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Parents Night


The Disciplinarian

I had just arrived home and received a message on my phone that I would be needed tonight for a 'Parents Evening'. I knew what this meant and prepared myself.

I should explain that I am James Grimes and a qualified teacher as well as a semi-professional spanker. The message was similar ones I had received before and was now a regular appointment. I had a shower and shaved before dressing and taking up my cricket bag and leaving my house. I drove to another part of the town to a large detached house in its own grounds and parking knocked on the front door. A tall middle aged lady let me in. This was Lady Parfitt the owner of the house.

"Good evening James . I am glad that you could come. Will you have time for two special requests this evening, and I will also need your assistance?"

I went over to the corner of the room and sat and waited. As I was sitting there a number of ladies arrived and went straight across the room to the cloakroom. They spent several minutes there and then returned each wearing a heavy gown which concealed their body. They went across to the sides of the room and sat chatting among themselves.

This was a meeting of a group called "The Parents Night". They were a group of ladies whose children either attended the same school or were away at boarding school. They were like-minded ladies who enjoyed spanking and sex and had formed this private club which the called 'The Parents Night'. The name allowed them to speak to each other in confidence without outsiders understanding the significance of their remarks. Lady Parfitt had been one of them from the start and offered her house for their meetings. Originally they had tried spanking each other but found that this did not work so I was approached by Lady Parfitt to 'help'. After my first visit which ended with me spanking and having sex with Lady Parfitt I became a regular. The ladies soon found out that I could offer 'personal relief' after the spanking and decided to avail themselves of my services. Lady Parfitt fitted out two bedrooms with all the necessary materials and the Green and Yellow bedrooms became my domain. Because of the strain never more than two ladies were accommodated on any evening although they could make arrangements to visit me privately.

The ladies went into the lounge where there was a huge fire and subdued lighting meant that they were hardly seen. They stood around chattering to each other and taking coffee before Lady Parfitt tapped on her cup and called them to order. The idea was to make the whole an OFFICIAL meeting, albeit with unusual results.

"Thank you for coming everybody. Shall we all go into the spare room for our meeting. "

They all went across the corridor to a large room with chairs around the sides and a table and chair at the far end. Again the lighting was subdued with th main light over the table at the end where Lady Parfitt sat and called the meeting to order.

"Good evening ladies. There are just three items of business tonight

  • Item One. The Christmas Revels. We need to agree a date.
  • Item Two . Financial Report
  • <;i>Item Three. Our usual discussions with James

"For Any other Business James has confirmed that he will be available for Special Advice for a maximum of Two ladies. Those who wish to avail themselves of this opportunity please put your numbered counter into the dish and the two ladies will be chosen by lot. Please remember that those who were chosen last time may not enter the draw this evening. I would also remind you that James can be contacted for Private sessions by request through the Chair. Now let us begin.

The first item on the Christmas Revels was handed over to a sub-committee to consider; while item 2 decided that the subscription to the circle would remain the same. Also at present there would be NO new members admitted, although this would be considered at a future meeting as we have three new nominations to our circle.

I assume that you have collected your wrist bands. Those with Yellow are 24 strokes and those with Green are 12 strokes of the cane.

"Will those with green bands stay at this end while those with yellow bands remain at the other. This is to help James.

The ladies moved to the side and removed their gowns. Soon they were all naked. There was left in the centre a standard dining chair with padding across the top of the back. Lady Parfitt spoke again

"Now if you will each take a counter from the green bowl we can decide the order. Fiona I can see that you are first so will you remove your robe and go to the chair bending over the back and grasping the lower rail. I see that you have a yellow band which means 24 strokes of the cane. James we are now ready for you!"

The side lights were turned down so that there was a spotlight only on the spankee and me. Now it was my turn. Once a month the "Parents Group" met. They were a group like minded ladies who liked to be spanking and caned. They also enjoyed 'extra-marital' sex As Lady Parfitt knew me as a spanker she had approached me and asked if I would deal with the group. at their regular meetings. Some would require ten strokes of the cane, some 20 while several of them would enjoy sex after the caning. The caning was to be hard but not leave many telltale marks, although in most cases the husbands were not interested in sex or were away a lot. The sex would be in private sessions. I agreed to join on a trial basis and, after six months, this now seemed to be permanent.

