The Department Store - Part 5
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The Disciplinarian

Arnold returned from his weekend with the staff of Brenners and the two girls Sandra and Muriel. As he sat with a drink he thought about the weekend. He had found himself tingling as he watched the young men buggering each other. he had no idea whether he would enjoy gay sex but he felt a need to try it. He also thought about his caning of the girls and again wondered how he would feel on the receiving end. He knew that his secretary Fiona was not averse to acting the Domme when he had asked her to deal with some of the young female staff at the store. He was sure that he could persuade he to visit his home one evening and he could persuade her to test his bum. She would enjoy being spanked herself as she had proved at the Manor. He knew she would also enjoy being fucked, as well as being spanked he had no idea.

The problem was the young men and whether either James or Peter, or both, would come and help him test his interest. He knew that he had to try buggery with a man as, although he could bugger the girls he wanted to feel a man's cock in his anus. However he left this problem while he concentrated on Fiona.

Monday morning came and Plummer's opened for business. Fiona joined Arnold to take dictation. He commented on the weekend and she smiled in agreement.

Fiona, I enjoyed our session at the manor as much as you appeared to. I also noticed that you enjoyed being spanked. I was wondering whether you would come home and have dinner one evening this week and we can possibly explore further, and in private, our joint interests.

"Cerainly Mr Roy, how would Tuesday suit you?

Surprised with the promptness of her agreement and the imminece of the evening Arnold agreed immediately. He arranged to meet her after work and take her directly back to his home. He would have his cook leave a suitable meal for them.

"That is fine and now we must get on with dictation".

Monday and Tuesday passed slowly as Arnold wondered whether he was doing the right thing but the die was cast and he must go ahead. It was not his decision to test himself but speed with which it was happeneing.


Tuesday evening came and Fiona joined Arnold in his car. Up until last weekend their relationship had been strictly professional so he was not sure how the evening would develop. Fiona seemed relaxed and ready to accept whatever was to happen..

They arrived back at his house and after a drnk ate the very good meal that had been left. Afterwards they went into the lounge and st with coffee followed by a brandy. Arnold was not quite sure how to broach the subjest but Fiona waited for him to make the running.

"Fiona, I invited you after our enjoyable evening at the manor hoping that we could continue in private. I also feel that I would like to be spanked myself and see whether I am a dom or a switch. Recently as I have been to the Manor parties I have felt that I would like to be on the receiving end. I hope you understand. I still enjoy being the dom but would like to try being the sub.I have no idea how it will will work out bu,t as you often deal with the girls at Plummer's, I thought that you might be able to help me.

Fiona smiled and reassured him.

"Arnold I enjoy everything to do with sex and discipline so I can promise you that I will be happy to help you. I am sure that we will have an enjoyable evening. Shall we get down to our skins."

Arnold was astounded at her prompt response but soon saw her set an example and unfasten the buttons of her dress and remove it. She looked very exciting dressed just in a brassiere, suspender belt, knickers and stockings. Her knickers were a bright re and appeared to have no crotch as he saw wisps of her pubis pocking through .Then she removed her brassiere and her breasts were exposed. They were ripe and ready for handling with her firm nipples surrounded by the brown halo of a mature woman. As Arnold watched she unfastened her suspender belt, and,rolled down her left stocking before removing it.She did the same with the left stocking. After removing her stockings she unfastened her suspender belt and put it on the chair.. She remained in her tiny knickers which showed wisps of her fleece .

Now she helped Arnold undress. First his shirt and then his trousers. She could tell that he was exited because she had great difficulty in easing his underpants over the rock hard cock! She then removed his shoes and socks before kissing the tip of his rampant cock.

"You are a naughty boy and need to be dealt with" "I think I will enjoy playing here. Now I see you have an 'X frame so bend over that and I will fasten you in position. "

Arnold did as he was told and he found himself in an unusual position with his wrists and ankles fastened he found he was helpless. Now he had to wait and find out whether he was a genuine 'switch'.

Fions walked acros sto the side and took a wide thick strap from its hanger.

"Now Mr Roy I intend to test your bum for you. You may not cry out or you will receive extra strokes!"

Arnold waited and then

"S S P P L L A A T T! "

He felt a thud across both buttocks before there was a searing pain in his bum which went on for ever as he waited.

"S S P P L L A A T T "."S S P P L L A A T T "."S S P P L L A A T T "."S S P P L L A A T T "

As the strap rose and fell his bum was in agony with the pain of each stroke buiding on the previous one but strangely although he wanted ieach one to be the last he waited forthe next stroke.

"S S P P L L A A T T "."S S P P L L A A T T "."S S P P L L A A T T "."S S P P L L A A T T ", "S S P P L L A A T T "."S S P P L L A A T T "."S S P P L L A A T T "."S S P P L L A A T T "

His bum was throbbing with the pain but he could not stop he, as each time he felt this was the last there was another. Then she did stop but not to release him.

Now she hung the strap up and selected a cane from the selection. She whipped it through the air and he flinched.

