The Duke's Discipline - Part 1
The Disciplinarian

John Winter, Duke of Merioneth, had been away for four years from 1875-89 as the ambassador to a West African country. Because of climate and dangers he had not taken his family with him so his wife, two daughters and a son had remained at home in the baronial home. he was looking forward to being reunited with the family.

The ship docked and his wife was waiting for him with the children. he was astounded at how grown up they now looked.. His wife, Florence, was a beautiful 45 year old while Matilda was 22, Francis, 20 and his other daughter Evelyn was 18 and already a beauty. The railway took them to Swansea where the Duke's carriage met them for onward travel to their home. Everybody was very excited and wanted to tell the duke all there thews at once. he suggested they waited until they arrived home.

After their arrival and a short settling in period the Duke started to look through the estate accounts with his factor and as he studied the documents he was appalled as he discovered how extravagant his wife and children had been. The estate finances were in good shape but the outgoings for the family exceeded any figure they ought to have been. The Duke then turned to the family accounts in detail and discovered that they had been spending regular long visits in London staying at expensive hotels as well as racking up large bills with dressmakers, milliners, etc.. While master Francis had a number of unexplained expenses which appeared to be from Men's Clubs and Private parties he had attended. There were also extra costs for horses, they clearly did not need. The factor had pointed out over this that he had advised them against some of the horses as the horse copers were overcharging the.

The more he read the angrier the Duke became and he decided that there would be a painful reckoning for all of the family that evening. At lunchtime he informed them that he would want all of them to report to his study at 8pm and they should be dressed in their nightclothes and dressing robe. They looked shocked but he explained that their appalling extravagance had decided him on this condign action and as he could find none of them not guilty they would all suffer.

Meanwhile he had sent one of the household staff to the copse close to the house and collect enough birch switches to make a dozen birch rods. They should be prepared for him by taking a dozen of the switches should be bound together tightly at the end and then placed in a brine bucket.. He was convinced that the only way to bring some sense of discipline to the family was to give them a hard punishment.

The rest of the day passed and after a very subdued dinner the family dispersed to their rooms to prepare for their punishment. The Duke meanwhile assembled the invoices, statements and examples of their spending to justify his actions.. There was a knock on the door of his study and when he called "Enter" they all came in. As instructed they were wearing their night robes. They lined up in front of the duke's desk. He looked up

"I have called you here tonight for an explanation of these accounts. As I look through them I see that the number of dresses, underwear and millinery would be enough to cloth a full 800 soldier regiment. The cost of the horses is more than a cavalry regiment while Francis has spent hundreds of pounds at Gentlemen's Clubs and gaming dens. If I had not returned home this family would have been bankrupt within a few years. It will now stop. None of you will visit London without my permission and, as a reminder, you will all be disciplined. So that you are aware that the whole family is culpable you will all witness the others being punished. I will first deal in age order from the youngest upwards. Meanwhile you will all remove your night garments and stand naked watching.. "

They gasped at this and tried to protest. he held up his hand

"My mind is made up and you all need to be reminded of your responsibilities as members of this family. "

Reluctantly they removed their clothes avoiding looking at each other. For the Duke, for all his sternness, it was a beautiful sight. His youngest daughter was becoming a beauty, Matilda was already fully formed while his wife was a perfect specimen of womanhood. His son was slim and supple although it was noticeable that his cock was already affected by what was happening..

"Evelyn, bend over the desk and clasp the other side tightly. This will hurt but I do NOT expect to hear you cry out. Punishment which is just must be accepted in silence!"

Evelyn was still growing and though her breasts were well formed her pussy was only just covered with a wisp of blond hair. Her legs were straight and her thighs already well muscled although her buttocks still had some filling out to do.


While she bent over he walked across to the bucket and removed a birch . He ran his hands over it to remove the water and took up his position. he looked at his daughter's buttocks with their white rounded orbs flexing as she waited.

"W H I P P ! ! ", The first stroke landed and Evelyn gasped. It had hurt but not as much as she expected.

"W H I P P ! ! ", "W H I P P ! ! ", "W H I P P ! ! ", "W H I P P ! ! ",

Now she was weeping as the gentle initial pain began to grow more and more with each stroke. It was burning her bottom and she knew she would soon cry out!

"W H I P P ! ! ", "W H I P P ! ! ", "W H I P P ! ! ", "W H I P P ! ! ", "W H I P P ! ! ",

The birch ceased its inexorable journey to her bottom and the pain was now intense.. Her father told her to stand up and go and stand against the wall NOT touching her bottom.

