he continued like a refreshed tiger as he pounded home. Muriel was heping him by pushing back and forth while her legs were wrapped round keeping him deep inside. This was the best ever and it seemed that it would never end until finally even Michael's stamina wore out and her gasped that he was cumming.

A dozen more driving strokes followed until with a final thrust he surrendered and his cum again welled up inside her. She drew him even tighter and her vaginal muscles squeezed and relaxed to draw the last drops from him. Once again the sex had been sublime for both of them following the perfect beating she had received. For Muriel the throbbing buttocks mxed with the euphoria of the sex had taken her to a new and unsuspected plateau. For Michael who had only dreamed of this since his wife had died this was a magnificent climax

After several minutes to recover the stood sweaty and ready for a shower. The went into the bathroom and stood together under the shower. They happy soaped and washed each other and both of them admired the softness and smoothness of her newly shaved pubis. For several minutes they indulged in play. After Michael had used his fingers on Muriel's pussy bringing her to yet another climax he sucked her nipples which brought yet more cries of pleasure. She went down on her knees and with the water raining down on her took Michael's cock into her mouth. Already he was aroused by their forplay and fully ready for her. He stood rigidly while her mouth surrounded his cock and her head flashed backward and forward along the length of his shaft as she sucked and rubbed moving fast and watching his calves and thighs tighten as he came to his climax. He suddenly jerked as his cum spurted into her mouth. This surprised both of them as it was unbelievable that he was still able to flood her mouth with his cum and she spluttered and gasped as she swallowed the gouts from his ejaculation.

She stood up and after washing his cock clean they took towels and moving back into the bedroom played with each other as they dried their bodies. Yet again it was a satisfying climax to another session.. Putting on dressing gowns they went down to the kitchen although Muriel was certain however that they had not finished and she was trembling with excitment at what the rest of the day might bring. Although her bum was sore from the earlier ministrations she was prpared for more if Michael wished.

They prepared sandwiches and a pot of tea and took them into the lounge. They sat facing each other enjoying the food and drink as they rested. Both of them felt very satisfied with the day so far and chatted about the highlights. For Michael it had been the caning on the ladder whileMuriel was blindfolded followed by her going over the bench and being buggered. For Muriel first the shaving which she found so erotic. Lyinng there with her legs apart waiting for she knew not what. After that she agreed that the session on the ladder climaxing in the hard caning which brought her to a powerful climax which need ed th cock in her anus to give satisfaction. Neither of them made predictions as to what would happen now but both had ideas and Muriel knew that whatever Michael propsed she would be a will submissive allowing him total control.

It was early evening now and they returned to the bedroom.. Michael removed Muriel's dressing gown and told her to lay face down on the bed. He took a rope and tied herspread arms and wrists to the top of the bed and then brought in a set of leg spreaders.. These he attached to her ankles and she was now spreadeagled. Finally he blindfolded her again. he said nothing but brought in a cane. He then began to gently spanking her from her shoulders to her calves with the cane. He slid it up and down, then tapped it so that it gently stimulated her. Suddenly he lashed the cane down across her bum hard. Muriel cried out but again Michael returned to the earlier routine of sliding and caressing her back, buttocks, thighs and calves while she lay there immobile. He felt her with his fingers and her pussy was wet with her spend. He continued like this for several minutes every now and again lashing the cane down hard. She gasped each time but the erotic feel of the rest of the experience had her in thrall and she was willing to accept the pain because of the pleasure she was receiving. He stoppeed and put the cane down. He unfastened the rope and leg stretcher and without speaking he frew her to the end of the bed where she bent over. He spread her legs and felt her eager pussy, rubbed his cock to make sure it was ready and then slid it home. As before he had no difficulty in entering her and then grasping her hips he settled down to FUCK and FUCK. He was fully refreshed after his tea and wine and his cock reamed in and out driving deep and pushing her into the bed. he said nothing but her cries of pleasure made upt for his silence.


"OHHHH Michael!! Don't stopp!! FUCK me!! FUCK me !! OHHHH I love it ! Kep your cock inside and FUCK me !! OHHH I am coming again and again!!"

For Michael this was turning out to be the best fuck of the lot as his body slapped against her bum and his cock went deep. He felt like a superman as he gave the classic 'heel and toe' drive. Now it had to end and his buttocks, thichs and calves warned him of his imminent finish he drew right back until he was almost totally withdrawn and then with a final thrust he again deluged her with cum. Muriel screamed with pleasure and scabbled at the bedcovers with her pleasure as though the previous orgasms she had been able to save herself for this moment. She squeezed his cock and held it toght in her pussy refusing to release it. She finally allowed him to withdraw and rmoved the blindfold. She was blinking tears of pleasure away. For her this silent blindfolded experience had been special never knowing what was to happen. Even the cane strokes had had a rousing effect on her drawing her farther into the experience..

The night was now finished. They showeed again without any play before they both dressed and Michael drove her home. Both were sure this was not the end for them but for me the story is finished.