The Department Store - Part 2 -The Manor House
The Disciplinarian

Plummers was an excellent store - everybody said so! The staff were so cooperative and well disciplined. Questions were sometimes asked as to how this had been achieved but the staff just smiled and said nothing!.

The Department Store also had use of Mr Plummer's Manor House with its extensive grounds. These were available for SPECIAL weekends when groups of staff who had been examined, tested and vetted were invited down for the weekend. This weekend would be a Bank Holiday weekend so that a total of two dozen staff from managers to shop floor would be at the house. Nothing was ever spoken about these weekends at the store and the only information was a card inserted in their pay packet which stated

You are invited to a Weekend at Plummer Manor on (date).
A coach will be waiting outside the staff entrance on Friday at 6.30 pm
and will return on Sunday evening.
Please note that if you accept you will be expected to join in
ALL the activities of the weekend
Return your confirmation to your Manager by 6pm tonight.

For Muriel and Sandra, who had both been invited this was to be their first weekend at the Manor. Arnold Roy, as a Senior Manager was one of the regulars.

Friday came and at 5.30 the store doors were closed and the staff covered over their display counters. Most of them collected their coats and bags and left through the staff entrance for a weekend break. The few however waited until the store was empty and then fetching overnight cases trooped out to the coach which was waiting. Arnold Roy checked everybody on board and the coach left for the Manor. The conversation was subdued but they happily chatted among themselves. For most of them it was a return but for others a new experience.

The drive was about one hour long and it was a glorious evening when they reached the Manor. Lord (since his elevation last year) Plummer met them at the door and ushered them onto the main hall. When everybody was assembled he stood on a dais and welcomed them."Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Plummer Manor. Some of you have visited before but for others it is a new experience. Let me therefore expound my philosophy. This weekend is an opportunity for those of us who are into spanking and sex to enjoy ourselves without any inhibitions or restrictions. I carefully said spanking. You are all spankers or spankees and there will be plenty of opportunity to enjoy. However we do NOT allow bondage and flogging. The weekend is for pleasure. You have been allocated individual rooms but I am sure that this will not inhibit anybody. I would also add a rider. All spanking and sex is consensual, you are expected to join in but NOBODY needs to be involved with a person who you do not enjoy. Finally you will be given your room cards and should now go to them and prepare for the evening. After dinner return to your rooms and undress. Put on the gown which is in your room and return here. There will be a group 'get together' session when we will all meet in this room and begin to explore the opportunities offered. Thank you I will see you later now go to your rooms. The gong will signal when dinner is ready in the dining room Finally thee is NO heirachy over the weekend, no Managers and Staff -- just participants!.

Everybody picked up their cases and collecting their room details went up to find their room and freshen up.Muriel found her room on the first floor. It was a lovely room with a large double bed, a sofa and some chairs. It also contained a table set against the wall with a number of unusual items on it. When she inspected them she found that there were assorted dildos of different sizes, two wicked looking canes, several straps of different thicknesses and a paddle.. On her bed was a cloak, rather like a monk's habit with a hood and a rope tie. She had a quick shower and dressed for dinner in her best dress. By the time she had finished and unpacked the dinner gong rang and soon there was a stream of men and women making their way to the dining room.

Dinner was served by waitresses dressed only in blouses and light skirts. It was clear that they wore no brassiere or knickers. There was a mixed grill for everybody and wine was served to those who wished it.

Dinner was soon over as everybody was eager to enjoy what happened next. The newcomers wondering while those who had been beforewaited in anticipation!

They quickly retired upstairs to their rooms and undressing donned the gown provided. Naked underneath Muriel was tingling as she anticipated what might be about to happen. She eagerly returned downstairs to the hall. Here she found that many of the others were already there. The hall had been transformed. Now there were sofas and arm chairs around the sides as well as a number of tables which contained an assortment of spanking instruments. There was also a sofa bed and an 'A' frame in the centre of the room.

Lord Plummer rang a bell to call them to order.

"Good evening again ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the first evening session of the weekend. This is what might be called a 'get-together' as many of you will not know each other except by sight as you work on different floors and departments. I propose a demonstration first before the fee session begins. By the way it is ONLY Christian names over the weekend. Status in the store has no part to play. Will Fiona and Arnold please come forward.

The two called came to the centre of the room

"They will give a demonstration for you to get you in the mood. Sit at the sides and wait!"

