The Department Store - Part 6
-Arnold Explores his Sexuality

The Disciplinarian

Arnold was aware of the young men who he wanted to approach. It was James and Peter who he had watched performing at the manor

He was not sure the best way to approach the young men but the opportunity fell for him when James was sent for discipline after rudeness to a member of the public. He appeared in front of Arnold and was told that he could expect six strokesof the cane. he should report after the working day was finished with the other defaulter.

When it was his turn to face Arnold he apologised for his behaviour and lowering his trousers and pants he bent over took the six strokes with grace. Arnold saw that his cock was erect and as he was adjusting his clothes mentioned that he had enjoyed watching him and Peter at the Manor. James explained that he and Peter were Gay and enjoyed sex with each other, other men but not women.

Arnold asked him if he and Peter would come to his house and explain more about gay relationships. He explained at he had never tried anything like it himself but wanted to find out more.

James said that he and Peter would be happy to come on the Thursday the following week so the date was agreed.

The two young men arrived at Arnold's home at about 7.30 pm and removed their coats. Arnold took them into the lounge and offered them drinks. They each took a beer.

There was silence for a few monutes and then Arnold explained that although he had always been hetrosexual he often had these latent homosexual tendencies and wanted to explore them with men who were gay and would understand and guide him through the path. He could not be sure whether he would enjoy it but was willing to try.

Peter and James consulted and then suggested that they all undressed so that there were no secrets and then they would start with each other and draw him in. He could then decide whether he wished to stop at any point.

Arnold thought this a sensible idea and the three of them were soon naked. The two young men were both about 5 ft 8ins tall and of similar build. James had a longer cock than Peter while the latter''s was thicker . Both were soon fondling each other with Peter kissing James before kneeling in front of him and taking his cock in his mouth. He sucked and tongued it while Arnold watched. Then Peter moved over to Arnold and found a cock already rigisd and ready to be sucked.. He gently rubbed it and licked it with his tongue before taking it in his mouth and rubbing and sucking it. For Arnold this was a new experience. Always it had been ladies who had sucked him but the way Peter did it showed a unique quality which could only be found man to man.

Meanwhile Arnold felt James go behind him and gently part his bum cheeks. He felt a finger slip into his anus and found that he enjoyed it. James stopped sucking and bent Arnold forwards so that Arnold could suck him while James continued to explore his anus. Two fingers were in now and movong freely befoe he was stretched by a third. They had used a gel to ensure that he suffered no discomfort. He felt stretched but the gel they had used made entrance easy and the three fingers inside him gave a pleasant and different effect to his cock in a pussy.

Peter now joined James and held him gently in position. Before long the fingers were removed and Arnold felt a probing at his anus. He found that the effect was enjoyable and soon the rigid tip of Peter's cock pushed at the tight bud of his anus which they had eased. He felt his anus being invaded and stretched but although it hurt a little at first he soon adjusted. James now came to the front and kneeling sucked his cock which was hard. His anus was now completely taken over by Peter and he felt him using him as he would use a woman, fucking in and out with his body slapping against Arnold's buttocks. He soon found that the experience was enjoyable and when Peter stood up then bent over facing him and snointing his anu with gel after spreading his bum cheeks Arnold knew that it was an offer he could not refuse.

Now he was in the middle of a daisy chain. His cock forced itself into Peter's anus while he himself was being fucked in the arse by James. The two young men had shown him that he could also enjoy pleasure with men as well as women and the three of them were able to sustain the chain for several minutes beforeshot their loads. They then withdrew and rested.

They looked at him quizzically and asked how he felt.

Arnold said that he had enjoyed the experience and he would like to continue later

Meanwhile he had noted that both had faint marks across their bum cheeks and guessed that they had been caned as well as buggering each other. He therefore suggested that they might enjoy seeing his dungeon. Still full of vigour and excitement they followed him and were astounded with the contents of the dungeon.. They inspected the room and both asked to be fastened to the 'X' frame for a good spanking followed by a 'rogering;. They would then do the same to Arnold. So it was agreed.

