The Shop Lifter - Part 1
Spanking Professional

Herbert Green was just about to close his "Boutique Underear for Discriminating Ladies" for the night. He watched carefully as he saw his last customer browsing through the panties. As he looked up he saw in the mirror a lady who had been there for several minutes pick up two pairs of knickers and slip them into her bag. The lady was middle aged and looked well off so he was surprised and for a moment wondered what to do. Finally after the rest of the customers had left he put up the closed sign and confronted her.

"Excuse me madam but would you open your bag as I believe that you have taken some garments without paying for them!"

She blushed and held tightly on to the bag.

"You are wrong and I will complain to the police!"

No Madam I am right and if you remain I will call the police myself and settle the matter. If you are found to have the garments I will of course have to prosecute as this is the third incident this week and I have noticed you in and out before."

She gasped!

"Please don't call the police as if I am in front of the magistrate I will be sent to prison as I am on probation.."

"I think that you had better come upstairs to my flat. I we will see if we can avoid the unpleasantness of a police station and courtroom. First let me have your name for my records

"It is Joanna Grant - Miss Grant - I am not married!"

She followed him up to his flat and he sat her down. It was clearly a batchelor flat with a table and computer at one side and several chairs an a settee scattered around. As she sat down she noticed that on a table in the corner were one or two unusual instruments, a paddle, strap and cane.. He looked at her and said

"Have you any way of paying me for the items? Firstly let us see what you have taken.

She opened her bag and withdrew two pairs of silk knickers with lace around the edge, one was black and the other peach.. She held them up.

"As you have stolen them I think I would like to see how they look on you. Try the each pai first.. "

She blushed snd seemed likely to refuse but then turned away from him, lifted her skirt and removed the knickers she was wearing. She stood on one leg as she put the peach pair on stolen pair. As the transfer was made he had a good chance to see her black stockings, firm thighs and just a hint of black pubic hair through her bum crack as it was exposed momentarily. She lifted her skirt and he enjoyed the siht of the knickerson her prominent bum.

"Excellent now why not remove your skirt before you change into the secod pair. I am sure that you will find it easier!."

Looking hot and bothered she unfastened the waistband of her skirt and eased it to the floor stepping out of it. Herbert was impressed with what he saw. She no longer worried about what he saw and as she prepared to step into the second pair he had a full view of her bodyup to her to her waist.

As he looked he saw she had firm calves and thighs with a prominent pubis above. This was covered with a thick thatch of black pubic hair. He thought he glimpsed a slight glisten in the pussyhair as though she was getting aroused..His priorities had now changed and he wasnow hoping for a chance to progress further if she turned out to be willing. Up to now she had made no objections to his suggestions


He watched closely as she drew on the black knickers. This looked even more inviting with her pubic thatch poking out either side of the legs.. They certainly looked well on her."Leave them on "

She stood in front of him waiting for his next command

"What would you like me to do now Sir?

Herbert found this interesting as there had been no complaint and Joanna obviously expect more.

He sat down in a chair and beckoned her patting his knees.

"I think that you deserve to have your bottom spanked as punishment so come over my knees.

She lay across his knees with her bottom in front of him and he started to spank her over the stolen knickers

"S M A A C K K ! !",

She gasped as his hand stung her bum.

"S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !",

His hand rose and fell and with each spank her bum stung more. He put his fingers inside the top of the knickers and drew them down over her buttocks. This was the first time he had touched her body and she drew a sharp breath as he eased them down.. She lifted her body slightly to allow them to fall. Herbert looked and saw a soft warm, bum which had full and fleshy nates already reddened by his first spanks but clearly ripe for much more spanking

"S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !"


Now his hand REALLY stung her bottom and the cheeks were soon turning an even deeper red. Joanna did not know how many times he had spanked her but she found that, with the sting, there was a glow which suffused her bum and gave her an odd sensation.

Herbert lifted her up.

"I think that you deserve more but I have a meeting in half an hour. Will you return at 9pm for the rest of you punishment. If so when it is finished you can keep the knickers and nothing more will be said."

Yes Sir. I promise to return. Do I ring the bell at the side door?"

Yes and I will be waiting!"

She dressed herself, left and Herbert went to his meeting. He found it difficult to concentrate and strangely unsatisfying as his mind was on Joanna and whether she would return. If she did he hoped for more that just a short punishment session!

Herbert returned home and prepared himself for the return of Joanna. She was clearly not a shopgirl of prostitute but an extremely elegent middle aged lady. He had not seen a wedding ring on her finger and she had said that she was a 'Miss'. He needed to probe further.

The side door bell rang and, when he went to answer it, Joanna was waiting. She had changed into something even more elegant, if that was possible, that she had worn before.

"I have returned as agreed Sir and will accept any punishment you decide. If I am honest I need this to stop me shop lifting. Paying a fine at the Magistrate's Court has no effect as I have plenty of money.. Now how do we proceed?

Herbert was slightly nervous as he was not sure how far she was prepared to go but said


"I want you to remove all of your clothes and put them on that table. Then you come in front of me with your hands on your head and apologise for the inconvenience you have caused. I will then decide on the rest of your punishment. Do you agree?"

"Yes Sir!"

