The Department Store - Part 3 -Weekend at the Manor House
The Disciplinarian

The weekend was now ready for 'lift off' Arnold Roy and Fiona had set the standard and Friday night was now a free for all. Everybody had found a suitable partner and it soon became clear who had joined up with who. For some spanking was a definite first step while for others their sexual pleasure was more immediate. Some were voyeurs, especially those who had never seen gay men before and a group was soon surrounding a couple of men Peter and James who were happy to display.

It is impossible to cover everybody so I will offer cameos of selected guests and their partners. the first has to be Peter and James. . Both were, of course, already naked As they stood there it was clear and they each had a long well formed cock. James was hairy and his cock was thicker than that of James. It was rigid and the purple head was already oozing pre-cum. Peter was shaved.which made it look unusual in the way it stood out. His ball-sac was heavy and he was already fondling it. and, although his cock was longer, it was also thinner and ideal for their activities. Peter knelt in front of James and sucked away to help lubricate his cock and then bent over the back of a chair. He offered his bum to James. Being a man Peter's bum was leaner and firmer than that of a girl and James insisted on giving him two dozen with the tawse which, although it stung and raised red marks across his bum did nothing to dampen their ardour.

James then collected some cold cream from one of the tables and anointed his prick and, while Peter spread his bum cheeks, James thrust some into Peter's anus. Peter held his bum cheeks wide and James presented his cock to the ready entrance. He used his fingers to lubricate before he eased his cock inside, slipping in easily with the help of the cream.

Solidly lodged he took hold of Peter's hips and began to thrust his cock in and out of his anus. It was clear that Peter was enjoying the experience as much as James and it was not long before one of their men friends, Roger, knelt in front of Peter and took Peter's cock in his mouth sucking away with vigour. This seemed to stimulate the couple even more.Meanwhile Roger's own partner, Alvin, took this as an excuse and seeing Roger in the perfect kneeling position rammed cream into Roger's arse. He rubbed his cock to ensure it was hard and made his own entry. Roger grunted but did not stop his activity Soon they had an audience many of whom had not seen gay sex before and were fascinated at this expression of pleasure. It was clear that this group were not averse to an audience and they put on a show for them. They had unmimited stamina and it was nearly a quarter of an hour before they cried enough. Now they changed the daisy around and the fuckers became the fucked.

Farther down the room Arnold had found Muriel and had her bending over the 'A Frame' while he used first the strap and then the cane on her. Tonight was not punishment but pleasure so he gave many strokes but gently so as to stimulate not hurt. While spanking her he also played with her pussy and clitoris until she was crying out to be fucked. Arnold was also ready and taking a condom from the side table he was ready to fuck her eager cunt. he would not hold back this time and Muriel spead her legs ready for him. He rolled the condom on and then drove home into her eager body. He seemed to go up to her throat with his long cock. She wrapped her legs round his back to draw him even deeper in and then said '"FUCK ME HARD!.

Arnold needed no prompting and was soon driving his piston in and out as though there was no tomorrow. He was an expert and held himself in check while Muriel cried out with pleasure as he fucked away. They went on for what seemed forever but must have several minutes before Arnold felt his calves and thighs tense. He knew that his moment was near and with a few more mighty pumps he eventually came. Muriel felt his hot spunk fill the condom and usung her inner muscles squeezed him until he was dry and exhausted. The two of them kissed and Arnold withdrew. He knew that he needed a drink and then would be ready for another partner. Muriel had suggested Sandra should join them and be his next conquest.

Whereever you looked couples were indulging and Arnold looked across and watch two girls who were pleasuring each other. The girls were both on their mid-twenties with excellent figures. Their nipples were engorged and hard as nuts The red head, called Samantha, took up a cane and her friend Lorna bent over touchimg her toes. Her legs seemed to continue forever ending in rounded buttock cheeks which were ripe for the cane. Her pussy was shaven with fleshy labia lips that she was gently massaging. She bent with her legs apart and waited. It was not long in coming


"S W W I I S S H!", "C R R A A C C K!", the cane fell lacross her bum. Both cheeks felt the force. Clearly these girls new each other well and.............

"S W W I I S S H!", "C R R A A C C K!""S W W I I S S H!", "C R R A A C C K!","S W W I I S S H!", "C R R A A C C K!",.................the cane rose and fell for ten strokes marking Lorna's bum with long straight red lines. At ten samantha stopped and Lorna stood up. They hugged and kissed with inquisitive fingers exploring each other's pussy before they lay back in a 69 ,spread their legs wider and each used her tongue to explore the coral interior of the other.

