The Shop
The Disciplinarian

My name is Michael Phillips and I was standing at the back of my store watching the customers react with the staff as they bought items of lingerie. As I watched I speculated about one or two of them and what they would be like to fuck. As I watched I saw a rather attractive middle aged lady look up, open her bag and drop what appeared to be two pairs of knickers into the bare bottom of it. She then covered them with a newspaper which was in her hand. She continued round the store and collecting one or two other items she went to a cashier and paid for these. However it was clear that the other items secreted in her bag were not to be offered up.

I walked over to the entrance and, as she reached it, I stopped her.

"Excuse me Madam I am the Proprietor would you come to the office with me?"

She blushed but offered no objection and followed me to my office.

"I have been watching you Madam as would like to see your receipt as well as the goods you purchased."

She handed over the ones in the top of her bag.

"Now the ones under the newspaper that you did not pay for!"

Reluctantly she lifted the paper and removed the two pairs of knickers she had concealed weeping gently as she did so.

"I am afraid that we have had too much shoplifting recently and I will need to hand you over to the police, unless you can give me a good reason not to do so."

"I am sorry Sir. Please don't report me to the police otherwise I may go to prison. Is there any other way that I can repay you?

I thought for a minute or two. She was an attractive lady of about forty years old with a a well curved figure. I had never suggested this to anybody before but I knew I would like to spank her. I looked at her and said that if she had been mine and younger I would have turned her over my knee and spanked her bottom hard."

Oh Sir I would agree to that if it would mean that you didn't call the police."

You would need to come back at seven o'clock tonight after the store is closed. To ensure you do I will want a written confession from you as well as your signed agreement to my proposal.

She agreed and wrote out a signed confession confirming her name as Muriel Chapman as well as confirming her address. Apparently she was divorced and lived on her own. I sent her on her way telling her to wear one of the pairs of knickers he had stolen when she returned.

I closed the store at six pm and then went back to my bachelor flat, had a quick meal and shower and returned to the store. I was not certain whether she would be there but sure enough she was standing waiting in the staff entrance. I let us both in and took her up to the flat on the top floor I sometimes used overnight. I told her to take her coat and hat off and sit on the chair in front of me. She did so and I explained what would happen.

"You are clear why you are here. Please be under no illusions that this is an easy way out. IF you stay then I will give you a good old fashioned spanking on your bare bum. I will use my hand, strap and the cane. You may cry out but must accept whatever I give you or I will pass the details to the police. Do you agree to this?"

She looked nervous but whispered "Yes Sir"

"The we will begin! Lift your skirt so that I can see you have followed my instructions."

She stood in front of me and lifted her skirt above her waist. She turned so that I could see both the front and back and I saw that she was wearing one of the black silk knickers she had stolen. They framed her thighs and bum well and gave a hint of what might be on offer.

I want you bent over the back of the chair you will see in the centre of the room and prepare for punishment!"

She stepped forwards nervously and bent over the chair. As she did so I saw that she had good calves and thighs which led to what looked like a bottom which was ripe for spanking. I lifted her skirt and she gasped. I noted earlier that she was indeed wearing one pair of the lacy black panties that she had stolen, and been instructed to wear. I went to her side and

"S M A C K K ! ! " my hand landed across her bum. She gasped but did not move. "S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! ".

I continued like this for several minutes while she wriggled a little before I put my fingers inside the top of her knickers and lowered them down over her hips and thighs to her calves from which they dropped to th floor. Her bum was now tinged with red and I continued spanking

"S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! "

. I was now making more noise as my hand was landing on her bare bum cheeks

"S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! ". "S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! "..

As I spanked on her bare bum I gently massaged it and soon saw that far from distress she was showing a different emotion. As I massaged the inside of her thighs I felt a wetness which I knew came from an involvement which was not just pain. I decided that I would give few more before exploring further.

"S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! ". "S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! ! "..

By now she had received thirty or more on her bare bum and it was getting very red. I gently moved my fingers between her thighs and soon found the wetness had increased. and her legs spread wider as she felt my fingers

It was clear to me even at this early stage that this lady was well able to take a good spanking and, in fact, probably enjoyed it. I therefore decided to push her farther than I had intended originally. I heard her whisper

"Don't stop!! Please use your fingers - I need them inside me!"

