The Shop Lifter - Part 4
Spanking Professional

Herbert had brought plenty to eat and Joanna organise a proper dinner for them. As she worked she was naked except for her apron which covered only the strategic parts at the front. !

As she worked Herbert came up behind and using the strap spanked her bum a couple of dozen times - not hard but just teasers and reminders. His fingers then opened her bum cheeks and he explore what wad there. he soon found that her pussy was very wet and Joanna giggled as he found the entrance.

"Just a pre-lunch taster then and she moved across to the table and presented her hum to him. What red blooded man could fail to take advantage and Herbert dropped his trousers and pants and his cock searched out its nest. She opened her legs wider to help him and soon he had discovered the warm wet entrance and he drove his cock home.

"FUCK me herbert! Fuck me hard. I do so love to feel you inside me!"

Nothing loathe Herbert drove in and out and he soon found that he was ready to come and, taking her hips in his hands he gave a final deep thrust sending his sperm deep inside her.! he lay their gasping for a minute or two and then eased himself off her. She found a paper towel to then themselves and then went on with her preparation for dinner. Herbert meanwhile retired to the lounge with a drink and mused over how lucky he was. He was not prepared to look any further forward than this weekend but he was convince that this could last longer than a week or two.!

Meanwhile in the kitchen similar thoughts were running through Joanna. She had found, by accident, the perfect complement to her. They were both free and single and both enjoyed spanking and sex and, both were good at it. She was beginning to trust herbert as although much of the spanking had been painful he had never made her feel in any danger of him going too far. As to sex. she had missed it for years and this was turning out to be the perfect partnership - 'spanking and sex and sex and spanking';. 'Pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain'. her bum ached with Herbert's endeavours but she was looking forwards eagerly to what might happen now!

Dinner was finished and they had sat lightly clothed and had coffee and a glass of wine in the lounge when Herbert asked if she was ready for the next challenge. Joanna said she was.

"We are going outside to the other side of the garden. You will not need any clothes but do bring the birches which are soaking in the water can. herbert walked across the garden to an arbour where there was a long bench. He told her to bend over the bench and her fastened her feet to the bottom rung and her hands to the back bar. Joanna was now fastened in position with her bum, still showing marks from the previous sessions, bared and glowing in the afternoon sun. Herbert fastened a blindfold over here eyes so that she could now see nothing. He picked up the first of the birches which Joanna had made and shook the last of the water drops from it. It was now a lethal weapon, about three feet, or one metre) long with a dozen birch twigs. he took up his position and prepared

The birch sung through the air and cut across both buttocks

"S W W I I S H H ! !, " <.p>

Joanna was surprised because there did not seem any great avarice in the stroke which landed. It was soft and, except for the several individual twigs landing separately there seemed little to fear. All was to change however

"S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ",

Soon the affect became apparent as the hornets in the thin lashes flayed her bum. Not one 'thin red line' but dozens began appearing and soon the whole surface was covered like a World War I series of trenches. For the Joanna the light stinging in her bum soon became a ravening, throbbing, irritating sensation. No pain in the way of the can or the strap but a personal adventure all of its own which seemed to draw her buttocks into ridges each of which was crossed by the next stroke.

"S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ", "S W W I I S H H ! !, ",

Herbert new the time to stop and he put down the birch which was bent and broken. Joanna was sobbing quitely with the nagging pain she was encountering. herbert unfastened her and removed the blindfold. He then led her back into the lounge and, sitting on the settee he drew her across his lap. He had a large bottle of baby oil and after running it over her bum he began,gently, to massage it in. Soon she was calm and relaxed again although the throbbing nagging sensation still irritated her bum.

Herbert lifted her up and gently kissed her.

"Now it is time for pleasure!"

He undressed, lay down on his back, and told Joanna to come over him and he would pleasure her pussy. She knelt across his face and he could see the raw condition his birching had done to her buttocks before his tongue found her pussy. She was wet with spend and he gently moved his tongue backwards and forwards across her pussy bringing gasps of pleasure. He felt her fingers wrap round his cock almost as a reflex and soon he was been pleasured by her. He licked her spend as it fell from her pussy while she became more agitated. he hands moved rapidly and he knew that he most come soon so sliding his fingers deep inside her he finger fucked her to an orgasm while he came himself with his sperm gouting out and over her face. They came together giving each other massive pleasure and soon they were lying back side by side just gently fondling each other.

The two of the lay dreaming and dozing and wondering yet again how this relationship would develop. They were both reluctant to give up their independence but knew that the bond of spanking and sex was drawing them closer together. The one thing they did have in common was that they had no need to 'sponge' off the other. In the end she decided that for the present the 'status quo' was best.

