The Shop Lifter - Part 2
Spanking Professional

Herbert was not sure how long he should wait but decided after three days that it was worth calling Joanna. He telephoned before he opened the shop. The telephone rang.

"Hello, Joanna here."

"This is Herbert. I was wondering if tonight would be OK for you to visit for the second part of your punishment!?"

"Hello Herbert. I was wondering when you would call again. I really enjoyed the last session. Of course this evening is fine. How about 8pm. I will come to the back door again.

"I will wait for tonight!"

The day seemed to last forever and it was a relief when he was able to shut up the shop. As he had served customers he had been comparing their bum with that which he was to have the pleasure of spanking tonight.!

he prepared the room carefully making sure that the table was placed in a prominent position as well as one chair and the sette.. He also went into his bedroom to make sure that it was tidy just in case!<.p>

Eventually the bell rang and when he answerd it Joanna was waiting. They went upstairs and found that it was difficult to make conversation. Eventually Joanna spke up

"I understnd that I am to receive the rest of my punishment this evening. I do understand that I deserve it and would not want you to be 'kind' because of lat week. I know I NEED to be punished for my own sake. I hope that that is clear. Would you like to bein now.?"

"Yes we will start with you undressed this time. I would like to help you if you will stand here."

He pointed to a spot and she moved there facing him. herbert looked at her, not sure what should come off first. In the end he unfastened the belt she was wearing and then herdress which was zipped up at the back. he slid it off her shoulders and, as it slid to the ground so she stepped out of it. He saw that she was wearing a half-cut brassiere, suspender-belt, knickers and stockings. She had stepped out of her shoes.

She gave him an encouraging smile and he continued.He fumbled with the catch of her brassiere but eventually unfastened it and easedit from her shoulders. Her ripe breasts fell out and he saw that although they were heavy they were still firm. He nipples were aroused and hard. He tentitively kissed one and then the other.while Joanna heldhis head to her. he removed the brassier completely and put it on the table. Now he knelt down and unclipped her right stocking from her suspender belt. As hebent over her he scented a slight musky smell. He took the stocking and rolled it down and off her foot. He did the same to the left one. Now he unhooked her suspender belt and laid it aside.

It was time! His fingers went either side of her black silk knickers and eased the down over her buttocks. As he did so the aroma from her pussy grew stronger ad more potent. He lowered her knickers over her thighs and calves and she stepped out of them.. He now saw firt the first time in cloeup her pubic area. her pussy lips hidden in the forest of her black thatch. he knew she was aroused and her very arousal made him want to hurt her. He sniffed at her pussy. he stood up but found it difficult to speak.

I am now going to give you the rest of your punishment. This will consist of a number of cane strokes on you bum. I will decide how many . You count and after five strokes you will say 'I apologise for stealing from your shop and will not do it again'. You will then receive the rest of the strokes. Do you understand and agree?"

"Yes Sir and I am truly sorry.!"

"Bend over the table and grip the end tightly and spread your legs. Do not move or I will need to tie you in position I promise you that this will hurt and I will decide when your punishment is finished.

Joanna looked apprehensive but she stook up her position.. Bent across the table her bum cheeks looked white , full and fleshy as they prepare for her ordeal and her dark pussy hair glowed through her bum crach as her legs spread wide.

Herbert took up his cane and swished it through the air once or twice. He took up his position rested the cane across her near buttck and then whipped it up and down.

"C R R A A C C K K ! !", landed on Joanna's bum like a brand sinking deep into the soft buttocks. As he raised the cane herbert saw the bum turn white and then red while for Joanna it was as though she had been cut in half and the pain seared through her and the flaming brand wreaked its havoc.

She screamed with the pain and her hands left the table.and moved to her bum

"Back in position or I will tie you down!"

Joanna took up her position again gripping even tighter

"C R R A A C C K K ! !", "C R R A A C C K K ! !", "C R R A A C C K K ! !", "C R R A A C C K K ! !",

He stopped massaged her bum and looked closely at the lines which were growing a deeper mauve and forming rudges. he knew he must be cruel to be knd if he was to help her to stopp shoplifting.

"Now stand and apologise and then take your position again"

"I am sorry for stealing from you and it will never happen again!"

She bent over and prepared for the rest of the canimng. How long it would last she ad no idea but she was determined to see it through.

"C R R A A C C K K ! !", "C R R A A C C K K ! !", "C R R A A C C K K ! !", "C R R A A C C K K ! !", "C R R A A C C K K ! !", "C R R A A C C K K ! !", "C R R A A C C K K ! !", "C R R A A C C K K ! !",

She had lost count now but again as before she was now moving into a private world where the cane still hurst but she could accept it as she began to glow with an inner warmth.

