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Parents Night - Part 3 A Weekend Away


The Disciplinarian

After several months of meetings in Lady Parfitt's central London house she suggested to me that we took a select few ladies down to her out of town mansion for a weekend party. The group would be six of our regular ladies who had been particularly active with spanking and sex, plus Lady Parfitt herself. She said we would need two men besides myself and she had the ideal in mind. They were two of her nightclub friends with whom she had spent 'several enjoyable nights'. They were also into spanking, sex and buggery as well as being very discreet! She had sounded them out and they were enthusiastic about the adventure. One thing was that nobody must know where the 'thirties mansion' was except Lady Parfitt and me so we would all travel down, driven by me, in a mini coach with darkened windows. There had been no objections

We agreed that the weekend would be held in a Month's time Friday night until Sunday after lunch. Complex logistics but necessary to protect everybody. At the next Parents Night Lady Parfitt sounded out those she though suitable and soon the four ladies were decided on, the two men confirmed and all was ready. She had also arranged a meeting between me and the two other men so that I could acquaint them as to their 'duties'. They accepted all my suggestions enthusiastically!

Friday night came and we met at Lady Parfitt's London home where everybody boarded the coach. They were all excited about the adventure and looking forward to what could happen. They were all experienced so there would be no shocks for them - just pleasant surprises! The journey was an hour or so through the streets and into the countryside. We arrived at the Surrey mansion at about 9 pm when everybody had disembarked Lady Parfitt allocated them to their bedrooms. They were to unpack,undress and come down to the lounge wearing just the gown provided. Each room had a large three quarter bed as well as a single bed. This allowed them to 'sleep' together or apart! It all went smoothly and by 9.30 everybody, dressed only in a long gown was assembled. The three men stood at the side of the room. Drinks had been provided and the ladies were chatting to each other. We three waited our chance. Lady Parfitt tapped on her glass

"Good evening ladies and welcome to my home for the weekend. You all know why we are here. Sex and spanking is the order of the day. I have allocated rooms but if you have a particular partner you wish share with then please let me know and I will make the changes. I see you have seen James is here as usual and two other men. This is Francis and next to him Alan. These will be your companions for the weekend. They will be available at any time, by any of you and for anything you wish to do I can promise you that they are virile and experienced in giving pleasure - and pain - so please use them. We will be on our own as I have sent the servants on a long weekend holiday so it will be up to us to do the catering after tonight. We will have light refreshments before I show you around.

We went into a comfortable lounge where there were light refreshments on a side table. There was also another table covered with a cloth. After the break Lady Parfitt went to the covered table and removed the cloth. We were all surprised as it contained a comprehensive selection of spanking instruments as well as play toys including strap on dildos. Everybody crowded around to inspect the variety available. Lady Parfitt reminded everybody that these were available for use at any time. She then led everybody downstairs where they all cried out in wonder at the swimming pool. It looked very inviting but Lady Parfitt stilled them.

"Before this there is one more room to see and it will be the one we will use on Saturday night."

She then opened the door at the end, switched on the light and the dungeon was revealed. We crowded in and happy comments were made over the large bed, the instruments, the wall to wall and ceiling mirrors.

"Not today but tomorrow".

We returned to the pool and clapping her hands and removing her own gown Lady Parfitt announced

"The weekend begins here. From now on ladies you are in control and the men are at your disposal. Ladies remove your gowns, men your track suits and naked we looked at each other eagerly. A whole weekend of uninhibited sex and spanking stretched in front of us

Because it is impossible for me to review everything as much was done privately I have asked the four ladies and Lady Parfitt to each write a short 'resume' of their own experiences. The three men will add a section at the end as well. I will introduce everybody first.

