The Department Store - Part 6
Rest of the Weekend

The Disciplinarian

Saturday morning arrived abd the all woke at about the same time. Arnold got up first and made tea and coffee for the girls. He then took it up to his bedroom and they sat and chatted about Friday evening. They all agreed that it had been mindblowing and that they would have a day of lighter pleasures before Arnold drove them home that evening. They would all then have have Sunday to' rest and recuperate' as the expressions says.before work on Monday.

They went back downstairs to prepare breakfast and Arnold, who was already at 'half stand' made them bend over while he inspected the marks across both sets of buttocks. Those with Sandra were worse as she had wanted a much harder and longer caning than her friend but she agreed that it was what she needed and next time she came she would want at least the same. Arnold masaged her bum and applied some baby oil to ease the stifness but, even then' he could not, and she did not want him to, stop fondling until he felt that the juices were agin beginning to flow down ler thighs. He spread her legs wider and saw the rich ripe fig that was her pussy lips ready for him and he had no hesitation in easing himself into her and fucking her.

Muriel was watching and encouraging them as she fingered herself. Arnold removed himself from Sandra and turning Muriel over thrust is still firm cock into her cunt, already engorged with her own efforts. He fucked her for several minutes before returning to Sandra who was still in position and sent his load into her willing interior. he withdrew quickly and using his fingers brought Muriel off.

It was now time for breakfast and they tucked into eggs and bacon and orange juice and coffe. They then went back to the lounge wher they sat and chatted for nearly hal and hour beofre Arnold remineded them that it was time for them both to be shaved. They were both ready and willing so he gathered his shaving equipment ogether and they repaired to the kitchen. Muriel would be first and she sat on a towel on the kitchen table with her legs spread. Arnold first used a pair of scissors to remove the stray hairs before wetting the pubic area and spraying it with his shaving cream. He rubbed this well in before taking up a razor and gently drawing it over the skin.. Soon the cream was gone and Mururiel's pubis was bare and shiny like a baby's bottom. Arnoled fingered her cunt and then slapping her bum lifted her down and replaced her with Sandra.

She was a little more difficult and she ha a luxuriant fleece which had never been trimmed before so Arnold was very busy with his scissors leaving piles of hair around before he reached the skin. Again he wetted the area and used cream which he rubbed in. The bristles were stiffer and needed more lubricating to make them easier to deal with. Now he used the razor again and after several passes and extra cream he finished his job. Like her friend Sandra was now witth a bare pubis. It shone out as he dried it and her pussy lips made the fig look very ripe and ready. By now Arnold was eager again and wasting no time he stood Sandra in front of him and thrust his cock home. The previous bouts, breakfast and the shaving had stimulated him and he drove in and out so fiercely that he almost lifted Sandra form her feet. She trust down on him and they had a long and successful encounter before Arnold gave his final thrusts with his spunk squirting out into the eager cunt on offer.

They all retired to the lounge where they sat and over a drink inspected the hair cut the girls had received. Both of them thought that it was an advantage and hoped that Arnold would be available next time it needed doiung.

By now all of the participants had been satiated and felt that they could go no further this weekend. Arnold therefore offered to drive them home after they had had a showere and freshened up. They readily agreed and soon they were dressed and ready to go.

Arnold thanked the girls and promised that it would not be their last viisit but that he hoped that now they would be prepared to come on their own as well as together. The agreed and Arnold drove them home.

On returning and sitting down to think he was sure that this was a red letter day to a new life for him and he now just had to find out about his homosexual tendencies.

In Part 8 Arnold meets two young men .

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