Lady Parfitt called out for Fiona to step forwards. Fiona removed her gown and stepped over to the chair in the centre of the room. and, bending over gripped the lower bar and waited for me to cane her. She wore a yellow band so it was twenty four hard, sharp strokes, well laid on. "W H I P P !, C R A A C K K !", I laid on the first stroke "W H I P P !, C R A A C K K !", "W H I P P !, C R A A C K K !", I continued for the full two dozen and inspected her bottom. The lines were in place but would soon disappear. I felt her pussy before she stood up. She stood up and thanking me went over to her seat where a friend massaged her bottom to ease the soreness.

One by one the ladies came forward, removed their gown, and I dealt with them "W H I P P !, C R A A C K K !", "W H I P P !, C R A A C K K !", some with twelve and other twenty four strokes. After I had caned each one they thanked me and returned to the side. Eventually I had dealt with them all.

The caning was now over and the draw was made to decide which two ladies would receive special treatment in a private room upstairs. Lady Parfitt drew a number out "Number 7". Yes Julia it is you. Would you like to go upstairs to the Green bedroom and prepare. Number 3 that is Margaret. Would you like to wait in the Blue bedroom Margaret until James had finished with Julia. The rest of you continue your activities. Just remember if you wish to leave a slip for James to offer a private session then let me know and I will arrange it. For the rest thank you James and all of you enjoy the rest of the evening!

Upon this the rest of the ladies went across to their particular friend and with fingers, strap, and dildo enjoyed the rest of the evening. This was the last I saw of them as the rest of the evening was a private 'female' session!

Lady Parfitt pointed me up the stairs and said that she would see me after my duties were completed.

I went upstairs where Julia was waiting for me. The room I entered was a large bedroom with a table covered with spanking instruments on one side and a double bed in the centre. There were pier mirrors around the walls. Julia was already waiting dressed only in her robe when I arrived.

"Hello James! I am so glad that I was selected. My husband is away in the Far East for three months and I need a good hard thrashing and a fuck afterwards. I would also like to arrange a home visit as my children are away on school journey for the next ten days."

We arranged a date and time for her home visit before she removed her robe.

spanked bottomI told her to bend over the end of the bed. She had a well formed bum which, although she had had twelve strokes of the cane, was ripe for more. I knew that she had deliberately had less downstairs as she was hoping to join me for a longer harder session. As she bent over I saw that her bum was hardly marked and was ripe and ready for a full disciplinary session. Her pussy was peeking through her legs and there was a hint of a fleece visible. I knew that she could take plenty of the cane but decided to use a strap to warm up her buttocks. This would cover the whole area and prepare for my caning. I stepped behind and parted her bum cheeks so that I could see the fig of her pussy and her anus. I caressed her for a couple of minutes while she gasped with pleasure. I then took out my black strap which was three thonged and lay it across her bum. "W H I P P !, S P L A A T T!", I lashed home. She gasped but remained still "W H I P P !, S P L A A T T!","W H I P P !, S P L A A T T!","W H I P P !, S P L A A T T!".I lay on a dozen strokes which made her bum redden before taking the cane. I decided on the 36 inch long malacca punishment cane. Her husband and children were away so that her bum would be well recovered before they met.

I whipped the cane through the air a few times and then "W H I P P !, C R A A C K K !", I lashed it down and across both buttocks. The white line which formed soon turned to red and I continued "W H I P P !, C R A A C K K !","W H I P P !, C R A A C K K !", "W H I P P !, C R A A C K K !". By the time she had received a dozen she was well into her sexual euphoria. Her fingers were in her pussy and playing with her clitty. I went behind and caressed her throbbing buttocks before taking up the cane again.

I gave her a second dozen hard strokes. "W H I P P !, C R A A C K K !","W H I P P !, C R A A C K K !", "W H I P P !, C R A A C K K !". These soon turned to ridges on her bum and the whole area was now purple. I put down the cane and I knelt her on the end of the bed and spread her legs wide. Her pussy was ripe and juicy with pre-cum and eager and ready for a fucking so I quickly removed my clothes and took up my place behind herfuck.My cock was erect and I parted her pussy lips and entered her. She was ready for me and I entered into the warm creamy interior with no trouble. I thrust my cock hard in and she cried out with pleasure as I entered her..

"FUCK me James! FUCK me! I do miss a man's cock inside me."

I took her hips in my hands and began to fuck deep and shallow, fast and slow while she cried out in her ecstasy made sure that she had a good fucking. She came long and hard while I held back as I withdrew when she came. I knew that I had further sessions that night so needed to pace myself and then I gave her a final dozen strokes of the strap before finishing. We lay together on the bed for several minutes while we both recovered and then she put on her gown and I dressed.

"Thank you James that was wonderful. I will call you about our private session tomorrow!"