From now on the story of the weekend rests with them

back view juneHi! This is June. We ladies have been asked to write down our weekend adventures. I am sure that James had introduced everybody so I will start from when we removed our gown at the side of the pool. I jumped into the water and splashed around a little but I knew what I was needing was a good thrashing from James followed by a thorough fucking by one of the two men. I came out of the water and dried my self before taking a cane over to James. I enjoyed being watched so handing James over the cane walked over to a backed lounger. I bent over and told James to lay it on HARD and I wanted a dozen. "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", the cane lashed down "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",WOW he certainly obliged and my bum knew that it had been dealt with From the first there was a fiery stinging sensation which built with each stroke. My bum was throbbing as the cane lashed down but my pussy was already awash thinking of what pleasures it would soon receive from Alan. The pain in my bum was nothing as I stood up and pulled Alan over. I told him I needed a good long hard fucking and drew him to a longer where I lay back with my legs spread. What a fantastic cock it was long and thick. I knew it would fill me like never before. I had never been so ready and I vowed that this would be the last time we would meet over the weekend. As he promised he presented his cock to my pussy and I guided him inside. He filled me right from the start and, at one point I was not even sure I could take it all into me even though I had relaxed my vaginal muscles it spread my pussy so wide. Eventually it was lodged and we began fucking. This was magic and his thrusts were so deep they seemed to reach my spine. As he fucked so I wrapped my legs round him to make sure he could not withdraw. I pushed back against him and our bodies slapped together. It was his first fuck of the weekend and he was going to make the most of it so we seemed to go on forever. The rest of the group had stopped what they were doing and were clapping and cheering us on. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! it was endless - although there di have to come a climax and it was only after a dozen final hard thrusts that he spurted into me. I felt his sperm squirt deep and, using my vaginal muscles made sure that he was milked dry before he finally let me. I was exhausted for the time being but felt VERY fulfilled and lay back and watched the rest.

For me this was the perfect start to a perfect weekend but I will leave it to the rest of the party to update you further!

I'm Fiona and I have chosen what was the first lesbian experience for Muriel when I seduced her. I guess that with a husband and children she had never got in lesbian sex, as my friends and I had, there was always somebody about. I knew however that she had often wondered and wanted to try the experience for herself. The chance came while on the weekend. I was sharing a room with Muriel and we had both been caned by James before we went to bed. We had both enjoyed it but when we got upstairs and I asked Muriel whether she would like me to rub some baby oil into her sore bum. Without thinking she said she would and I came across with the oil and poured it over her bum. It was very soothing!

Muriel got comfortable on the bed while I caressed my thigh. I then moved my hands to her buttocks and began to massage the oil into the sore lines massaging her bum and thighs gradually using my fingers to move to the inside of her thighs. Her legs parted and I knew that she was ready for more. I continued for several minutes while she moaned with pleasure encouraging me to continue. I slipped my hand round beneath her and turned her over. I straddled her body and looked at her bare breasts, licked my lips and began to kiss, lick and fondle her nipples. Muriel arched her back and I knew she wanted more, after all this was her first time and I was not going to deny her the pleasure I so wanted to give. I put my hand between her legs and looked into her eyes. I knew she wanted me to penetrate her when she smiled. At her silent request I bit my lip I thrust my fingers deep inside her pussy and watched her squirm and moan with pleasure. (I knew that was how she liked, even though it had never 'happened' for her it because we've had the "perfect sex" conversation so many times before that it was burned into my memory!)

Once my thrusts picked up speed and she was on the verge of a scream I began to kiss her lips, her cheek, her neck, her breasts, down to her stomach, and still lower until my lips barely brushed her clitty. She moaned in anticipated pleasure and when I didn't continue she let out a sharp sigh and pushed my head between her thighs. I started slow. Taking my time to taste and savour her pussy. It was so ready wet with spend and her aroma showing how aroused she was. My tongue began to thrash her clitty faster as her moans approached a scream. At that moment I inserted my fingers once more while still sucking her erect mound. I got more aggressive as her moans of pleasure intensified, shoving my fingers as deep into her pussy as they would go until she screamed, "Baby, I'm about to cum!".

I continued to pump my fingers harder until I felt her body quiver. Then, between heavy breaths, she said, nearly in a whisper, "I'm cumming!". I placed my head between her legs again and licked and sucked her pussy, allowing her juices to soak my face. I flicked my tongue over her quivering member which made her climax more intense. When she could not take anymore, she pulled me up face to face with her, kissed me, and licked her wetness from my chin. I moved off of her because I had become so hot. I laid down on my back beside my most recent lover. She placed her head on my bare chest, naked, and still quivering from her orgasm.

