The Department Store - It All Starts
The Disciplinarian

Plummers was an excellent store - everybody said so! The staff were so cooperative and well disciplined. Questions were sometimes asked as to how this had been achieved but the staff just smiled and said nothing!.

It had all started many years ago when Mr Augustus Plummer founded the company. He had decided that he wanted to personally select and control his staff as well as making sure that they were polite and helpful to customers. He had opened up his country Manor House to them and teach them the way he expected them to behave as well as the penalties if they failed to reach his high standards. What happens now is today's story!

Today the store was bustling with customers and the floor manager noticed that two of the girls were talking to each other while a customer was trying to attract their attention. He walked across and after reprimanding them once they had served the customer he took a green pad from his pocket. he wrote on two of the slips and handed them to the girls. They looked at each other, shrugged and carried on with their duties.

The store closed at 6 pm and the staff prepared to go home. The two girls Muriel and Sandra meanwhile took the lift to the top floor where the found four other members of staff. Two more girls and two young men. They were waiting outside and office and looking apprehensive. The door opened and Muriel was called in. A Mr Roy senior manager was standing behind a desk. Muriel handed him her green slip.. He looked at it. he checked a book in front of him.

"I am afraid that this is the third time in six weeks you have been sent here and I have no alternative but to discipline you harshly. I will also recommend that you return to the College for remedial treatment. have you anything to say before I deal with you?"

"No Sir, I am sorry and it will not happen again. I will be glad to visit the college for remedial training."

"Remove your knickers then and bend over the edge of the desk. This will hurt but I do NOT expect any sound from you."

Muriel lifted her skirt without hesitation and removed her knickers. She went across to the side of the desk and bent over gripping the edges tightly. Her bum was now exposed to Mr Roy's gaze and he saw a superb bottom which was ripe for a good spanking. She knew that she deserved her punishment but she was also aware that it would hurt, however it was better than having her pay 'docked'!

Mr Roy picked up a cane from his desk and walked behind Muriel. He had a feeling that she came partly because she enjoyed being caned. It was happening to often for any other reason and he decided that after he had administered the cane he would suggest that she might like a more private spanking either later this evening or at a later date. He raised the cane------

"C C R R A A C C K K" the cane rose and fell. Muriel gasped.

"C C R R A A C C K K", "C C R R A A C C K K", "C C R R A A C C K K", "C C R R A A C C K K"

Muriel was in pain but also wanted this to continue.She was aware that she had a need for spanking and when being caned wished for more.She was told to stand up and replace her knickers. She did so and Mr Roy said that he thought she should receive more but it would be in private. He told her to go to the top floor and the penthouse apartment which was available to senior managers and wait for him. Muriel looked at him closely and agreed.

The rest of the staff were dealt with rapidly, all receiving between six and ten strokes of the cane on the bare. Nobody complained as this was part of their contract with Plummers and was compensated with with higher wages than anywhere else as long as they kept silent. Many of them were already into spanking and enjoyed their weekends at the manor.

Mr Roy closed thepunishment book after signing it and, taking up some straps and canes, left for the penthouse. When he arrived Muriel was waiting outside the door. He unlocked and led her inside.

The penthouse was a beautiful apartment which was well appointed and had all modern conveniences. A side room led to a bathroom and at the far end their was a further door which was closed at present. Muriel had never been in it before and was amazed at the luxury.

Mr Roy told Muriel to sit down and he offered her a drink of whiskey. She had never tasted whiskey before but she found that she enjoyed it.

"Muriel you can call me Arnold tonight. Let me be frank. I noticed that you were frequently in the punishment book and this suggesed to me that you enjoy being spanked? Am I correct in this?

"Yes .....Arnold... I find that being spanked does things to me. I am always wanting more but the only way I can get it is to keep being naughty. I do not like being naughty because I enjoy the work but my bottom NEEDS to be spanked."/

"Good, I thought I was correct! Now I am going to test you to see whether you are a genuine spankee. I want you to remove all of your clothes and then bend over the back of the sofa. Then I will test your bottom. Are you ready for this?"

"Yes Arnold.!"

