The Shop Lifter - Part 4
Spanking Professional

Herbert shut the shop, counted his money and paid it into the bank before collecting the food and his weekend clothes. He added in several of his spanking instruments as he was sure that he would have a chance to use them. He mused over what might happen and he had a number of ideas for scenarios before driving to collect Joanna.

She was waiting for him looking fresh and smiling. She got into the car and gave Herbert a quick kiss.

"Now we travel into the unknown for a weekend together. I am sure we will have a wonderful time."

They left London and drove down into Kent where, after an hour and a half, they arrived at a small village. They drove through the village, just past the pub and then turned down a narrow lane. There was a concealed entrance and Herbert drove through it and up a drive to a picturesque cottage.

"Welcome to my hideaway."

"It looks lovely. I am sure that we will have a good weekend".

Herbet left the car, opened the front door and invited Joanna in.

She looked round and saw a neat study on the left and a lounge on the right. The kitchen was at the end of the passage while the staircase beside it led upstairs. herbert collected ted the food and took it into the kitchen and then took their cases in. He took her to the top of the stairs and opened a door on the left .

"This is your bedroom. My room is opposite and the bathroom and toilet are at the end of the passage. The third room is a spare bedroom.although I use it for other purposes. Now I suggest we go downstairs, put the car away and then get something to eat."

Joanna agreed and searching the kitchen for utensils soon had sausages, bacon and chips merrily cooking., As soon as this was started Herbert showed her round his little kingdom. he took her outside and she saw that the hedges were thick and high making privacy absolute. They then went inside and sat in the kitchen eating the dinner. Once the food was finished they washed up and went into the lounge where Herbert opened a bottle of wine to go with their coffee.

Joanna looked round the room and liked what she saw. Herbert had got the fire started and the two standard lamps meant that there was a gentle light without being harsh. There was a sette along one wall and two armchairs each side of a low occasional table where he had placed the wine. They sat facing each other and Herbert cleared is throat.

"Joanna, I want you to understand that this is the first time I have had anybody down here to my cottage. I know what I want us to do but I will quite understand if you refuse and I will not think less of you. We met in unusual circumstances and I found that you seemed to enjoy being spanked and I enjoy spanking. We have also found that we both get pleasure from sex with each other.I want it to be an enjoyable weekend for both of us. Are you happy with this?"

Joanna looked thoughtful before looking up and smiling

"I agree and am open to anything that might happen. Just as you have found that you enjoy spanking I have also discovered that I need to be spanked hard to get satisfaction. I know that there will be pain but I also know that, especially with the sex, there will be plenty of pleasure. Why not see how it goes."


At that she stood up and looked at Herbert

"Will you undress me or shall I do it myself?

Herbert was across like a flash and as she stood there he unfastened her blouse and removed it. She was wearing a black silk brassiere but he decided to leave it on at present. He eased her skirt over her hips. It was elasticated so came over easily. He then pushed it down so that she could step out ol it. She was wearing a half slip today and this came down and off Now she was standing in all black. A black brassiere, suspender belt, stockings and black court shoes. He knelt down and removed her shoes. He stayed in position as he unfastened her right stocking from the suspender belt. and drew it over her leg and foot. Now he did the same with the left stocking. he stood and looked at her. What treasure to remove next? he chose the suspender belt so that she was now standing only wearing a brassiere and knickers.

He turned her round imagining the next stage while he savoured the opportunity to do so. He decided on the brassiere and his hands went behind her back. As he felt for the catch he gave her a quick kiss. he was surprised when Joanna took his face in her hands and kissed him back. her tongue slid between his lips and touched her tongue to his. Another new experience but he liked it. By now in spite of the distraction he had removed her brassiere. he took her breasts in hands loving the feel of the soft fleshy mounds. Her nipples rubbed against his palms and she cried out with pleasure as he lowered his head and licked and suck the nipples. he remembered how hard they had been before and enjoyed the feeling. he gently sucked until he felt her fingers exploring his trousers.

he lowered himself before she could do more and drew her knickers down over her hips and thighs enjoying the sight of the fleece covering her pubis. her knickers dropped to the ground and she was naked!"

As soon as he was finished Joanna started on him until he was quickly as naked as she was. His cock was erect and Joanna soon handled it rubbing it before kneeling and sucking the tip. She looked up

I"I want a good beating before we have sex. Can you use the strap and make sure I feel the stokes. That caning last week was painful but perfect."

She handed him the strap from the small table and then bent over the back of a chair.As she took up her position Herbert saw that although the cane marks had faded they were still visible.

"S P P L A A T T ! !",

The strap rose and fell. he soon got into his stride

"S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", . "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", <./p>

As the strap kept up a regular rhythm Herbert was aware that this was not punishment and although he made sure the strokes were now 'play' they did no violence to her. As s he spanked she encouraged him to spank harder and soon he was laying on the strokes until her bottom was a deep red.

"S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", . "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", <./p>

Herbert stopped and taking her from the chair he lay her back on the carpet, spread her legs and with a quick rub at his cock entered her. Her pussy lips glistened with her cum as she waited for him to enter. he drove deep and hard and Joanna cried out.