My punishment of her was turning out far different from what I expected and I had to rethink what should happen as we proceeded. I told her to stand up.

" I am now going to strap you and from what you have shown to date you are fully aware what may happen. Do you agree.? If so remove the rest of your clothes and bend over again.">

She turned away from me, and blushed, but removed her skirt, blouse and brassiere so that she was naked. As she stood in front of me I could enjoy the promise of fruits to come after I had finished with the spanking.

She bent over the chair again and I saw that he bottom was now a fiery red but was eagerly waiting for the strap. I picked up a medium strap I kept in a drawer and started to use it. I now wanted to see how far she needed to be pushed before she would offer me what I now found I needed. Instead of just a punishment this was clearly gong to explore new realms. I adjusted my cock inside my trousers. It was getting aroused with what was happening. I lined her up

"S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!",

I brought the strap down. She gave another quick gasp but remained in position. I felt her and she again parted her legs for me.

"S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!", "S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!", "S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!", "S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!", "S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!", "S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!",

I didn't count the strokes but wanted to make sure that her punishment was complete before anything else happened and I began to lay on the strap harder.

>"S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!", "S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!", "S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!", "S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!", "S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!", "S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!", "S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!",

By now she was showing some distress albeit also her inner thighs were awash with spend. I decided that there would be some more before I resorted to the cane

>"S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!", "S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!", "S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!", "S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!", "S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!", "S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!", "S W I S H H ! !", "S P L A T T !!",

Her bum was turning from its previous fiery red to as deeper hue which almost was purple. Now she must have the cane!

. I put the strap down and after inspecting her bum and feeling her pussy I told her to stand and face me. She did so looking down at my feet. I saw her fully for the first time. About five foot four she had firm breasts whose nipples were already hard, and stood out like nuts, a mons covered with a dark fur through which peaked the outer vagina lips of a ripe pussy. Between her legs spend glistened on the hairs as well as running down her legs. She made no effort to cover herself up..

"Now we come to the real punishment. As you are by now well aware you stole from the shop. The hand and strap are just reminders and now the cane will be the final retribution for your sins. As I said earlier you may cry out or scream if you wish but you will remain in position until I have finished. Back over the chair again. She bent over the chain looking very apprehensive as she saw me take up a long whippy cane. This was one I knew would sting but do no damage to her buttocks.

"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,

The first stroke lashed down sinking deep into her bum and creating a white line which soon changed to red. She winced with the pain but did not cry out.

"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!".

After six I stopped and inspected her bum. My fingers massaged the lines and then gently explored beyond. She was even wetter if this was possible. Six perfect lines moving up to the crown of her bum. Now I would infill and these would be even harder to take.

"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!".

She was crying out with the pain now but still remained in position as I made the final stoke a telling one as it crossed the rest

>"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,

I lifted her up and turned her to face me

" Your punishment is finished but we both know where it has led. The rest is up to you. You can get dressed and leave and you keep the knickers and nothing more will be said or remove my clothes and join me in an evening of pleasure to help release the pain.

She looked me in the eyes and then moving forward she unfastened my belt. She released my trousers and pushed them down. Then she lowered my underpants with difficulty as my cock was already stiff. She removed my shirt and vest until we were both naked. She stood for a few moments looking at my cock as it reared out of its hair nest.

She knelt in front of me and grasping my hips she took my cock into her mouth. She touched the glans with her tongue and rolled it round the purple head. She sucked away all the time using her tongue to stimulate and rubbing it until it was like a rock.

Looking into my eyes she moved forward then lying back on the floor she guided me to her cunt. One hand parted the lips while the other steered me to it s haven. I pushed forwards eagerly and found no resistance as the slippery interior engulphed me. She looked up

"Now FUCK me you bastard. After that last session with the cane I deserve a good HARD rogering.!"

I took her at her word and made the in and out movement last for several minutes while she cried out cumming with several orgasms. I nearly withdrew and then thrust deep again so that she was crying out with pleasure. She bucked against me .

"Don't stop! My God I need this! FUCK me HARDER!!"

I did my best and after several major orgasms it was my turn and I knew that I could not hold out much longer. I fucked another dozen times before my knees turned weak and I knew that I must coma! I came inside her. It was finished and we relaxed and lay back side by side.She sat up playing with my soft flaccid cock.

