The Shop - Part 3
The Disciplinarian

It was Wednesday evening and Michael drove across town to meet Muriel.. He wondered how the evening would go and, in fact, whether she would want to meet after the session the previous Sunday. Muriel had really been beaten as part of their sex play but was it to be a one off or would she want to continue. For Michael it had been perfect sex and hard spanking of a willing participant and he was eager for more. When he drew up he was relieved to find Muriel waiting for him.

She got into the car and smiled at him

"Good evening Michael I hope that you are well?"

Michael confirmed that he was and they drove to the same restaurant they had used before. Again dinner was pleasant with light chatty conversation until they were having coffee.

"Would you like to come back for a nightcap?"

"off course and maybe a dessert as well?"

They took their coats and drove back to Michael's house. When they were inside sitting with drink in the lounge Michael asked

"I hope you enjoyed Sunday and would maybe like to come back again next weekend?

"Of course but we don't want to waste tonight just talking - I know that you want to fuck me and I want to be fucked so where shall we go.?"

Michael smiled at her, took her hands and led her upstairs to his bedroom. For what they would be doing it was a much better arena than the lounge floor or the settee.

There was no hesitation from Muriel and soon they were in the bedroom. His magnificently large bed was ready for them. and as soon as they arrived she turned to Michael and started removing his clothes

"You will not need these!"

Once he was naked it was clear that he was ready and able as his cock was already at 'full present'. She gently handled it and then waited for him to help her to undress

This was performed almost as quickly as his own disrobing and, as soon as it was finished, she was down on her knees taking his cock, first in her hand and then in her mouth. She gently rubbed it as she sucked the sensitive tip. She took it out of her mouth and, drawing back the foreskin, admired the purple head with its drop of precum oozing out. She licked and sucked again before he drew her to her feet, led her to the end of the bed and lay her back with her legs spread.. She parted her pussy lips for him

Michael knelt and looked deep into the soft warm interior gently caressing it with his tongue, sucking her clitty and sniffing the musky woman scent that sexual arousal offers. He stood up, rubbed his rigid cock a couple of times with the juices from her cunt and then guided his tool home. He thrust deep inside allowing it to slide in on a surface of her spend She grunted as he reached the top of her cunt. he paused for a few seconds as her adjusted himself and then began to fuck. For Muriel this was the fulfillment of a dream. Her late husband had not been a very sexual person and she had often felt frustrated. Only this last week since she had felt Michael's spanking and fucking had she felt fully fulfilled.

Michael gave her a good rogering as his cock went in and out time after time all the time she was crying out

"YES! YES! Oh more and more PLEASE! OHHHH don't stop I must have it ! DEEPER and FASTER!AHHH that was GOOD ! Keep going !"

The words kept tumbling out as she received him for minute after minute. For Michael it was also revelation that any woman could be so sensuous and receptive to sex and spanking. He was now fully into his stride and made sure that he could contain himself as her words bubbled out

"PLEASE!, PLEASE! PLEASE! go on FUCKING me. Oh God I do NEED it!"

However there came a moment when his stamina gave out and he could hold on no longer so with half a dozen fast deep thrusts he came to that inevitable final moment when even a stallion capitulates. He gave a last deep push and spurted deep inside her filling her insides with his warm cum. He then rested inside and felt her pussy muscles milking the last remnants of sperm from him before he finally subsided and withdrew..

They lay back side by side on the bed with Michael's arm around her. She gently kissed him, his shoulders, his nipples his arms until finally she kissed his mouth. Her own mouth opened and her tongue thrust into his mouth. Michael reciprocated and they lay together in totally harmony for several minutes without speaking,just contemplating what had happened. Eventually Michael moved.

" Shall we have a shower and then I must get you home?"

He liked her and enjoyed her visits but was at present reluctant to have her stay overnight - whether she would have done so he he d no idea but did not ask the question. They showered together and Michael inspected her bum which was still heavily marked from the session on Sunday. He fingered the marks.

"How about Sunday are you ready for the special room again so soon.?"

She laughed"

"Don't worry about my bum it will be ready for whatever you want to do!"

Michael drove her home satisfied that they had both enjoyed a a pleasurable evening and looking forward to Sunday, while Muriel also had feelings of satisfaction having found a man she enjoyed being with and also enjoyed doing the things with her she needed.

