The Duke's Discipline - Part 3
The Disciplinarian

John Winter, Duke of merioneth had recently returned from his diplomatic post in Africa. After some incidents of spanking at his Castle he and his wife were going to London to Windsor Castle for anaudience with the Queen and would e away for at least a week. At the initial days beatings their adult children had decided to explore their sexuality and had waited for this moment when their parents woul be away and they could indulge themselves. Because they had lived a disciplined life, except for Francis the son and heir they were quite ignorant about sex so were looking forward to Francis helping the. They had also found that the beatings they had received had not put them of but had eventually proved, not enjoyable but worth exploring.

Early in the morning they were all up to see their parents off in the family coach to the railway station where their personal coach joined to the public coaches would transport them to London and then by brougham to Wndsor where the Queen had invited them to stay. She was always interested in Africa and the Africans and they were sure that they would enjoy the visit.

They left and the three Matilda, the oldest at 22, Francis the son and heir at 20 and their younger sister Evelyn at 18 were now the chatelaines and able to indulge their fancies. They decided that they would meet in Matilda's bedroom at 9pm that night., after their dinner. What happened they would then decide

For Francis the day was very full as he was being taken around the estate by the factor while the girls were out riding and exercising the horss. They also visited the families of some of the servants, a ob which they had been given by their mother to keep them out of mischief.

The day seemed interminable and they eagerly finished their dinner and retired to their own rooms. They got undressed and in their nightgowns Francis and Emily went to Matilda's room. When they arrived and entered they saw that Matilda had prpared the room. She had fetched two canes from her father's study as weill as a bottle of wine and glasses. She cleared her thoat

"Welcome to both of you. I think we found last week very interesting and I want tonight to go at least as well. I don't know anymore than you what will happen but I want us to be free of inhibitions and have an evening of pleasure. Francis will have to help with some of the special things as he was freer in London to indulge than we were so knows more of what happens when me and women gather together. Francis neither of us girls are unaware of sex. We have been brought up around animals but I want you to show me how it can be between a man and a woman - I cannot speak for Emily but as I see her nodding I guess she wants to find out as well. Now Francis we are in your hands.By they way as the cover will probably have blood on it after our deflowering I have put an old sheet on the bed which we will dispose of tomorrow.

At this she lifted her arms and removed her nigtgown leaving herself naked. The others followed suit and the girls soon noticed that Francis has already prepared for action as his cock was standing out from is body. they had seen it last week but had not noticed it in the excitement. To both of them although has cock was a normal size and not thick or overlong, to them it seemed huge. They had played with their fingers but never gone beyond that. Matilda turned to Francis.

"Now Francis i want you to give me a dozen strokes of the cane to prepare me then the rest will be up to you.Do you understand?"

Francis nodded and took up one of the canes as matilda bent over the end of the bed. Her voice was muffled as she told he to begin.

Francis had never used a cane and his first strokes were wayward before he discoved his enjoyment and then a real touch. "W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !",

"Harder Francis I didn't feel that

W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !", W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !", W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !", W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !", W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !", W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !", W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !", W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !", W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !",

he put down the cane and, drawing his sister to her feet he looked at closely at her.

"You are sure that you want to go ahead with the rest?"

"Yes and don't waste time!"

Francis asked Evelyn to rub and suck hom until he was hard and then placed Matilda on the edge of the bed with her legs apart. He got some of the cream they had used before and using his fingers creamed her cunt. The her took her legs in his hands and with matilda's help presented his cock to her entrance. he pushed forwards. Although she had played with herself for years matilda was still very tight and it took some effort before he reached here hymen. he stopped here for a moment.

"This will hurt!"

"Come on I am ready!"

Tensing himself Francis thrust hard and he felt the barrier break as she cried out. He wanted to withdraw but she told him not to stop but to carry on and fuck her. He moved slowly at tirst so that the soreness would not spoil anything and soon found that Matilda was finding pleasure as well as him. The rhythm built between them as she thrust against him but he was also aware that he was nearly ready to come and that he must not finish inside her so with a few more thrusts to satisfy them both he withdrew and, using his hand, spurted his cum over her body and breasts.

Matilda's eyes shone and she pronounced it fantastic and they would have many more sessions. her only regret was him withdawing but she understood that.

"Now you have to fuck Evelyn but I can see that you need some help. Over the end of the bed and Evelyn and I will both beat your bottom to get you stiff again. "

He bent over as instructed and soon found that the girls were expert in the use of the cane. Plenty of practice with a riding whip on ponies had taught them accuracy and eventually Fracis had to tell them to stop before they mde his bum sore. When he stood up his cock was certainly prepared and Matilda just gave him a quick suck to lubricate it.

Evelyn then took up her position on the edge of the bed with her legs apart and her pussy gaping. It seemed even tighter than that of Matilda and he hoped there would be no problem. Matilda anointed him and put some of the cream inside Evelyn. She then guided his cock to the entrance. He gently entered and found that in fact she was easier than Matilda. he thrust deeper and found that she accepted his whole length with no obstruction. She was not a virgin and he guessed that her riding activities had done it.