"You really hurt me with that cane but I know I deserved it and this has made up for all the pain. I promise I will never steal from your shop again BUT I want you to promise that this is not the end and we can go on meeting and spanking and fucking. Luckily I have no old man to see the marks."

We both stood up and dressed. We looked at each other and smiled. I said that I hoped this would be the first of many sessions but I also hoped she would not need to steal to have her spanking.

We agreed to meet for dinner in two days time. As she laughingly said

"I hope I will be able to sit down comfortably by then!"

For the next couple of days I could not get Muriel out of my head. It was now several months since I had had any relations with a lady. Although members my staff had tried at times to interest me I had been very firm about keeping business and pleasure apart. This, including the high work rate to get the company over a drop in sales following a fire had kept me celibate. Now I felt my juices rising and I was looking forward to the dinner with Muriel as an opportunity for me. She was an attractive middle aged lady who clearly enjoyed sex and spanking, both areas of my expertise. Now I just had to hope this was not a 'false dawn'. I was not looking for a full time partner at home but the chance to engage in pleasure.I was eager for the days to pass.

The day of the dinner came and I became more an more nervous, more like a schoolboy on his first date than a mature man meeting an attractive lady for dinner. I had arranged to meet her outside the shop at 7 o'clock and drive to a small intimate restaurant where I was unknown. As I pulled up I saw that she was waiting and I opened the door for her to get in.

"Good evening Muriel! I hoped that you had not changed your mind about coming to dinner. I have chosen a small restaurant where we will be private and be able to chat. Please understand that this is 'no obligation' dinner ."

I pulled up outside 'The Thatched Billet' and, after parking the car we entered. The lights were subdued and the maitre d' welcomed us. showing us to a table for two in a secluded corner. We sat down and I ordered wine for both of us and we then chose our meal.. I was not going to spoil the evening so as we ate I kept up some light 'chit chat' about myself, the store and the problems we had had following the fire. She told me that she had been married but her husband had left for another woman and she now lived on her own in a bed-sit. She worked as a typist with local firm.. Dinner was over and when the coffee arrived I decided it was time to invite her back with me.

"Muriel, I don't want you to take this the wrong way but I was wondering whether you would like to come back to my house for a nightcap. I will drive you home afterwards if you agree."

She looked at me pensively and then smiled

"I think I would enjoy that!"

We collected our coats, I paid the bill and we went back to the car. As she got in I turned and said

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I am sure!"

We drove back to my home neither of us saying anything as we were both clearly deep in our own thoughts. I pulled up outside the house and after opening the car door for her I switched on the porch light and opened the front door.

"Welcome to my home!"

We went inside and, after showing her where the bathroom was I took her coat, hung it up and guided her to the lounge where the electric fire offered a cheery welcome. She sat down in a chair while I went to fetch a bottle of wine and two glasses. As I handed her a full glass I blurted out

"Thank you for coming please understand that whatever happens must be with your consent. I would like you to stay but if you wish I will take you home immediately."

She stood up smiling - she opened her arms to him

"I am a big girl now and can make my own decisions. I wanted to come and I enjoyed what happened earlier , even the pain, so do not stop now!"

Michael stepped forwards and took her in his arms kissing her as he did so. He felt her tongue as she opened her mouth to him. He drew her down on to the settee and gently massaged her breasts over her blouse. His fingers found the buttons and unfastened them one by one until he could ease the blouse from her shoulders and down her back. As they continued to kiss she eased herself forwards so that he cold unfasten her brassiere. It slipped from her shoulders and fell from her breasts. His mouth left hers and she gasped with pleasure as she felt his tongue sucking on her nipples. They grew harder until they were rigid to his mouth..

Her pleasure was equal to his and, when he stood up and drew her to her feet she waited for his next move. Michael's hands found the buttons and zip of her skirt and releasing them he unzipped her lowering her her skirt over her buttocks and thighs to the ground. As he did so he knelt before her and saw only the black silk knickers and suspender belt between him and heaven. He drew the knickers down and the black bush covering her pussy was before him. He smelt her arousal as he also saw the cum glistening on her cunt. He fingers went exploring but Muriel stopped him.

"Come let me help you!"

Michael stood and allowed Muriel to undress him, garment by garment until he was naked. She then unfastened her suspender belt and removed it and her stockings until, as nature intended, they were only dress in their skins. Muriel looked down and giggled as s she saw his cock standing out with the purple head exposed. and already glistening with precum.

