The Department Store - Part 4 -Arnold, Sandra and Muriel
The Disciplinarian

Arnold woke up the next morning finding himself nestling between Sandra and Muriel in the large canopy bed at the Manor. As he lay back thinking he decided that it would be better for him if he could have the girls alone. He could see that both were highly sexed, enjoyed spanking, and he di not want to lose control.

He got out of bed, showered and shaved and calling the girls they all went down to breakfast. Not many had arrived as the revels had continued far into the night. Arnold looked at his companions

"I have a proposal to make to you. You can stay and party here all day returning tonight by coach to London, or you could come home with me. I have discovered that we all three enjoy sex and spanking and I would like you to come back with me to my house where I can promise ou LOTS of activity?"

He emphasised lots and watched as the two girls whispered together. They looked at him once or twice before Muriel said that they would like to return with him and take whatever might happen..

"Get your coats and cases and meet me at my car in twenty minutes. I will sign the three of us out so nobody will be looking for us tonight. My car is the red Mercedes in the corner of the car park. Now off you go while I do the necessary. I promise you that you will not regret your decision!"

The girls left together to go to their room and collect their bags. and then made their way to the car park and Arnold's car. He arrived shortly after them and after putting the cases in the boot settled down on the back seat.while Arnold drove them to his home.The girls were excited that such an important executive from the store had taken an interest in them and, after last night, were looking forward to what might happen. For all of them it would open a new chapter!

They arrived at Arnold's large detached house with its own private drive. It was at the end of an avenue of trees which kept it secluded and very private. Arnold opened the front door and they went inside to find a tastfully furnished house.. They went into the lounge where Arnold switched on a fire to warm rhem. He then showed them the rest of the house - except one room - which he ignored. There was a large lounge with a dozen chair and sofas as well as a a small table. The dining room had a refectory table and was laid for dinner by his cook who came every day, a billiard or 'day room' and a well appointed kitchen.. Upstairs there were several bdrooms two with large king-sized beds. The two bathrooms each had a shower, washbasin and deep sunken bath. The toilet was tastefully apponted with a bidet as well as a normal toilet. .

Arnold avoided showing his own room.and, after they had put there cases into the bedroom they had chosen, they all went downstairs for a cup of tea or coffee. They were all quiet and slightly shy of each other. For Arnold he had 'expectations' but could not be sure while the girls were not certein what they were letting themselves in for. Arnoldcould have been a sex maiac! They didn't think so and so had agreed to come with him.

It was nearly lunchtime and Arnold showed the girls where the food was and they all ate a dinner of fish and chips followed by icecream. They returned to the lounge where Arnold sat them down and offered them sherry.

Ladies! You are taking me on trust and I know that you are as nervous as I am.. My seniority has no meaning here. We are here because after last night where we enjoyes spanking and sex I felt that you would enjoy the chance to explore your erotic selves with me. If you would rather not then please say now and I will drive you home. However if you are happy to 'explore' then I think we will enjoy many happy times together. I will leave you now for a few minutes so that you can talk in private. By the way I would not necessarily expect both of you to visit together every time. Sometimes one of you and sometimes together. Sometimes you can stay overnight but usually the best time for this is weekends when I have no cook or housemaids here. I will now leave you and call me when you have made your decision.

After he had left the room the girls talked for several minutes. They both knew that they enjoyed sex and spanking but were also eager to explore their sensuality further. Arnold was the perfect man where everything could be done with discretion. It did not take then long to decide and they soon called Arnold back.

Speaking for both of them Sandra said

"Arnold we have decided. We would like to stay and find out more about the pleasures we find in sex and spanking. We know from yesterday that we all enjoy the same things. We also agree that often it will be one or other of us but sonmetimes together.Can we start.now. What should we do!"

Arnold expressed his pleasure at their decision.

"First we must get down to our skins and then we will go to my private room. Nobody except me has access to it. Undress and then come!"

All three quickly removed their clothes Arnold was upright, well formed and about 5ft 10ins. He still had no fatness to mar his body and his buttocks were solid and dimples flexed as he moved. From his thighs protruded a cock that the girls had already met. It was already partially erect and thrust through a forest of black pubic hair. Muriel now strripped she was about 5ft 4 ins and her body stood on well formed calves and thighs. Her pubis was well covered with a light downy fluff asthouh it was now being allowed to regrow. Her breasts were not large but firm and the nipples were already hard in anticipation. Her friend Sandra however was a contrast. Abouth the same height as Sandra she had black hair and her prominent pubis was covered by a thick thatch. her breasts were fuller than those of Sandra but also were ripe and ready for whatever should transpire.

Arnold led them along the corridor to a door which had two separate locks. He explained that this was never opened except by him. He unfastened the door and they entered. The girls both gasped. It was a fully fitted dungeon. with flogging bench, 'X' frame and a table with straps at each corner. Along one wall was an array of spanking instruments including canes, straps,tawses, martinets, paddles and others they did not understand the use of. Three walls and the ceiling had sliding drapes coveing them. To the girls it was a revelation and they found it difficult to take everything in.

Arnold went to one side and slid the drapes back. The whole wall was covered with a mirror which picked out every detail of them.all in their nakedness!

Arnold went to the other side and took up a lihtweight leather strap.