Arnold went to Fiona and removed first her rope tie and then her gown. He placed them on a chair. Fiona was about forty years old. Built rather like Juno with large breasts and a fleshy bum. Her buttocks were full and ripe and ready for any spanking they may receive. She had small dimples on each buttock which flexed in anticipation of what she was to receive. Her pussy was covered with a black fleece while her pussy lips were clearly seen to be engorged in anticipation and her juices already glistened in the forest.. She turned to Arnold and stripped him. It was clear that Arnold was already anticipating the 'finale'.

He gestured to Fiona to bend over the back of the 'A Frame' which was padded at the top and was just the right height. She did so in what was clearly eager anticipation as she gripped the bar on the reverse of the frame. Arnold now took a thick, brown, three thonged tawse from the chair. he stood beside her and, as the room held its collective breath

"S P P L L A A T T !", the first stroke landed across her buttocks. Fiona made no movement but waited

"S P P L L A A T T !","S P P L L A A T T !","S P P L L A A T T !","S P P L L A A T T !",.........................................................."S P P L L A A T T !","S P P L L A A T T !",

Now it was time for Arnold to massage and caress the area he was attacking. Fiona moaned with pleasure and anticipation. The rest of the party were already fingering either themselves, or each other, as the erotic interlude continued.

Again the tawse rose and fell regularly - ten, twenty, thirty and on to forty strokes covering the bum with a deep red hue before Arnold put it down and again gently caressed and massaged her buttocks. Fiona looked up at him. This was just the 'hors d'ouvres' to the main course as she well knew. THIS was what she was waiting for!

He now picked up a long black malacca cane which was ridged along its length. Fiona kissed it as he held it out to her and then took up her position again. The rest of the party now stood and grouped round the couple. They could see that the tawse had had only a minimal effect and her rosy buttocks showed no signs of stress.

"W H H I I P P ! C R A A C K K !," and the cane lashed home. Now the guests saw a white flashing line across Fiona's bum before it changed to red.

"W H H I I P P ! C R A A C K K !,""W H H I I P P ! C R A A C K K !,""W H H I I P P ! C R A A C K K !,""W H H I I P P ! C R A A C K K !,""W H H I I P P ! C R A A C K K !,""W H H I I P P ! C R A A C K K !,""W H H I I P P ! C R A A C K K !,"...............................................

The cane rose and fell inexorably. Fiona's buttocks were first single lines of red which were well spaced - a tribute to Arnold's accuracy- but now they were changing to puce.

The group started to call out the numbers as the cane came down "Twenty", Twenty One" "Twenty Two"............ "Thirtyfive, Thirty Six" until finally at Forty strokes he stopped. Fiona's bum was now ravaged and looked a completely dark savaged area but Fiona did not seem worried by the state of her buttocks and taking Arnold's rigid cock she moved to the sofa bed.

With a gasp she lay back, gasping as her sore bum felt the covers. She spread her pussy lips wide guiding Arnold's rampant cock into her wet slippery interior. Now it was Arnold's turn to perform and they gave everybody a show. He fucked in and out for several minutes driving his cock hard into her interior with each thrust before withdrawing Fiona wrapped her legs round him and the party saw the thudding cock driving in and out relentlesly

Turning Fiona round he spread her legs wider and again thrust in and out. This time Fiona groaned as his thick pubic thatch of wiry hair scoured her sore bum cheeks as he took her from behind. He Fucked and he Fucked obviously holding his climax back and using his full experience as the performance went on for several minutes. Finally it was time and to the constant clapping and applause from the rest of the group he gave several rapid thrusts and finished deep inside Fiona with his seed spilling out around the sides as he came with huge gouts of cum. Fiona cried out with pleasure as she also climaxed rearing up with her pleasure..

Arnold rested and then withdrew. He and Fiona hugged. His cock had done its job and was soft and flaccid after its noble endeavours . Fiona displayed her ravaged buttocks which were almost purple.

They turned and told the group

"Now it is your turn. Find a partner, remember that this party caters for all tastes. - heterosexual, gay and lesbian as well as bisexuals so do not feel inhibited. There are instruments on the side tables. Packets of condoms are also available on the tables beside bowls of disinfected water. The evening is now yours! Enjoy and after this session is finished retire when you are ready as - well of course with whoever you wish!

The group now shed their gowns and found partners who attracted them. The night was now beginning!

Part 3 The weekend continues!
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