"You will know by the time I have finished whether you are a dom or a switch"

"S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !"

As the cane landed he felt a flame as though a branding iron had landed on his sore butocks and he gasped with the pain. But still he did not ask Fiona to stop.

"S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !"

He was in agony now and was sure he could take no more when he felt her soft cool hands on his bum and after gently massaging them she began to caress his balls and his rampant cock..

"I think you are ready. Now FUCK me as I have never been fucked before."

She released him and bent over with her legs spread wide. He eased his sore bum up and saw that cum was already spilling down her legs with her excitement. She bent over the back of an easy chair so that her puffy pussy fig was presented in all its glory with wisps of pussy hair showing through to her bum. He presented his cock to the coral coated opening and thrust inside. It was so easy as her insides were coated with her spend. He grasped her hips and began a steady heela and toe thrusting. 'In and Out' he went. He was rampant and he wanted to take the pain in his bum out of her pussy. For minutes as she gasped with pleasure he continued. Then reaching for some cream he withdrew and anointing two fingers her thrust them into her anus moving them in and out. He then spread her bum cheeks wider and with his cock still hard entered the interior through the dark puckered rosette. Fiona gasped as his cock was still firm and he had spread her anus with its size but after the initial pain she welcomed it.

As he rested over her back her sphincter muscles squeezed him and locked him in position. He began to work and with a grunt at his first thrust Fiona put her fingers down and began to fondle her pussy. She found her clitoris and as his cock reamed her arse so her fingers pleasured her pussy. Soon she was in a frenzy of pleasure and her mind was in a whirl. Arnold knew that it was time and with a final thrusts he spurted his load of cum deep into her anus more coming with each of his final thrusts.

Fiona brought hrself off with her fingers at the same time and the two exhausted combatants rested gasping for air before with a gentle 'plop' Arnold's flaccid cock left Fiona's body.

She turned round to him and said that it had been special.

"Now I need to be caned myself. I will need at least three dozen with this cane"

Here she pointed to a long tick black rattan. Unlike you I am a flagellant so after sex I need it hard. Then ....................we will see.

He fastened her to the long spanking bench stretching her hands to their fullest extent and strapping her ankles to the other corners He took up the can she had handed him. Her hands and feet were fastened in a crucifix position and her bum and belly was on a raised padded centre. Arnold could feel the pain in his bum which throbbed where the cane strokes had burnt lines and ridges in his buttocks. He felt them, wincing, as he took up the cane.

"S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !"

There was no hesitation with his strokes and they landed one just above the other so that by the time she had received a dozen her buttocks looked like series of tram lines. The early ones were already turning purple and forming raised bruises

"S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !" "S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !"

Still Fiona encouraged him although he could see that she was in some discomfort. Her buttocks had changed from even lines to a hash of marks which made the whole area look like a dark shadow.

"S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !" He knew that she would want a final hard finsh so

"S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K "S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K !","S W I I S S H H, C R A A A C C K K!"

He put the cane down and looked at her bum. Although it was bruised and covered with long dark lines from the cane it was clear that this was not her first encounter with a cane. He unfastened her and taking her hand led her up to his bedroom. She went silently with him and he placed her tenderly in the centre of the bed. He parted her legs and inspected her pussy the engorged lips were ripe and ready as they peeped through the dark thatch of her pubic hair. He spread her legs wider nnd went down to the entrance with his tongue. He drew in the scent that only an aroused woman gives off and using is tongue found her clitoris. he gently tongued it bring her to preparation. He reared above her and with a few rubs to make his cock hard drove it deep into her pussy. She grunted as his weight added to the pain in her bum but her arms went round him and she said


Arnold needed no encouragement and he went at it like a ram to a ewe and Fiona thrust against him in her exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure. At this moment she could not separate them but knew that the effect was midn-blowing!

For Arnold this was also an engagement beyond his wildest dreams and he drove in and out as though demented. Fiona encouraged him and orgasm followed orgasm in successiosive waves while Arnold tried to control himself as he fucked away.. Eventually enough was enough for both of the them and with Fiona arching her back and with a final scream as Arnold made his last thrust they came together in a moment they would remember all their lives. In spite of earlier effortsk the cum seemed never ending as in filled Fiona. She wrapped her legs round hom and used her vaginal muscles to squeeze his cock until it gave up it last drop. They rested like that for several minutes before Arnold withdrew

Llying beside Fiona he kissed her gently while she caressed his cock.She said

"This has done noble business tonight. I think we should rest before I have a shower and leave. Promise me however that this will not be the only time!"

Arnold promised and Fiona showered dressed and prepared to leave.

You wanted a test to see whether you were a dom or a switch. have you made up your mind yet?"

Arnold thought for a time

I am not sure at present. I hated the pain of the strap and the cane but also knew that I did not want it to stop. Give me time but, for the rest, yes I promise we will do it again.

At that he took Fiona to his car and drove her home.

Part Six and Seven are his adventures over a weekend with Sandra and Muriel tells how Arnold got on with the gay couple

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