They then collected a strap on dildo and the red headed Samantha strapped it on assisted by her partner.. The dildo was huge and double headed with one leg thicker and longer than the other. They fastened it and strapped in round Samantha. It sprang out from between her legs where a smaller branch fitted into her own pussy.Samantha adjusted the smaller probe until it nestled in her own pussy. Lorna meanwhile bent over the back of a chair and opened her legs. Samantha thrust the dildo home. It spread her friend's cunt wide as it explored deep into her interior. The red-head drew back and , holding her friend's hips, began the 'heel and toe' in and out thrusts the man usually offers. Without any fear of climaxing too early they went on for several minutes each crying out in turn. Eventually streaming with persperation they climaxed together.shouting with pleasure loudly enough for the rest to look at them. Withdrawing the dildo they unfastened it and putting it aside before again participating in mutual play.

Now it was time for Lorna to pleasure her red-headed friend and again they started with Sanantha bent over the chair. Here we will leave them to enjoy their mutual play!

Wherever you looked similar avtivities were taking place , now with few voyeurs and more participants, rather than spectators, the evening got more uninhibited. However at the same time there were gradually less and less people in the room as couples drifted away. many to their own but others with friends to the privacy in their bedrooms.

One of the latter was Arnold Roy. He had had his eye on Muriel and Sandra all evening, between his own activities, and he had decided to invite them to his executive suite for mutual pleasure. He was not sure how the couple would find it being together but he felt it was worth a try. He approached them

"Ladies! Would you like to join me in my suite for a drink and possibly more intimate activities. I noticed how you were enjoying yourself and Muriel and I are old friends. What do you sayy?"

The girls looked at each other and nodding said that they would join him.

They took up their gowns and followed Arnold upstairs to his suite. They gasped as they entered. Although their own rooms were well appointed this suite contained a lounge,bedroom and bathroom. Arnold invited them to sit down and going over to the drinks cabinet poured out drinks for the three of them. It looked strange as all three were stark naked as they sat and chatted. The girls soon noticed that the walls were covered with mirrors. These had curtains to cover them but, as Arnold explained, it was not unusual for visiors to this suite to enjoy watching themselves. If the girls wished the mirrors could be covered or uncovered. They opted for the latter for, as Sandra said, it was not everybody who could watch them selves being caned or fucked!

Arnold now took the initiative and told the girls to bend over the table in the middle of the floor. One to each end.They would then be able to see the other being spanked, as well as watching it in the mirrors. The girls took up their positionsa and clasped hands across the table. They were clearly not unhappy when they saw Arnold take up a long thick cane. He meanwhile was going to give them two dozen each in tranches of six. Not too hard but enough to make the typical criss cross of the cane marks.He first stood behind Sandra and

"S W W I I S S H!", "C R R A A C C K!", the cane fell leaving its traditional mark.

"S W W I I S S H!", "C R R A A C C K!""S W W I I S S H!", "C R R A A C C K!","S W W I I S S H!", "C R R A A C C K!",

Now it was the turn of Muriel and she received exactly the same treatment.

"S W W I I S S H!", "C R R A A C C K!""S W W I I S S H!", "C R R A A C C K!","S W W I I S S H!", "C R R A A C C K!",

So in turn the girls saw in the mirror their own and their friend's bottom getting redder and redder until Arnold stopped. The girls stood up and Arnold led them to the bed. he stood there with his cock already hard as a flag pole and ready to do its duty

"I want both of you bent over the end of the bed with your legs spread. I will then FUCK you in turn!

They took up their positions and Arnold looked at two attractive bums which had been warmed and reddened but not damaged by the cane.. He rubbed his cock a couple of time and then opening Sandra's well lubricated pussy he thrust inside. hH fucked her for several minutes while Muriel played with herself and then he changed partners. Still hard his cock slid out of Sandra and into Muriel with ease. He fucked Muriel again for minutes before returning to Sandra. In the end he knew that it was time and withdrawing lay back on the bed, his cock still rigid

"Who will suck me off?"

Both girls volunteered so in the end Sanda was given the 'honour'!

As Sandra took his cock in her mouth he felt Muriel coming across his head offering him her pussy to suck. He looked into a fleshy pair of pussy lips which were oozing with cum they came down his mouth and he gently tongued her clitoris through the film while licking up her spend. The scent was nearly overpowering from a cunt which was in female mode. He enjoyed it however, as well as the tste of her cum.

The three of them indulged until exhausted before finally collapsing together on Arnold's bed. They decided that it was hardly worth leaving and so after a joint, 'pleasurable' shower they all slept together in the huge four poster bed..

Arnold was well aware that this was a turning point for him. he now had two young ladies who enjoyed spanking and sex with each other, and with him, and he fully intended to exploit this when they returned to work. He then slept the deep sleep of the pleasurable exhausted between the two nubile ladies!

The next Part sees Arnold inviting the girls to his home

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