With no problems in front of him he found Evelny wrapping her legs round him and as he thrust so she pushed back. he felt that her vaginal muscles were squeezing him and soon knew that he must leave her . he gasped out that he was ready to cum and while Matilda played with Evelyn's citoris he gave a final thrust before as he left Evelyn, Matilda took his cock in her hand and finished him off over her sister so that both girls were covered in his cum. They giggled at the creamy consitancy of the goo spread over them.

Francis lay back exhausted with his efforts.. he knew that this was not the end but only the beginning of their mutual pleasure. He hoped they could meet on the next night as he had some further ideas.

They then left and returned to their own beds for the rest of the night.

The next day the three of them went around on their nowmal duties. The girls found that it was hard work visiting families on the estate. Many were very poor and it was only the support from the 'big house' which helped them survive. Meanwhile Francis was in the large office where the tenant farmers came to pay their quarterly accounts. He was astounded at the money which was coming in and only now understood the basic finances of how the estate was run. Luckily his family had a good estate manager who was clearly in command of the estate finances and ensured that they were kept under control.

Evening came and at dinner they decided that they would meet in Francis ' room later. He promised them that they would enjoy the night. He told them that they should bring some cold cream as they would need it.

The girls arrived at his room together and soon the three of them were naked. Matilda remined them that Evelyn had not been caned the night before so that they should start with this. She took charged and telling Evelyn to bend over the end of the bed instructed Francis to give her ten strokes to warm her bottom and then she would finish her with ten harder. This was accomplished in short time and all three admired the marks which had formed and compared them with their own which by now had faded almost to nothing.

Francis now lay back on the bed and said he wanted to watch the two girls play with each other before he joined in. This was eagerly started and they were soon in a sixty-nine position sucking and kissing at each other.. Their cries as they gamahuched each other caused Francis to fondle his prick and bring it to a stand.

He drew Evelyn from the tangle and spreading her legs wide he looked at the warm wt pussy. The coral lips were already glistening with her spend as she eagerly awaited him. She parted the outer lips to grant him greater access and guided his cock with hr other hand as he entered her. She eagerly accepted his cock and they soon found that the slippery spend already generated made his cock even more potent as he reamed her out. he fucked her as though there was no tomorrow and his powerful arse drive his shaft deep into her time and again before he was ready to come.

Matilda was watching closely as his cods bounced under his cock and she began to fondle them. As she saw him stiffen and begin to withdrew she used took it in her mouth and sucked and rubbed as he ejaculated. His spend filled her mouth and thoat and covered her he was a young virile man with plenty to offer. She coughed and spluttered with the full force of his spend

Evelyn meanwhile still unsatisfied rubbed clitorisf to a clima bringing herself off and spending. .

The girls could see that Francis needed some stimulation to continue so Matilda told him to bend over and they would both cane hime. He was wary as he remembered the day before but took his position as instructed.

W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !", W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !", W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !", W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !", W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !", W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !", W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !", W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !", W HI P P ! ! ", "C R A A C K K ! !",

This time they shared the load and laid on a firm dozen marking his bum. However it did have the necessary effect of bringing him to a stand and he told them that he was going to finish inside the. They both looked at him but he explained that he would put his cock up their arse where they could both feelpleasure and he could ejaculate inside without any danger. The girls looked questioningly but he reminded them that they never had any problems evacuating when they went to the toilet so would have no problems now.

He told Matilda to kneel on the bed and taking up the cream he used first one finger and then two to open her puckered rosette. At first it was tight but he used the cream and with his movements in and out she relaxed. He told Evelyn to suck him until he was hard and then anoint the end of his cock with cream. Soon they were ready and while Matilda was still apprehensive Francis prsented hsi cock to her bum-hole. He eased it just inside and Matilda gasped - not so much with pain as with the entry rather than the exit. He gently pushed further in and she tried to relax her anal muscles. Soon he was fully lodged and ready

By now Matilda felt comfortable and when Francis began to fuck in and out the new sensations took over, She found that far from being unpleasant she actually enjoyed it and was eager for him to continue. Francis meanwhile was thrusting in and out wih gusto knowing that this tie he would be able to come without withdrawing. Matilda also found that this way she could finger herself and she rubbed her clitty into time with Francis. All to soon they were both ready and it was time! Francis gave a few hard thrusts before coming inside the dark interior of Matilda while she was able to reach her own climax at the same time. It had been a perfect moment for both of them. As his cock shrunk so Francis withdrew with a 'plop' and his spunk oozed out from her arse where he had filled her to overflowing

They lay back and rested while they watched Evelyn . She was lying on her back with her legs wide spread and her fingers pushing in and out as she watched them. When they had finished she moved her fingers rapidly bringing herself to her own climax.

The three of them lay there exhausted satisfied with their night's work. The girls finally rose put on their nightgowns and left promising that they would return the next night for even more pleasure.