For the rest of the week Michael was anticipating with pleasure what Sunday would bring. he had asked Muriel to fetch some food for the to cook so his mind was first on a good wine and then what new things they could do. On Saturday evening he went into the discipline room and looked over everything. He wanted to use other things than last time so put two birch rods in brine to soak as well as shaking out the martinet and the flogger. he remembered how his wife had enjoyed the flogger on her back, bottom, thighs and calves before he used the real instruments.

Like a schoolboy he was up early on the Sunday morning and had to wait patiently before he could leave to collect Muriel. Eventually he drove round the town twice before it was time. When he arrived she was waiting with her shoulder bag and a carrier which clearly had food in it. Michael opened the car door and she got in giving him a quick kiss as she sat and fastened her seat belt. As the started she spoke

"Promise me it will be as good as last Sunday. I am still remembering everything we did to each other and never forget that I NEED the cane and all that you have in store for me!"

"I will do my best!"

They arrived at his house and went inside. He locked the front door after them. This seemed a moment of truth for now they were really together with nobody between them. They were in a bubble of time and space which belonged just to them. He shook his head a came back to the present. They went into the lounge where there was a bottle of wine and this time sat together on the settee to drink it. Muriel spoke

"Don't tell me what you have in store for today, I want it all to happen without any pre-knowledge. Everything is up to you."

He took her glass and put it on the table and then drew her to her feet. He unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor. He saw that she was wearing white silk underclothes today and he pushed down her pant's until she could step out of them.He sat down on the sette and told her to lay across his lap. When she was in position and her buttocks were under his hand. He began spanking. He spanked each buttock in turn left, then right, soft and hard, fast and slow. As he did so her bum began to turn a rosy red. More spanking while she lay relaxed until he had given her fifty or sixty spanks. He sat her Up beside him and looked in her eyes.

"Now I am going to shave your pussy before we do anything else. I promise you that it will not hurt you and that you will enjoy it when it is finished. Do you mind?"

She thought for a moment or two then

"Of course not. You are in charge. Where shall we go for you to do it?"

"I think that the kitchen table is best as you can easily lie back with your legs apart for.me. Let us go."

He lead her into the kitchen and she waited while he fetched a towel, and shaving items. Muriel had seen shaven ladies but had not thought that she might become one of them. The thought was not unpleasant!<

Michael returned with the items.He also fetched a bowl of warm water with disinfectant in it. He lay the towel on the kitchen table and then helped Muriel up so that she was across the table with her feet on the table and her legs parted. She looked down and saw her thick black pussy hair wondering whether she would regret losing it. Of course she though it will grow again.

Michael brought a chair to the edge of the table and saw her gaping pussy surrounded by the thicket he was now gong to demolish. He saw it as a knight cutting down the briars surrounding his princess..

First he use scissors to cut the wiry hair until it was just a stubble. This took some time as it had never been done before. Then he saw her pubis standing out firm above the wide pouting exterior pussy lips. He wet the area and then sprayed some shaving cream on the surface before rubbing it well in. Muriel found that she was enjoying the experience, especially when he 'accidently' touch her pussy and clitoris. Now came the razor and soon it it was escaping over the stubble removing it painlessly. Michael used his fingers to make sure that from the top of her pubis to the inside of her thighs every hair was removed. Finally after a wet and dry rub he used his electric razor to make the whole area pristine. He smoothed some baby powder in to stop it getting sore. Muriel looked down and gasped because she saw her body as an adult without hair and her pubis looking pink and fresh with the outer pussy lips visible. Michael put a mirror in front of her so that she could see

"I love it can we test it now?"/p>

Michael lifted her off the table and took her up to his bedroom, removed the rest of her clothes and then not waiting for her quickly undressed himself. There was no doubt that he was ready to explore the new Muriel!

He lay her on the bed and spread her legs. How beautiful everything looked and how fresh. He spread her pussy and she guide his cock to its home base. He slid in and Muriel wrapped her legs round him moving her body to draw him deeper. Michael had been waiting for this moment for several days and he now made the most of his opportunity. he drove in and out with rapidity and vigour while under him Muriel cried out with pleasure and again asked to be fucked hard. Finally the short strokes came and Michael was ready for the 'coup de grace' and he drove his cock inside for the final time. She screamed out with pleasure as his hit the perfect spot and offered her a full load of his spend. He collapsed on her and lay there gasping with his efforts while Muriel squeezed and squeezed him dry. As he withdrew so he saw his cum, mixed with hers running down the inside of her thighs. The had reached the ultimate climax cumming off together !