"We must not waste this must we?

She lay back on the settee and spread her legs wide offering him a sight of the coral interior which is the gateway to heaven for a man. With her fingers he parted her pouting pussy lips and with a quick rub he presented himself to her entrance.

"FUCK me like you did yesterday and then FUCK me again as you will do today. I need your cock inside me and to be shagged and shagged until we are both exhausted!!"

Michael could not believe his luck at having discovered such a willing partner and urgently thrust home. She was ready and his cock slid into her without any problem. He thrust deep.until he reached her depths and, taking a deep breath, began to fuck her. In and out , hard and soft, shallow and deep he seemed to go on for ever while Muriel with her legs raised behind his neck urged him on while she had orgsm after orgasm. She was crying out with her pleasure urged him on to even greater efforts and on.and on he drove he was enjoying every moment as the magic sensations boiled though his body.

"FUCK me Michael! Oh FUCK me! Give me it all! Oh I do need this! Don't stop!"

By now Michael was beginning to flag and soon he felt the welling in his legs which presaged a climax and so he gave a dozen more frenzied thrusts before he came and ejaculated deep into her. He seemed to have unlimited cum and with his final efforts it oozed out from her cunt. They were both exhausted and soon his cock became soft and he withdrew from her. He lay back beside her while she continued to gasp with pleasure. She looked at him quizzically

"You know now i want a good long hard caning to finish me off - have you got one available?

"Yes I will just fetch one from upstairs."

"Good I will just use your bathroom and then I will be ready!"

I went upstairs where I had a collection of canes from the lightweight 'stingy' to the thick 'punishment' cane. I decided to use one of the medium swished it once or twice before taking it downstairs to the lounge where Muriel was waiting. She took it in her hands and then giving it back said

"Good! This should be perfect. I need a good thrashing after that session and then..........................!!"

She bent over the back of the settee and made herself comfortable reminding me to 'lay it on with a will'.

I could tell that she was fired up and ready so went behind her. The marks from her session at the Store were just disappearing so it was clear that she had a 'spanking bum' -one which absorbed punishment and which suffered no damage from the strokes. I felt her bottom and saw her thighs flex as she felt my hand. I stood back and

"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,

The first stroke lashed down sinking deep into her bum and a fiery like cross both buttocks .

"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!".

Unlike at the store I knew what she needed so did not need to stop after the first six strokes but went on. lashing the cane down each stroke finding its mark and drawing its own line across the bum cheeks. The next series lashed down and the red was turning to a purple hue as the marks also formed ridges. She did not flinch

"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". "W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!". ,"W H I P P !!", "C R A C K K!!".

Now it was time to finish and I put the cane down. As I did so she took her ravaged bum cheeks and pulled them apart

"BUGGER me!"

Strangely enough I had wondered if this might follow so had brought some 'gel' down with me. I squeezed the tube so that some was on my fingers. I used one finger to open her up and then applied the gel thickly around her spincther until she was ready.I used two fingers and then three to widen the opening before presenting my cock to the tight rosette. I had prepared the way well and my probe soon found the entrance. I eased it inside where it met some resistance. I pushed on deeper until I felt her accept me fully. I felt her use her muscles to squeeze my cock before I took her hips in my hands and began to thrust home. She groaned at the first move as my bush scarified her tortured bum but then she was ready and we soon set up a rhythm which we both enjoyed. I felt her fingers go down to play with her clitty as she cooed out with pleasure at the new sensation. This time I was able to sustain my play even longer than before and it was several minutes before I was ready to cum. I gave a final thrust and my spend inundated her dark interior while her own fingers brought her to her climax.

I lay across her back exhausted for a minute or two while my cock gently subsided and eased itself out of her..We both sat back on the sette and she gently fondled my cock as she said.

"That was a fantastic evening. I do need to go home now to get some sleep before work tomorrow. "

We both dressed and I drove her back to her bed sit. before she got out of the car I kissed her and asked if she would come back next Sunday.

."I thought you would never ask. Of course I will!"

I will collect you here at 9 am on Sunday and we will make full day of it.

She left the car with a quick kiss and went into her home. I knew that we would be in for some exciting times over the next few weeks.. My luck had really turned after the recovery from the fire of the shop and now this