She stood up and began to undress. Arnold watch as first her skirt was lowered to the floor. Her knickers were white ones that she had obviously bought from the store. Now she unfastened her blouse and removed it. As she did so he saw that her breasts although still in their brassiere were firm. She put her hands round her back and unfastened her brassiere. Once this was removed her breasts were show as full and firm. The nipples were already hard.. Now she only had on her suspenders and knickers. She removed her stockings and then her suspender belt. She managed to make the act appear very erotic and Arnold had to adjust his dress as his cock began to swell. She smiled at him and turning her back lowered her knicker, stepping out of them. She was now completely naked. As her knickers came down he could see that her well formed buttocks were designed to be spanked. The earlier caning had left just a faint mark and the firm round cheeks looked eager for the fray. Finally naked she stood in front of Arnold and turned round to face him. He looked carefully at her. She wa about 5 ft 4 ins and well formed. . her pubis covered by a whispy fleece of pale down showing that she had recently been shaved..Her ripe pussy lips showing clearly. . Arnold thought that there might be more than spanking available tonight but first he would test her resolve!

"Bend over the back of the sofa."

She did so and, as she spread her legs, he saw the fleece between them while the fig of her pussy lips were already distended and oozing juices.

He picked up a thick strap and took his place beside her

"S S P L A A T T T !" the strap lashed down across both buttocks leaving a red mark across them. Muriel gasped but only with surprise.

"S S P L A A T T T !", "S S P L A A T T T !". "S S P L A A T T T !", "S S P L A A T T T !"...................................."S S P L A A T T T !"

He continued for a dozen more before he massaged her buttocks and,caressing her inner thighs he gently touched her warm wet pussy. . He knew then that he had found what he wanted - a spanking partner. - in fact a genuine spankee!

Now he took up the cane. This would be the real test. He was going to give her two dozen rising from gentle to hard and see what transpired.

"W H H I I P P , C R R A A C C K K !" the cane lashed down with a searing line across her bum. The mark instantly became white before changing rapidly to red..

"W H H I I P P , C R R A A C C K K !", "W H H I P P , C R R A A C C K K !", "W H H I P P , C R R A A C C K K !", "W H H I P P , C R R A A C C K K !", "W H H I P P , C R R A A C C K K !", ........................."W H H I P P , C R R A A C C K K !"

He did not let up testing her to the full. After one dozen he went and inspected her buttocks.. They were hardly marked and he gently caressed and massaged them. He then started the second dozen which were to be harder.. She remained in position but began to sob as the last strokes fell. After twenty four stroke. her bum was now a mass of red lines which were turning a darker colour.

He stopped and again massaged while allowing his fingers to find her pussy. It was wet and slippery with her spend. he touched fer clitoris and she gasped with pleasure. He raised her upright and facing him, to his surprise, she kissed him using her tongue and sliding it between his lips. .Then, without any prompting, she unfastened his trousers and lowered them; now his shoes and socks She then removed his shirt so that he was naked except for his underpants. It was obvious that the caning had had an effect on him as well as his cock was erect thrusting through his pants like a flagpole. .

Muriel knelt in front of him and lowered his pants. She had difficulty because of the rigidity of his cock which was now fully erect.She took his cock in her hand and gently rubbed it back and forth before taking it into her mouth. This was bliss and Arnold could hardly restrain himself as she began to 'rim' the tip of his cock. The tip of her tongue was doing impossible thinggs to him turning him on as never before. Then it was fully in her mouth and she sucked and teased the purple head. Now she took it in her hand and, lying back on the sofa with her legs spread, she drew him to her. He saw the coral lips which were now gaping and ready. They glistened with a soft warm mucus. It was too late for Arnold to stop, even if he had wanted to, and his cock drove home into the soft slippery interior. Muriel wrapped he legs round him and drew him deeper into her.'!

"FUCK me Arnold. Ram your cock home . Give me everything!"

He drove in and out while she thrust back against him. Both of them wer soon gasping with their efforts and it was not long before they were both ready to come.

At the last moment Arnold withdrew and using his fingers rubbed his cock spraying his cum across her belly and breasts while his other hand, thrust deep into her, made sure that she joined his climax with her own.

Muriel kissed him.

"Don't.worry I needed that. maybe we can do it again sometime."

He showed her where the shower was and, when they had finished cleaning themselves, had a final drink before they dressed and left the store.

Both of them were sure that this would not be the last time they met in similar circumstances and, with the social weekend at the Manor coming up over the Bank Holiday weekend ,there would be more opportunities!

Part 2 takes you for a weekend at the Manor
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