The Shop - Part 2
The Disciplinarian

Michael was looking forwards to next Sunday when Muriel would be spending the day with him. He remembered with pleasure there evening together and was anticipating an exciting and pleasurable day.

Early on Saturday he went into a locked room on the first floor of his house and pulled back the curtains. The room was unusual as it had a large four poster bed in the centre of the room as well as walls covered with mirrors. Hanging on the walls were a large number of unusual instruments. When he inspected them he found canes, strap,floggers, whips, handcuffs and other more unusual items. It was several years since he had opened the room other than to dust it. It had been created when his first wife and he had been together. They had both enjoyed spanking and the other concomitant play but when she had drowned when they were on holiday several years before he had locked the room up and tried to forget it. The arrival of Muriel into his life had re-awakened his libido and he was hoping that there would be new opportunities to use it.

He spent Saturday cleaning and fresehened the room up ready for what he hoped would be a special 're christening' the next day. he was still feeling his way and had no idea how far Muriel would want to go except that she enjoyed sex and spanking play.. As he did so the sessions of play,bondage, sex etc flashed through his mind and left him eager for the next day to arrive.

Sunday came and he drove across town to here Muriel lived. She was standing waiting for him with her sling bag over her shoulder. She looked neat and tidy without being in any way gaudy or flashy. He opened the nearside door and she climbed in. She smiled shyly and gave him a quick kiss. Obviously she was also nervous about the day.

They arrived back at my house went inside and I took her coat fro her. We then went into the kitchen for coffee where Michael told her a little about his life and that he had been on his own since his wife's death. He told her that she (his wife) had enjoyed sex and spanking and that the session at the shop had brought it flooding back to him. Finally he said that she also appeared to enjoy it but he wanted to say one thing before anything happened.

"Nothing will happen to you while you are here that you don't want to happen - but I will take you through as far as you wish to in sex and spanking.Are you happy with that arrangement?"

She smiled and took his hands.

Of course I am silly I would not have come if I had any worries. I know that we will enjoy the day. Now show me your house!"

They started downstairs and went into the lounge and spare room before he led her upstairs. He showed her the bathroom with its large free standing shower before he led her into his bedroom.

It was a large airy room with a king-sized bed in it. The bed looked very inviting and Michael said

"This is my bedroom! Would you like to try the bed?"

"I would love to but you will need to undress me first as I don't want to crease my clothes."

Conscious still that it was the the first visit here from anybody since his wife's death Michael gently turned her round and unzipped her dress. He pushed it off her shoulders and it fell gently to the floor. The her underslip fell leaving her in just her underclothes. he tried to unfasten her brassiere but got tangled up in the hooks before with a laugh she helped him. He placed it on a chair before he knelt in front of her and slipped his hands inside her knicker elastic. He eased them down over her buttocks feeling the warmth of her bottom as he did so. As they came down he saw her bush gradually come into view. It was already spotted with dampness. The knickers fell to the floor and she stepped out of them. Now he unfastened her left stocking and gently rolled it down , next it was her right stocking which whispered down her leg. Finally he unfastened her suspender belt and removed it completely She was now naked and ready for what was to happen next.

She lifted him up

"Now it is my turn!"

Garment by garment she removed his clothes until she came to his underpants. It was obvious that he was aroused as they tented out from his body as though blowing in the wind. With difficulty she removed them. Now with both of them in their skins they knew that any pretence or dissimulation was out of the question and their time was now.

Michael drew Muriel towards him.

"Are you ready?"

"Hmmm, Hmmm!"

Michael kissed her and drew her down onto the bed. He put his arms round her and using his ready fingers he found her hairy pussy. His fingers explored the interior, which was already wet , until he found her nub. her clitoris was prominent and he soon used his fingers to bring her to her peak. Meanwhile Muriel was rubbing at his rigid cock, drawing our the purple head from its preupece and then letting it retreat again. Soon they we both at a peak which needed fulfillment and drawing Muriel to the edge of the bed Michael parted her legs and used his fingers to open her up. Coral coated and awash with cum she was an eager participant and taking his cock in her hand she guided it to its nest. Michael felt the slippery interior as he thrust home and Muriel gasped as his cock seemed to have reached deep into her. She laid and waited. Michael took her hips in his hands and moved gently in and out. Muriel moaned with pleasure. She did need this and Michael was the perfect partner!