Herbert watched as she first removed her coat; she then unfastened her blouse and removed it. he had not seen her breasts before so when she unfastened her brassiere and put it down her enjoyed seeing a full fleshy pair of breasts which offered a ripeness of a mature woman.. Her nipples were hard and the purple aureole around them made them stand out like nuts! Now she removed her skirt smiling at him as she did so. She had a black lace suspender belt holding her stockings up and a pair of black lace knickers covered her buttocks.

Herbert waited as she stood for a moment giving him a chance to enjoy seeing her body. Then she bent down to unfasten her stockings and her ripe breasts hung loose swinging slightly. First the right side of the suspender belt was unhooked and the stocking rolled down and off her foot. She made this into a striptease and herbert had a job controlling himself. He turned slightly away to adjust his cock within his pants. Then the left stocking followed. Now the suspender belt was unhooked and placed with the other items on the table so that Joanna stood only in her lack lace knickers. She stood looking at herbert for a moment before putting her fingers in the top.

He spoke hoarsely

"Leave them on for now! Come over and bend over the edge of the table - hold on to the sides"

Joanna came over to the table and bent over. Again he saw a ripe bum ready for a good spanking with the fleshy sides of the buttocks spreading out from the knickers. The only question was how far could he go! He gave her a few smacks with his hand on both buttocksas a warm-up before taking up the strap., He was going to use it in an exploratory way. he wanted to find out whether she was ready for a hard prolonged spanking and,, if so, where would it lead? He stood on her left side

"C R A A C K K ! !",

The strap powered in over her knickers lashing both buttocks equally. She cried out - not with pain which was negligible - but with shock and surprise !

"C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !",

By now she had tears in her eyes as the last few had been even harder. She felt his hands go into the top of her knickers and ease them over her sore buttocks and down and off her feet. Now she knew she woul have to stand and be ready as she was sure the next lot would be even harder.She gripped the edge of the table until her knuckles looked white

"C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", She was right and she was weeping by now as the stinging became a throbbing which seems to invade her whole being.

"C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !", "C R A A C K K ! !",

Even as the pain coursed through her bum so the small voice in her pussy which she had noticed before was growing stronger and was producing a tingle which was not just pain but pleasure. The sting of the strap was becoming overlaid with another emotion - one which sent her into an unexplored world. Joanna knew that this could not be the end but only the beginning of a new experperience.

Herbert took advantage and as he spanked he saw the fluid from her pussy gently running down the inside of the thighs. He stopped for a minute and gently eased his fingers inside her. Her whole pussy area was awash as well as being red hot and Joanna was heaving backwards telling him not to stop but to continue. His fingers reemed her insides until with a cry she looked up crying .


"Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Dont leave me like this!

Herbert put two fingers inside her and, with a series of rapid movements, brought her off to a crashing climax which forced a longer moan from Joanna! She stood up and looked at Herbert

"You bastard! That was fantastic!. Now I want to help you.

Her hands went to his trousers and she unfastened his belt, then slid down the zipper and unhooked the top. She slid them down his legs and it was soon obvious from the tented underpants that he was more than ready. She helped him out of his trousers and then eased his pants over his rampant cock. The knob was already engorged and Joanna, kneeling in front of him took it in her mouth. She sucked away at it gently caressing the sensitive head while using her fingers to make it even harder. She licked and sucked until the purple head was oozing precum.She looked up and whispered

"Have you a condom as I want you inside me?"

He pointed to a drawer in the table and she saw several condoms. She took one out and rolled it over his eager prick which was lancing out like a flagpole. Herbert had been without sex for a long time and his body was eager to tke this opportunity.

Joanna lay back on the carpet and spread her legs wide parting her eager pussy lips. he saw that the fleshy interior was already coated with her spend and was eager for him to enter. She drew Herbert into her and he soon found that eager as he was she was even more resady as her warm wet vaginal passage was ready for him. He drove home deeply and they both lay quietly before he began to move.

"Come on give it to me! fuck the arse off me ! Quickly fusck me, fuck me. God I need this - don't stop now!!"

He thrust in and out and immediately knew that Joanna was no virgin but a mature woman as eager for sex as he was. As he drove home so she pushed against him so that each of his thrusts was deeper than before. Both of them were already fully charged and the encounter could not last for long and after what seemed a short time.

Now they were crying obscenities to each other as he fucked away. Her legs wrapped round him as she drew him even deeper and puched and bucked against him. Their pubic areas mixed and rasped as they met and parted. Herbert felt his sperm welling up and knew tat he could not sustain it much longer. He cried out.

"Now !!!"

and with their last urgent thrusts they came together with his sperm filling the condom as he ejaculated. he rested while Joanna used her vaginal muscles to milk the last drops out of him.

They rested for several minutes gently relaxing before he finally withdrew his now softened cock. Joanna removed the condom and kissed his cock before drawing him to his feet.

"Was that my punishment? If so can I come back for some more next week?

Herbert laughed and promised that it would be a date and she would feel tha cane next toime.

Joanna dressed and kissing Herbert left saying she would wait for his next call!

For both of them the evening had ended but whether it had been punishment or not would never be known. All they did know was that they were eagerly waiting for their next encounter.