"C R R A A C C K K ! !", "C R R A A C C K K ! !", "C R R A A C C K K ! !", "C R R A A C C K K ! !",

Herbert decided that as her bum was now very marked she would not need any more reminders so put the cane down.. He lifted her up from the table.

"It had to be done you know. Now after the punishment how about the pleasure. First I am going to massage some cream into those ravaged bum cheeks and the....................Well wewill see. Come into the bedroom and lie face down on the bed.

Joanna followed him - her bum in exquisite pain asshe moved. She lay down on the bed and felt the cool soothing hands of herbert as he massaged some cream into her tortured bum. he felt the ridges and regretted what he had do.But he had taen a liking to Joanna and felt that this was the only way to deal with the problem. As he masaged she parted her legs and soon his fingers were exploring. First he found the anus and his little finger tested it. Then he oved hsi fingers down to her pussy, parting the hair and feeling the engorged out lips of her labia. She was SO wet!!

Joanna turned over and hugged Herbert.

"You know it was strange. I hated the pain but I did not want you to stop. Now you have stopped can we have a good long FUCK!<"/

She began to undress herbert and soon he showed that he was as ready for the fray as she was and he lay back with his cock rising before him. She tool a condom from his bedside stand and rolled it on.

"I think I need to ride you because my bum is so sore."

Joanna raised herself and straddled Herert. She faced him and parting her pussy lips she eased herself onto his cock. She sat there for a short timebeforeshe began to move. Slowly and steadily she rose and fell while Herbert enjoyed the sensation of her clitoris surrounding him. It was soft, wet and yet very warm as she drove up and down. They continued like this for several minutes before Joanna felt Herbert stiffening and she knew that it was time. She was already close to her own climax so she speeded up holding his hands in her own as she gsped her pleasure.

"Come on NOW!"

At this she gave one final push and she felt his cock ejaculate the hot cum into the condom while her own spend ran down her pussy and the inside of her thighs. She bent forwrds and resting on his chest she lightly kissed his lips.

"That was magic.I thought would never be able to take all the caning and then when we fucked. That really was the end.My whole body is one huge glow of pain and pleasure so that I cannot explain. Promise me we will be able to do this again darling?

For Herbert , who had few friends this was a revelation from a shoplifter he now had a lady visitor who enjoyed the rod and the cock equally.

"Would you like some supper now and then if you are not in a hurry we can go back to my bed and explore further. I promise though no more spanking tonight!"

Joanna stood up and they walked hand in hand into his kitchen where they made bacon and eggs followed by coffee. However all the time they were eating they were aware of the animal pleasure they had given and receeivdand wanted to return to the bedroom.

They returned to the bedroom and Herbert said he wanted to inspect Joanna's pussy and bum so they turn and while her bum came over Herbert's face so his cock was in Joanna's mouth.

Hertbert looked up and saw the ravaged bum cheeks before he gently parted the lips of her labia to inspect inside. he soon found that it was good and his fingers explored deeper. Hlookes at the coral inteior coated with the spend from her efforts. His fingers found her clitoris as it poked it hea out from its sheath and his tongue soon brought a gasp from Joanna as well as a squeal.

"More, more Herbert. I love it!.

He kept tonguing and all the time her hand was massaging his cock while she sucked and licked it. Soon he could hold no longer and, unable to warn her becuase he was busy himself he shot his load into her mouth. Joanna couched and spluttered but took it all in.

. They were both exhausted and it was time to rest. They said nothing but drew the blankets over themselves hugged each othr and fingering the private parts dozed into an easy sleep.

Joanna woke up and saw it was midnight. She woke Herbert and said that she must leave an would he order a taxi for her. Herbert got dressed and said that he would drive her home. He did so and took her to her door.

"I am sorry I caned you so hard

"Don't be although it was painful I needed it. I hope that we can meet again and continue where we left off."

Herbert said how releived he was and suggested that she came with him at the weekend.

Joanna looked at Herbert and knew that she could trust him. She was sure that there would be spanking and sex and she had been on her own for several years now. It might be nice!

"Thank you I would like to come and I will be ready for you at 6pm on Saturday."

She left the car and he drove back wondering what he had let himself in for. Several hours was fine but a weekend - he was not sure - but he was sure he could handle it.

He got home, had a shower and slept soundly until the alarm woke him in the morning. As he woke and had his breakfast he decided that whatever happened he had made a big, big decision!