She went back downstairs and I heard the murmurs of appreciation and the clapping as she displayed her bum before the rest. Her pleasure and pain was complete and her friends would soon soothe her bottom.<.p> .

I went into the Blue bedroom where Margaret was waiting, lying on the bed naked and inviting . I remembered Margaret from a previous visit and knew that she lived on her own as her children were away at boarding school while her husband was in the Army detached to the United States. She was a very highly sexed woman who also enjoyed anal sex and a long hard strapping.

hairy pussy I removed my clothes so that Margaret see could see that I was ready for action. As she lay there I saw that I saw that her pussy was covered with hair. She had it grow since I had last seen her.!

I told her to bend over the end of the bed and I took up the thick Lochgally tawse. This would send sparks out of her bum. She bent over and I gently fingered her pussy and anus. I knew that before long both would need attention.

"W H I P P !, S P L A A T T!", I brought the strap down across both buttocks. It was just a sighter and the rest would be hard and long "W H I P P !, S P L A A T T!", "W H I P P !, S P L A A T T!", "W H I P P !, S P L A A T T!", I wasted no time and I gave her two dozen hard strokes. Her bum was a bright red and I could see that her pussy was oozing cum. I went behind and then massaged her bum. her red cheeks were ready for more and I had no hesitation in giving her another twenty four. She groaned but was clearly enjoying the strap. For some women I had found that with her it needed some hard spanking to take her to a plateau of mixed pleasure and pain. Margaret was now reaching it. She was ready for my cock in her anus

fuckingI put down the strap, told her not to move and took some cream from a pot on the table. I anointed her anus pushing first one creamed finger and then a second in making sure plenty of cream was inside. I then anointed my own cock which was ready for action and I presented it to her puckered orifice. The dark hole beckoned and I guided my arrow to its destination. I felt the opening spread to accept me and gently entered. She was still tight but eager and I found that as I pushed she gasped but helped me. Deeper in I went until I was lodged up to my cods. I took her hips in my hands and while she gripped the bedclothes I thrust home. She urged me on and I was soon fucking while our bodies slapped in unison as they met. We continued for some minutes before eventually I was ready to come, and this time I intended to give myself release so with a couple of final thrusts, I shot my load into the dark interior. She cried out with pleasure and I withdrew. Keeping her in position I took up the tawse again and "W H I P P !, S P L A A T T!", "W H I P P !, S P L A A T T!", "W H I P P !, S P L A A T T!", I lashed it down a dozen more times while she cried out with pain and pleasure. Eventually I stopped as her bottom was almost puce from the bright red it had been. We rested for several minutes while she fondled my cock before she donned her gown and left for her friends downstairs. She kissed me thanking me for what I had done. She was sure we would be together again.

I lay back on the bed resting I knew what would happen in an hour or so after the ladies had left. There was a bottle of vintage wine ready for me and I took two glasses while I waited. Sure enough at about 11 o'clock I heard the last of the ladies finally leave followed by a knock on the door and Lady Parfitt entered.

"My turn now I think James? However before we start let us go to my room and have some wine to refresh us!"

I donned a dressing gown and taking my clothes went along with Lady Parfitt to her bedroom. This room was magnificent with a huge four poster bed in the centre and a large selection of spanking instruments and dildos on a table. Lady Parfitt smiled and as I had regularly visited I knew that I was in for a long enjoyable night.!

"Let us have a glass of wine first James and then enjoy the night!"

hairy pussyWe finished our wine and I told Lady Parfitt to stand in front of me facing the bed. She enjoyed the pleasure of being undressed by me so I went behind her and lifted her dress. Underneath she had long white silk stockings with frilly bows at the top and white frilly knickers. Now I told her to stand and I unfastened her dress and removed it. She was wearing no petticoat, just a brassiere which held up two large breasts. These were the breasts of a large well covered junoesque woman. Not fat but ripe and fecund!. I removed the brassiere and handled her breasts. They had large puckered aureoles with dark brown shadows around them. Her nipples were large and erect. I lifted the left breast and sucked it while I rubbed the other with my fingers. Now I sucked and caressed the other. her nipples stood out like nuts.

I stood back looking at my handiwork and then gently lowered her knickers. She enjoyed her pussy being slowly unveiled so I took my time easing them iver her buttocks and down and off her legs. She stepped out of them. Now I unfastened the bows on her stocking and one after the other rolled them down her legs finally removing the stockings so that she was naked.