There was no pressure to hurry so as Michael fucked away so his hands roved over her body and her caressed her breasts. Her nipples which were hard by now were also tender and they stimulated her even more.

"FUCK me hard now Michael - I need you to cum inside me! FUCK me!"


For Michael who was also ready this was a spur and for several minutes he drove in and out while Muriel cried out with pleasure.


With a few final thrusts he drove deep into her and she felt the warmth and wetness as his sperm inundated her insides.. He drove a few more times until she used her vaginal muscles to milk the last drops from him. They were both exhausted and ready to rest. and drawing a cover over their bodies lay in in each others arms while they dozed.

He threw the cover back.

"Come on top of me I want to use my tongue on your pussy and play with your anus."

Muriel raised herself so that her bum was over his face an, as she did so he felt his cock taken into the warm interior of her mouth. He looked up and saw her soft rounded buttocks. There were still lines from the previous nights but only faint marks remained. He opened the flower of her pussy with his fingers finding her clitoris and then using his tongue her gently sucked, kissed and flicked it. He parted her lips and delved deeper inside the hidden cavern with its pale pink interior glistening with the slippery mucus of her spend. His nose was attracted to the heady musky scent that an aroused woman offers. As he did this he took some gel in his other hand and using his finger he approached the puckered rosette of her anus. It drew his finger in and squeezed it. he used two fingers moving them gently in and out while his tongue worked on her pussy. By now Muriel was raised to such heights that her hand was flashing up and down his cock before again taking it in her mouth. By now they had reached such heights that it could not last and they both found that they were ready at the same time and while Michael gave a final thrust to her anus went deeply into her pussy so Muriel gave a final rub and taking his cock into her mouth sucked him off.

Her own spend covered his face as she offered him her discharge and, as they both lay back shattered with their efforts, so they kissed . It was several minutes before they were ready to talk and first it was Michael

"After pleasure comes punishment I hope you agree and now your bum needs to feel the strap and the cane. Come we will go into the next room."

He helped her to her feet and led her out of the bedroom leading her across the passage. He opened the door .and Muriel gasped as she saw the interior. She looked round as they entered and was immediately drawn to the flogging bench which stood in the centre of the room. She walked up to it and bent over holding the sides. her bum was positioned exactly in position and clearly was eagerly waiting for her next experience.

"Do you want to be fastened?

"Yes please tie me down I want to be totally under your control and PLEASE, PLEASE make it tell. I need a hard thrashing after the fantastic sex we have just had. Don't let up but when you have finished BUGGER me!"

Michael felt a thrill such as he had not had since the death of his wife. he had now, he hoped, found a willing partner !. He took out the wrist and ankle straps and fastened Muriel into position so that she could not move. he went behind her and parting her bum cheeks felt her anus. It was already flexing..<.p>

They were both ready and he took up his fiercest strap - a long black two tailed one which was two layers of thick black leather. he knew what she needed and would make sure that he dealt with her to both their satisfaction

"W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T ! !",

He had begun and now the strokes rained in

"W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T ! !", "W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T ! !", "W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T ! !", "W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T ! !", "W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T ! !", "W H I P P !!", "S P L A T T ! !",

he was not counting andbut making sure that every stroke landed across both buttocks making the whole crown of her bum turn a deep red. Now it was time for the cane and again this was the brutal punishment cane which drove the breath from the body and had a deeper lasting effect than the lighter nursery canes. He swished it through the air once or twice. It was over three foot long and nearly half an inch thick with a solid handle to allow for extra traction.

"Make sure that you don't ease up!"

"S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", <,/p>

The first stroke drove Muriel's body deep into the surface of the bench and she gasped. with the shock. It was as though a flaming brand had seared across her buttocks leaving a raging fire in place. The white turned to red

"S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", "S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", "S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", "S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", "S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", ............................................."S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", "S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!",

the can kept up its regular patter for stroke after stroke. It landed like a fiery beacon, flared along a line and the white changed first to red and then to a deep purple as the ridges formed. He was not counting as he beat her but she was urging him on to greater effort. She NEEDED this beating and was looking forward to the aftermath.

>"S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", "S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", "S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", "S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", "S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", ............................................."S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", "S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!",

Now was the time for the final assault and the last six strokes which would be the hardest.