Peter was the first and he was fastened by his ankles and wrists. His bum was explored by both of the others. Arnold caressed it as he had never handled a man's botttom before. His fingers moved to feel Peter's cock before he took up the cane and used it.

He had no idea of their capacity for punishment and, in any case , they were not being punished so it was agreed that a dozen strokes all round would be enough. The gel pot was kept close at hand.

"S W I I S S H H! C R A A C C K K"

The first stroke landed and then eleven more in quick succession. Peter seemed to be enjoying it but twelve it was.. Then James went and applied gel to Peter's anus and then to Arnold's cock. Arnold eyed the flexing rosette preented to him, used hs fingers to loosen it and then rammed home. Peter gave a grunt and then waited for Arnold to fuck him. Arnold duly did so and he found that the experience was equally enjoyable, albeir in a different way, to a pussy. He trust away until it was time to come and gave a final drive to shoot his load into the dark interior. He then withdrew aand watched as James finished Peter off. The two men knew each other well and how to give pleasure to each other so the long strokes of James and his playing with Peter's cock and balls was part of their enjoyment. Eventually he came in of Peter.

It was now the turn of Arnold and he allowed himself to be fastened in position on the frame. Hee had received the cane before he was sure that the twelve the two men would deliver would not be too onerous.

Sure enough it was painful but not excessively so. Now he felt his bum cheeks parted and a cool gel applied before he was stretched. He guessed it was Peter as James would need time to recover and he was proved correct. As Peter reamed him so he discovered that James was between his legs sucking his balls and cock. The two men certainly knew how to give pleasure and he found that there was an extra from the expertise of men with each other' ball. They had ways of stimulation which were beyond the experience of a woman. He felt the discharge into him before the release and then the probing of James. The two swapped and the cock entering his anus was clearly different to the earlier one as it stretched him further and took longer to settle. He was beginning to get the feel of this slightly thicker object.and soon found that the driving and thrusting was pleasurable and he would enjoy it again in the future. Eventually

Finaally it was the turn James to be caned and buggered and he also found pleasure in the whole experience.

When they had finished the two men asked whether he would give them a real caning. They usually did it to each other and were not sure how far they could go as each held something back. What they would like was to be buggering the other while their bum was thrashed. This was a novel idea for Arnold but he was willing to do as they requested.

"Please remember we want a hard caning to test ourselves. We will leave it to you to decide when to stop. Arnold agreed and they prepared. First james bent over the back of a chair grasping the sides whle Peter's cock entered his bum. Now Arnold was to cane Peter whhile Peter fucked the arse of James.

Arnold stood behind Peter and

"S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !"

Peter was fucking away at James while his arse was being tanned and weemed to be suffering no discomfort There was no hesitation with Arnold's strokes and they landed one just above the other so that by the time Peter had received a dozen his buttocks looked like series of tram lines. The early ones were already turning purple and forming raised bruises

Peter still fucked away and gasped out to Arnold not to stop.

"S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !" "S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !" Eventually he gave up and with a final thrust he shot his load into James, bending over his back and gasping with his efforts. Srnold put now the cane and asked if he was OK

"I am fine that was wonderful the pain of the cane and the trusting into James' s arse really added something. Now it is Peter's turn and he will want exactly the same.

Still Fiona encouraged him although he could see that she was in some discomfort. Her buttocks had changed from even lines to a hash of marks which made the whole area look like a dark shadow.

"S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !"

As requested Arnold dealt faithfully with Peter and at the end the two stood fondling each other's buttocks and thanked Arnold for his efforts.

"We had never tried this before and it was everything we hoped. The sting of the cane gave such a wonderful stimulus to our fucking. I know we will want to do this again and I hopethat you will join us.

Arnold said that he had enjoyed the whole evening..

Now the evening was finished and after all showering the two men left promising that this would not be the last time they would visit and they were sure that Arnold was bi-sexual

Arnold, for his turn had found that as he reached his fifty fifth birthday that life was offering him unexpected opportunities. he knew that with both couples he had chosen wisely and they would enjoy each other regularly.

This is the final Part of The Department Store although I am sure it will not b the end for some of the characters

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