"If you are ready girls we will have some play. .Sandra if you bend dove the back of the chair I will apply a few strokes to warm your bottom!"

Sandra bent over the chair and

"S P P L L A T T !!" , the first stroke land across both of her bum cheeks. She greeted it like a friend and sonn Arnold added more.

"S P P L L A T T !!", "S P P L L A T T !!" ,"S P P L L A T T !!", "S P P L L A T T !!", "S P P L L A T T !!", "S P P L L A T T !!" ,"S P P L L A T T !!", "S P P L L A T T !!""S P P L L A T T !!", "S P P L L A T T !!" ,"S P P L L A T T !!", "S P P L L A T T !!"

The strap rose and fell a dozen times - nothing hard but just enough to sting her bottom and turn her on so that by the end the juices were running down the indide of her legs. Arnold caressed her gently and felt rhe wetness.

Now it was the turn of Muriel and she took her place at bending over the chair.

"S P P L L A T T !!", "S P P L L A T T !!" ,"S P P L L A T T !!", "S P P L L A T T !!""S P P L L A T T !!", "S P P L L A T T !!" ,"S P P L L A T T !!", "S P P L L A T T !!""S P P L L A T T !!", "S P P L L A T T !!" ,"S P P L L A T T !!", "S P P L L A T T !!"

She received the same with the same result. By now Arnold's cock was at full stand and he told the gils they were now going to his bedroom. They followed him up the starirs and into the master bedroom.. This was very well appointed with a ghuge canopied bed..

Arnold had them all three lie on it and look up and the girlsfound yest another mirror set into the top. As they looked up they could see all of themselves. Arnold then took Sandra and gently caressing her pussy he spread her legs wide apart. He could se the fig of her pussy with its fully developed labia eagerly waiting for hime as its spend glistened in her pubic hair..

Arnold reared over her while Muriel guided his cock to the magic entrance which was eagerly awaiting it. Arnold felt the warmth and wetness of her entrance and eased inside until he was lodged deep inside her. Sandra looked up at the ceiling mirror and watched as he began to move in and out. Arnold was eager and as Sandra pushed against him he soon found that he was ready. Sandra was crying out with pleasure while beside them Muriel was thrusting her fingers in and out of her own cunt as she tied to draw on their pleasure.

Then the moment came and Arnold felt himself stiffen and knew that he could hold back no longer. With a final few thrusts he drove home for a final time and, withdrawing, ejaculated over her body and breasts. His fingers found the clitoris of Sandra and she cried out with pleasure.

They remained lying together as his cock subsideded after his efforts.Arnold kissed Sandra and then turing over onto his back gasped with pleasure. Muriel meanwhile had finished bringing herself off. and rested with her fingers between her legs.

Arnold sat up and looking at the girls said that they needed more spanking to revive him for a bout with Muriel. They all went down to the dungeon and whe girls waited for Arnold to tell them what ws to happen. His ccck was still at rest and needed the stimulation of a spanking to arouse it. He told Muriel to bend over the 'X' frame and he strapped her down. Sandra sat on a sofa with her legs parted fondling herself. Arnold had decided that he was now going to test them so he took up a long whippy cane and stood beside Muriel.

The first stroke whipped home

"W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K"

leaving a red mark across both bum cheeks. Muriel squealed but seemed happy to accept the stroke

W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K"

As the strokes landed Muriel seemed to settle into the rhythm of his caning. Now she was accepting it and Sandra and Arnold both saw the red marks turning a shade of purple. Arnold went behind her and gently stroked her bum cheeks before using his fingers on her pussy. She was already very wet and although he was not intending to flog her but needed a full test so he decided on six more strokes

W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K"

He caressed her buttocks and Sandra joined him looking at the ravaged bottom of her friend.as Arnold unfastened Muriel.

Sandra whispered "Now I need the same" while gently fondling Arnold's cock which was now erect. Arnold fastened her into position. her bum cheeks were soft and warm. The dimples flexed as she prepared.

W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K"

Arnold stopped and played with Sandra's pussy. Like her friend she was also wet. He went back to his stance and

W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K",W H H I I P P P, C R A A C K K"

His cock was now rigid and erect and he was not prepared to lose the opportunity. He went to the back of Sandra and parted her buttocks. She cried out with the pain but adjusted herself as he presented his cock to the fleshy lips.

He thrust deeply and she eagerly accepted the long cock into her womb. He rested over her back and then began to fuck her. He drove in and out steadily while she cried out with pleasure and pain. Sandra was at her head kissing her at the same time..as Arnold was fucking her. This beating of the two girls had stimulated Arnold and this time he was able to keep going for several minutes before he felt it was time and with a last deep thrust he drove home and his spunk inundated her insides. He was so full that his cum ran down her legs. As he came Sandra screamed out in ecstacy as her body shuddered with her response to this assault.

Arnold withdrew and suggested that they should now go and shower and clean themselves. They went up to the bathroom and joined together in the shower cubicle. gently playing and rubbing as they washed and cleaned themselves. They went back to the bedroom and Arnold suggested that after this it would be best if he took them home but should return the following weekend..

The girls both agreed and thanked him for the wonderful time. They promised that next weekend would be even better.. They collected their cases and Arnold drove them home.very satisfied with his weekend.

Part 5 is how Arnold challenges Fiona


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