They rested on the bed for a few minutes and the Michael said that now was the time when pain followed pleasure so he took her had and led her to the discipline room. He led her over to the side wall where al ladder rested. It had a pair of handcuffs at the top and was padded hallway down. Michael told Muriel to step on the ladder so he could fasten her hands to the cuffs. She did so and he took a blindfold which was resting on the ladder and fastened it over her eyes. Now she could see and hear nothing and would only know what was happening by the feel..

"S P L A T T !!",

Muriel was startled, expecting a hard stroke of some kind there was the caress of a soft whip on her back.. For several minutes Michael used the flogger. The fifty chamois leather thongs did no damage, caused no pain and in fact offered pleasure to her body.

"S P L A T T !!", "S P L A T T !!", "S P L A T T !!", "S P L A T T !!", "S P L A T T !!", "S P L A T T !!", "S P L A T T !!", "S P L A T T !!", "S P L A T T !!",...................................... "S P L A T T !!",

Up and down from the top of her back to her calves and thighs the flogger moved, caressing her into a false sense of security. Then it stopped and the tension mounted. <./p>

"W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T !!",

The first stoke of the strap fell shocking her - not with the pain which was fleeting - but with the suddenness of its use.

"W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", >"W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", >"W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", >"W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", >"W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", >"W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", ...................>"W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T !!",

On and on it went each stroke causing a sharp pain which was subsumed into the next one. By now her buttocks were feeling more than just warm and she began to fall into the state of a flagallent, "is this the last I hope so" BUT needing to wait for the next

"W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", >"W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", >"W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", >"W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", >"W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", >"W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", ...................>"W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T !!",

At last the strap stopped and Michael fingers massaged her bottom and began to explore the inside of her thighs. She parted her legs eagerly wanting no needing him to feel her. he played with her until with a rush of pleasure she came.. he stopped and she waited

"W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!",

The first cane stroke fell searing her bum cheeks deeper than the strap and causing her to grunt as the force of the stroke drove her towards the ladder.. This was only the first and she had no idea how many more were coming. Muriel though hurry I need the next one but he waited to allow her bum to absorb the pain then

"W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!", ...................................."W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!",

Rise and fall the strokes came. Each one a millemetre apart from the last so that there was no space that did not feel pain. But strangely she also felt liberated. She wanted it to end but paradoxically she did not want him to stop!"W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!", ...................................."W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!",

Still Muriel wanted more. Was he about to finish or was he going to continue. her buttocks were on fire and throbbed in pain but it must not cease yet. Michael stopped and felt the bum. he then touched her again inside exploring her pussy. She wanted to come but was going to wait until the end,/p>

"W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!", ...................................."W H I P P !!", C R A C K K !!",

She heard him put the cane down and then come behind her . He caressed her buttocks following the ridges he had raised. He unfastened the handcuffs but still blindfolded her helped her down. he said nothing but then she came up against a bench and he gently eased her over it. She felt his finer exploring her thrashed bum then cool cream as his fingers found her anus. One finger, then two then a third as he widened the pathway. This was what she needed and then as she opened to him his cock nudged her puckered anus. It eased itself past the anal muscles and she accepted it fully. Soon it was deep inside and just as she felt the pain of his hairs rubbing her bum so she felt the pleasure of his cock inside. He was gentle making sure that for her it was all pleasure with a minimum of pain and soon she had a warm feeling which transmitted itself throughout her body. It seemed to go on forever before by the laws governing these things he could hold out no longer and with two final thrusts he came to his climax inundating her dark interior with his cum. His fingers found her clitty and with a few rapid movements she also came.

Michael eased out of her and lifted her up. he turned her round and lifting the blindfold took her into his arms. They kissed and he drew her back to the bedroom where they could rest and recover. Muriel looked at him as they lay there. They said nothing for several minutes as they gently explored each other's body then she said

"Thank you Michael that was magnificent what a wonderful start to the day. After we have had lunch I will be asking 'How do we top that'. It really was the cream on the cake".

Part 4 will be the end of this story as the Sunday finishes