Spreading her legs I began to inspect what was on offer. I knew the area well as I had ploughed this furrow a number of times but her Ladyship liked being teased and played with. She had a large soft bum which enjoyed everything I could offer it. I caressed her buttocks and then, turning her round, spread her bum cheeks. I eased her forward over the bed and her hairy pussy was already surrounded by an enlarged fig as her outer labial lips were engorged awaiting me. I parted the bum cheeks wider and concentrated on her anus. Here was a gem. The dark puckered hole was already flexing as it awaited my intentions. She knew what was to come.

I put some cream on my fingers and opened her anus. I used first my index finger, then added a second and finally a third while Lady Parfitt gasped with pleasure as I enlarged the opening. I was not yet ready to fuck her but again she enjoyed being teased to bring her to a peak of pleasure. I then began to explore inside her pussy. I spread the lips wide and went down on her. I used my tongue to lap up the ready spend which was oozing out. I smelt that special aroma of arousal of a woman who is ripe and ready and it was soon clear how aroused she was as she was already spending.


Now it was time to play my tunes. First I told her to bend over the end of the bed while I used the cane on her. She loved the cane, and the aftermath!. She bent over and and I caressed the large bum which was ripe for what it would receive. I took up a whippy cane - as it would be along night - and "W H I P P !, C R A A C C K!", I bought it down. She sighed with pleasure. is she felt the first stroke. She was then ready for two dozen more in tranches of six. Between times I would test her other parts. "W H I P P !, C R A A C C K!", "W H I P P !, C R A A C C K!", "W H I P P !, C R A A C C K!", "W H I P P !, C R A A C C K!", I had given her a dozen and it was time to prepare her anus and I used my fingers again to make sure that all was ready and then I thrust my cock inside. She was already ripe and her entrance was soon breached as I powered home. I took her hips in my hands and began to fuck. She squealed with pleasure gripping the bedclothes tightly. I was not ready to come yet so after several thrusts I withdrew and used the cane again. This time harder "W H I P P !, C R A A C C K!", "W H I P P !, C R A A C C K!", "W H I P P !, C R A A C C K!", "W H I P P !, C R A A C C K!", and the marks began to form. deeper and darker. She was crying out as I thrashed down but I knew within an inch how far to go with her and I had no reason to stop until the second dozen had finished. As soon as I had counted out the last stroke I presented my cock to her anus again and entered with no trouble. This time I would make sure that I finished off inside her. I pushed in and out, hard, fast and deep. She was crying out for me to continues.

FUCK me harder!"

Soon I was ready myself and the come was welling up while my legs were stiffening and I gave a dozen hard thrusts before spurting into her. I was fully recharged from earlier and my come went deep into her dark interior.

I had not finished however and as soon as I withdrew took up the cane again and "W H I P P !, C R A A C C K!", "W H I P P !, C R A A C C K!", "W H I P P !, C R A A C C K!", "W H I P P !, C R A A C C K!", gave her a final dozen while she screamed out with pleasure!

It was time for a rest and another glass of wine to refresh us while Lady Parfitt recovered.

"That James is the hardest it has ever been but by God I needed it. Let us have a rest and then I will pleasure you.

cock suckingWe lay back for several minutes before I felt Lady Parfitt move and my cock was surrounded with soft warm lips which knew exactly how to pleasure me. I looked up at the ceiling mirror and saw lady Parfitt bending over me, her bum cheeks ravaged but her wicked tongue and mouth active. For several minutes she sucked and teased me and then whispered. "I want you to come in my mouth!"

Upon this she began to wank and suck me faster until I could wait no longer and with a cry spurted my cum down her throat. She gasped as I was so full but then as it dribbled out of her mouth she laughed. I stood up while she lay flat face down on the bed and fetched a black strap and gave her a couple of dozen sharp spanks with it. She giggled and told me to continue. I did so for two dozen more and then told her to come over me as I was going suck her pussy. She did so and I found her wet pussy just above my lips. She had the special scent that only an aroused woman has and I soon had my tongue inside I reamed it round and sucked up the juices before I found her clitty. It was hard and out of its sheath, almost like a small cock. As I touched it she gasped so I gently flicked it with my tongue. She loved every minute of it and when I also added my fingers into her anus her pleasure was complete.

It was time to finish and we both went along to her bathroom with its huge double bath and shower. First we washed out our sweat in the shower and then I joined her in the bath. The water was warm and her pussy needed some help so I made sure that she received it. I then inspected her bum and saw that there was nothing that would not disappear with days. Lady Parfitt and I had had a perfect ending to the evening and now I dried and dressed and with a final kiss left her to soak away. Altogether an excellent evening with plenty of spanking and fucking with the ladies and Lady Parfitt and I knew that my bank account would be increased substantially tomorrow.

Further events will follow in a later story