The Duke took up a cane fro his desk as he called his son forward. Francis was tall and well built although elegant. His buttocks were firm and strong from riding but his arousal was obvious to all the family as he stepped forwards. His sister's birching had had a profound effect on him and he was led by an erect cock as he stepped over to the desk. He adjusted himself as he bent over trying to make sure that his cock was out of the way.

(p>"You sir have disgraced the family. The ladies only spent money on clothes and the theatre while you squandered it on gambling, drinking and other debauchery. You can expect a severe beating. ben over and grip the table.

The cane was a rattan he had brought back from his soujurn in Africa and was a fearsome instrument with regular bands along its length. The Duke took his stand

"W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !",

The pain seared through Francis buttocks as though a flaming lance had been applied. He knew that there would be no respite and in his heart he knew that it was well deserved. This did not however lessen the pain

"W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !",

The cane had now become a part of him as the pain was so intense that his buttocks could no longer feel anything. He steeled himself

"W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !",

By now Francis wanted to scream but bit his lip drawing blood as he did so. His father stopped and told him to stand. As he did so his mother and sisters gasped as they saw the raw dark purple ridges which were forming as he struggled to his feet..

"I apologise Sir for disgracing the family and it will not happen again!"

He hobbled across to the rest of the family.and joined his sisters.

Now it was the turn of Matilda. She was fuller in figure than Evelyn and her buttocks were much more formed. her pussy was covered by a luxuriant dark fleece and her breast were firm and erect. The stimulus of watching had mad her nipples stand out like iron. She received the same thrashing as her sister had with some extra strokes as well . before returning sobbing to the rest of the family.

"Now Madam it is your turn. You have seen what indiscipline has meant to the children. Now it is your turn and I promise you that you will remember it when spending in future. I will be using the cane on you rather than the birch!"

Florence came forward. Her body was a perfect mature woman's with firm breasts, large buttocks and a thick fleece only partly covering her prominent pubic area where her rich ripe pussy lips nudged through.

She bent over and her husband took up the cane.

"W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !",

She accepted the stroke with equanimity

"W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !",

The children gasped as they saw the power in the strokes but for the present her buttocks were relatively unmarked.

"W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !",

Now the buttocks were turning a deep red.

"W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !", "W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !",

"Stand up now Madam. Please remember this all of you and do not let it happen again. You may now retire to bed."

The children retired upstairs to their wing of the house before the Duke took his wife in his arms.

"I think that we should retire now don't you?"

She smiled and he took her by the hand and they went up to their bedroom. As soon as they were inside the duke removed his clothes so that his wife could see that he was erect and eager.

She went to a cupboard and took out a cane.

"I think that you need a touch before we continue"

he bent over the end of the bed with his mighty buttocks fully prepared.

"Lay it on my dear. I need a good thrashing before I fuck you.!"

"W H H I P P ! !, C R R A A C K K ! !",

Ten!, Twenty, Thirty she laid them on thick and hard before throwing down the cane. She lay back on the bed and looking at his mighty cock rearing before her though it hairy forest she drew him onto her.


He knelt between her legs and drew the wet warm pussy lips apart. They were eager to accept him and in a trice his cock was deep inside. Florence cried out with pleasure as he went deeper and deeper before his rapid up and down movements as he thrust into her soon brought the both to a climax. Florence shuddered with pleasure as she felt his thick hot cum inundate her. he gasped as her finally came and they kissed and relaxed as his cock slowly subsided and withdrew from her. His cum dribbled out and down her legs..

For the Duke this was only the 'aperitif' and ha drew his wife to her feet before bending her over the end of the bed. His cock had returned to its fully erect state and Florence called back over her shoulder

BUGGER ME darling. Put it up my arse!"

Putting some cream on his fingers the duke parted her raw buttocks and inserted his fingers. He then anointed his cock and guiding it with his hand he presented it to her crinkled rosette. he touched it with the tip and then gently pushed forward. She gasped

"Don't stop"

His cock went deeper until she gasped as was fully installed. As he began to move his body so she found her own pussy and rubbed her clitoris in time. Soon the duke was bucking in and out while she was crying with the pain in her bum and the pleasure from her anus and pussy. They continued for several minutes before the duke stiffened and cried out as he have a final thus t. Florence gave herself a final run and the two of them again came together.

He withdrew and lay back beside Florence.She kissed him

Welcome home dear. I couldn't have arranged it better myself. I wonder what the children are doing now. they all have VERY sore bums but I am sure that it will not prevent them enjoying themselves.

Part 2 will continued the story