"S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", "S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", "S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", "S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", "S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", ............................................."S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!", "S W O O S H H !!","C R A C K K !!",

he threw the cane down and he was primed ready for her final request to bugger her. He parted her bum cheeks while she cried out with pain, applied some gel to her anus and then with his cock in full stand rigid mode he entered her. She gasped as his coarse hair scoured her bum but accepted his cock easily. he grasped her hips and bean to vigorously bugger her. She kept calling for him to continue although clearly she was in some pain from the constraint rubbing. Eventually it had to end and with his legs becoming rigid he felt his semen welling up and two final thrusts and he inundated the dark interior while she cried out with pleasure.

It was over and Michael rested on her back gasping as his cock softened and plopped out of her anus. His sperm oozed from the puckered opening as he stood up. He unfastened Muriel and led her naked into the bathroom where he turned the shower on for both of them. It was a large shower cabin with plenty of room for both of them and they gently played as they washed each other. Once here Michael avoided touching her bum where every mark stood out like a beacon. They dried and putting dressing gowns on the went downstairs to the lounge. He fetched a bottle of wine and gave her a glass before he stretched her across his lap and gently massaged some cream into her ravaged bum cheeks. By now the lines were ridged like the trenches in a First World War battlefield and she gasped as he massaged the cream in. They continued like this for several minutes before she eased himself from his lap. She stood up and drew him to his feet . She held his hands and looked him in the eyes.

"That was wonderful. In my mind I have always wanted to be beaten like that and I know now I have found out the mixture of pain and pleasure we have achieved I will never look back. At home when my father and mother used the hairbrush on us I knew I needed more but I but have never had the chance. The day is not over yet so let us find some food, have lunch and then I need some more of your cock inside me. I have said it before but I hope that this will not be the last time. No strings but lots of pleasure and pain. Agreed!"

Michael could say nothing as he thought that for him a series of lucky happenings were working out perfectly. He had found the perfect partner for sex and spanking with no obligations on either side.so he just smiled and nodded.

"Right where is the food and the cooking instruments? What is there in the fridge? We don't want to waste the day

Muriel was a good cook and soon rustled us up a passable meal. She decided to eat standing up for she said laughingly that her bum was still burning from the earlier treatment. When we had finished and washed up we went into the lounge with our wine and coffee and sat and chatted about our lives. Both of us agreed what a part luck had had in our meeting and finding mutual pleasure. We both also agreed that although we would meet for sex, play and a meal regularly this would be on a 'free' basis with no other commitment on either side. Maybe if...................?

The day was only halfway through and we decided to return to the bedroom for another session of play and sex. We would not force anything but just allow it to happen. There would however be NO more spanking!

Once upstairs it did not take us longer to prepare as we were still only wearing the dressing gowns we had donned after our shower. Again naked with my cock already rearing itself Muriel laughingly said that putting it to bed was the obvious thing. She knelt at the end of the bed where I could see her severely scarred bottom and using her fingers spread her pussy wide for me

"You must be refreshed after your rest and a meal so now I want a good long FUCKING.!"

I eased myself inside her and, as in the morning, she was ready for me and I slid home with the minimum off effort. I thrust deep into the soft interior and began to fuck. We were less hurried now so I fucked steadily for several minutes while she helped by pushing back. I then withdrew and laying her on the bed I lifted on leg and went in from the side with both of us experiencing different sensations as I reamed her. Then I told her to come over me and ride me. I said I would expect her to bring he to nearly fruition and then take my cock in her mouth and suck me off. It transpired exactly as we tried. By the time she lifted off me I was ready and willing and when her mouth came down and her fingers rubbed my cock I was ready and able I I sent a spurt of cum into her mouth. She gasped at first but went on sucking until she had swallowed all I had to offer. I then spread her legs and using my fingers in her pussy to good effect brought her to her own climax.

By now we were both exhausted and again rested under the covers until we drifted into sleep.

By now it was getting dark and after having a quick shower we both dressed and I drove Muriel home. The day was ended and as I set her down at her door again I reminisced about how it had all happened and what the future would hold. After a final kiss we agreed to meet for dinner on Wednesday of the following week and I arranged to collect her at about 7 pm and we would use the same restaurant as before. She agreed and we parted. I drove home and a quiet night after a busy and enjoyable day.