She now sat up and said she wanted a shower and would Herbert join her. He looked up smiled and nodded.They stood up and walked together to the bathroom and its shower closet. They were already naked so once the water was turned on they could indulge. Joanna took the gel and started to soap herself while Herbert watched. As he did so Joanna noticed that his previously quiescent cock was beginning to stiffen, She went on soaping herself and then offered the gel to Herbert to soap her breasts. He did so with alacrity and soon her breasts were firm with engorged nipples which , after rinsing Herbert found of interest and started to suck. Meanwhile Joanna found interest in the way that Herbert's cock was rubbing up against her pussy hair and in her turn she started massaging it until it rose out from his thatch like a pole rising from the ground. Joanna knelt and, as the water cascaded over her she took it in her mouth. She drew it fully in until it almost seemed to go down her throat. Then she sucked and drew her mouth along it. herbert thrust against her and soon he was being mouth fucked. <.p>

He withdrew and lifted her to her feet. he spread her legs and parted the thick outer lips of her vagina. He backed her against the shower wall and with a single thrust impaled her on his cock. he slid home like a well oiled machine. Joanna hugged him and kissed him while fucked away. Soon she was rising to her feet as his his cock drove deep into her and the tingle in her legs, thighs and pussy became almost unbearable until herbert decided it was time. His own legs were begin to turn to jelly so with a final thrust he drove his cock high into her while a wall of cum inundated her insides. For Joanna this was also a climax and she cried out with pleasure as she orgasmed as well. They stood together panting while the water still rained down on them. Herbert withdrew and they turned the shower off.

Luckily Herbert had plenty of towels and they were soon enjoying more each other as they dried each other. While Joanna rubbed Herbert's cock and pubic hair so her did the same to her. They laughed and giggled as they did so before lying back on the bed exhausted. By now Joanna had almost forgotten her stinging bum and when she stood and looked at her bottom in a mirror on the wall she saw that the bruising was now deep purple lines which showed but caused no discomfort.

Herbert apologised if he had been too hard but Joanna said that there was no problem and she was looking forward to what still might happen.

They went down to an evening meal dressed just in 'T' shirts and after sat in the garden drinking wine and chatting. After all it was only one week since they had met and still knew little of each other. .Finally they went inside and upstairs to bed. This time Joanna joined Herbert in his bed and after a small amount of fondling they went to sleep.

Monday morning as Joanna prepared breakfast Herbert came up behind her, bent her over, and lifting her dress he gently caressed her soft warm buttocks. Running his fingers over the marks which were stilt to be seen. The feel of his soft hands drew pleasure from Joanna and she felt herself beginning to get wet between her legs. Suddenly a shock as Herbert took up a strap and

"S P L L A A T T ! ! ", <.p>

her bottom felt the sting of the strap.. She screamed - with shock not pain and then waited in position.

"S P L L A A T T ! ! ", "S P L L A A T T ! ! ", "S P L L A A T T ! ! ", "S P L L A A T T ! ! ", "S P L L A A T T ! ! ", "S P L L A A T T ! ! ", "S P L L A A T T ! ! ",

This was not punishment and the strap caressed rather than struck her bum before she felt his fingers go to her buttocks. He parted her bum cheeks and, taking some of the butter on the table seared it into her anus. She felt one finger enter , then two and finally three as he spread her ready for his cock.<.p>

He presented it to the puckered rossette entrance and gently eased inside. She gasped at the first entry but soon found pleasure and his cocked filled her. She gripped the other side of the table while herbert powered away inside her. This was their first sex of the morning and they were both ready for pleasure so it was not long before herbert came inside her dark secret interior. She felt the hot cum inundate her while her own hand went to her clitoris and she brought herself to orgasm.. Herbert withdrew his cock with a oft 'plop' and then taking a cloth gently cleaned both her bum and his cock. They hugged again and ate breakfast.<.p>

"Herbert, can you give me one final HARD caning before we leave at lunchtime?"

Joanna looked at him questionally. He nodded and confirmed that he would after they had cleared up the cottage. It did not take long as he took the bed-sheets and towels back home to wash and the rubbish was packed ready for disposal.

Joanna stood in the lounge dressed ready to leave and Herbert walked across and unfastened her blouse. He removed it, then her brassiere. Now it was the turn of her skirt followed by her stockings. She now only has a pair of panties on and Herbert told her to bend over the back of the chair.She did so and prepared herself. She guessed that this would be fierce but knew that after this weekend this what she needed.She took her place and gripped the sides of the chair

"W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!",

The first stroke whipped home whistling in and setting her bum afire as it lanced home.

"W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!",

Herbert went behind her and removing her panties massaged her bum. Then back in place

"W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!",

"W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!",

"W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!",

Her bum was now on fire and the marks laid across it were beginning to change. She wanted herbert to stop but at the same time she wanted the satisfaction of testing herself. Was she really a flagellant or not?

"W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!",

"W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, C R R A A C K K !!",

She was now gasping with each stroke and Herbert was well aware of her discomfort so put down the cane.

"That is enough. You have been very brave but no more. Now let me put some baby oil on before we drive home. You will be in enough discomfort and the oil will ease th tightness in your bum.

He bent her over again this time to minister and gently massage in the oil. Her buttocks were not broken but there were purple lines which were becoming even darker as he gently worked away. He stopped.

Ok get dressed and we will go!"They left the cottage and Joanna sat gingerly on her seat, which had padded with a foam cushion, while they drove home. They said little on the way back as each had their own thoughts. Herbert pulled up at Joanna's house and she dismounted gingerly, taking her case and with a quick kiss she said thank you and went inside.

For herbert when he got back to his flat he could not believe what had happened in such a short time but knew that they would be in contact shortly. However we will not as this is the last story in this sequence of 'The Shop Lifter'