"FUCK ME! FUCK ME! Don't stop"Up and down Herbert thrust. He was feeling his power and tried to think of other things so that he did not come too soon. Joanna was thrashing under him and crying out for more. Herbert tried his best but eventually he was exhausted. He gasped

"I am CUMMING NOW!!!!!!!!!!"

She wrapped her legs round him and drew him farther in as with a few final thrusts he inundated her with his hot cum! For Joanna she knew she wanted this weekend to be without without a condom so that she could feel his jism inundating her insides. She had taken her own precautions and was happy that nothing untoward would happen!

They lay back together with him on top of her. She squeezed his cock with her vaginal muscles and squeezed the last drop from him before he finally withdrew exhausted..

She kissed him.

"Will you do me a favour and give be a dozen HARD strokes with that strap. Don't stop if I cry out as I need it to finish me off!

She turned over on the carpet and waited. Herbert picked up the strap and, as she requested

"S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", . "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !","S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", . "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", "S P P L A A T T ! !", <./p>

herbert stood up and drew Joanna to her feet he poured wine into the two glasses and handed her one.

"Shall we go up to bed now? I think we can do with a rest!.

He took her hand and led her up the stairs. At the top he let go. Where she slept must be up to her. She went into the room he told her was hers and unpacked her nightdress.. She then walked across the passage and knocked on his door. When he called out to come in. She entered.

"May I sleep with you?"

Herbert didn't know what to say - although he knew he wanted her to - so just nodded and Joanna lifted her nightgown over her head and now naked joined him in bed. As she slipped in beside him she felt his cock and it was still alive as she gently rubbed it. She then felt his fingers exploring her pussy and soon they were gently playing with each other as they eased towards sleep. The first night was finished and both of them slipped into the arms of Morpheus

Joanna woke first slightly disorientated as to where she was. The as she felt the sting in her bum everything flooded back. She eased herself out of the bed and recovering her nightgown she went to th toilet and then had a shower. She had not been long in the shower before she heard Herbert using the toilet. he then opened the shower stall and asked if he could join her. She nodded so he entered. He took up the sponge and began to to wash her body with special attention to her breasts, pussy and buttocks. She giggled and pushed him away.

"There will be plenty of time for that later now is the time to freshen up an have some breakfast. Oh Herbert I am so glad I came I was worried about what might happen but everything has been lovely -even my sore bum. I am sure it will be tested again later today as I am sure that you stamina will also be tested. I can see it is rising but NO not now! Let me get dry and make us some breakfast. I don't think we will need a lot of clothes.

After showering they put on dressing gowns and had a breakfast cooked by Joanna. Herbert commented on her cooking ability.

"I learned it at school but have not had much chance to use it on anybody but myself for years.


Joanna said

"We don't know much about each other do we so let me tell you about myself. My parents were very well off and I married a banker. We parted after six years and I was given a divorce with a good alimony. That with the money I had left when my parents died means that I am a spoilt well of Sloanee! I do not work and I suppose that that is what started my shop lifting. I could afford to pay but it was the excitement of not being found out which was the challenge! This has changed my attitude. I was very worried when I came to your flat about being spanked but discovered it was something I NEEDED. This weekend I want you to test me out and see how far I can go.. By the way I also enjoy the fucking - something I never liked with my husband. You tell me and I will do it!

Herbert looked at her and told her to take her dressing gown off and come with him. He led her naked into the garden and gave her a pair of secateurs. He showed her a copse at the edge of the garden with birch twigs and told her she should cut thirty straight branches and bring them to him. <.p>

She walked around naked and picked the twigs as instructed. She returned with an armful to Herbert. He told her to take twelve straight pieces all the same length and tie them together at the top end. he helped her so that they were firmly joined. he then produced some ducting tape and wound it round and round a dozen times until he had a good handle. Joanna made the second one and then Herbert stood them both in a bucket of brine. he then told her they would be ready by the evening.

They went back into the house and Herbert told Joanna to bend over the kitchen table. He stood behind her and parted her bum cheeks searching for her anus. He put some whipped cream on his fingers and into her bum. She flinched but stood still. First one finger, then two and finally three entered and spread the puckered anus. He unfastened his gown and as she looked back she saw that his cock was rigid. he coated the tip and then presented the tip to the entrance and pushed forwards. As he entered her Joanna groaned but allowed him to continue. Soon he was deep into the dark interior. He held her hips in his hands and then began to fuck gently. At first Joanna found it uncomfortable but soon began to enjoy the change of experience. her bum was still sore and Herbert's pubic hair rubbed against her but although it was painful the two emotions began to build. As she lay there so she moved one hand so that she was playing with her clitty herself.

Both of them were enjoying what was happening and as Herbert gave a few final thrusts before he came Joanna also reached her climax. She called out


With a final thrust Herbert came and with this being his first of the day his sperm inundated her interior. Joanna groaned with pleasure as she felt the hot sperm inside her. At the same time she brought herself off and collapsed with pleasure. Herbert lay across her back as his cock softened and came out with a plop. His cum dribbled out of her bum.

They went upstairs and Joanna washed Herbert's cock before cleaning herself. The two of them were now completely happy with each other and were eager for more pleasure as the day continued.

The story of the rest of the weekend is told in Part 4 of the story.