She then joined me and I showed how to give me the same pleasure as she had received. She was a quick learner and I was soon on the same high a she had been earlier. We did not need the single bed and spent the night sharing the larger huddling into each other's arms. We woke up several times during the night to caress each other and I knew that we would enjoy each other again over the weekend and I was also sure that in the coming weeks and months we would find opportunities to meet for private sessions.

This is Linda and I am going to write about my long session with James on the Saturday. We had eaten lunch and had finished a swim in the pool and I announced to everybody that I wanted them all to watch my session with James. I would not tell them what would happen but we would all meet in the lounge at 3 pm. I arranged with Lady Parfitt that one of the spanking benches should be put in the centre of the room. I also spake to James and told him what I wanted. he was happy to agree.

We met just before three and everybody sat around the room looking at the spanking bench. James arrived with two long fierce looking canes and four long straps and a blindfold. I walked over to the bench, removed my gown and bent over the bench. James fastened my wrists and ankles to the front and bottom of the bench and then fastened the blindfold. I was now helpless. I had told James that I wanted 4 dozen strokes of the cane. I did not want him to stop however painful it looked. I was trying to test my limits and knew that at least 48 would be needed. I heard James whip the cane through the air as he prepared.

"W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",it had started. James was to do the counting with the assistance of the group. W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", the cane lashed down "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !" The pain was exquisite by the ime of the first tranche of a dozen. My bum was afire but I knew I could take much more. "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !" By now I was in my bubble and the pain was strangely disappearing as euphoria tok over. I was now lost!

"W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", the cane lashed down "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !" it was the third dozen and everybody told me afterwards that I seemed to feel nothing although my bum was now a purple mass of lines. I understand that James was concerned about the fourth tranche but had promised me not to stop. "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", the cane lashed down "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !"

The final strokes landed and everybody could see that the three men were lined up. James was fully erect and parting m ravished bum cheeks he thrust his cock into my pussy I cried out as I felt his pubic hair scour my bum. I was ready though and he took my hips and began to thrust in and out. I was awash with spend as I waited for him and he slipped in with no problem. IN and Out, In and Out he fucked away and the pain and pleasure were intense. Then I felt him come and his spend warm and slippery filling me. He withdrew and now there was more pain as Francis anointed his cock and my anus with cream. I could still see nothing as the blindfold was still in place but felt his fingers in my anus as he opened it up. Then his cock took their place and I felt the initial pain before he was fully in. At the same time I felt another cock as my mouth. I open it and Alan pushed his firm head into my mouth. Now I had cocks at both ends and as I sucked on Alan so Francis was rogering my bum. The rest of the group were crying out with excitement and pleasure as they saw the ultimate. I was loving every minute of it was, in my mind, in a very special place where nobody else could go. The darkness and inability to move only added to the pleasure and pain.

Finally it ended and James unfastened my straps and removed the blindfold. The ladies crowded round kissing and hugging me. They brought me a glass of wine and I eagerly drank it. My mouth was very dry after I had swallowed Alan's sperm. The excitement was over and I lay down to rest exhausted but sublimely satisfied and ready to watch the others.

I am June and I am going to tell you about my session with Alan on Sunday morning. I had noticed that he had the largest cock and as my husband was small and gave me little satisfaction (when he was home!) I wanted to see whether at 5 feet tall I could take a 'real man's' cock. <.p>

I had arranged with Alan that we would meet in the lounge after breakfast. We would then offer our own performance where he would spank me and then we would have sex. After breakfast Alan came across the room and kissed me. We removed our gowns and I could see that he was ready for the fray. The rest of the party were sitting and waiting around on sofas and in chairs. fellatioAlan had an excellent body with a large thick cock which was standing out from his pubic hair. I was already excited at what was going to happen to me. I went down in front of him and took the head of his cock in my mouth. The head was large and purple tipped. I could see pre-cum oozing from the end. I made sure that he was ready for what would happen later. I did however want him to give me a good old-fashioned strapping first. I wanted my bum to throb and tingle in anticipation before he tried to enter me.

I bent over the end of the bed and presented my bum for him to spank. "W H I P P !, S P L A A T T !", he certainly knew how to spank a girl. The first stroke was dead on the centre and stung like hell. I knew that there would be another "W H I P P !, S P L A A T T !","W H I P P !, S P L A A T T !","W H I P P !, S P L A A T T !","W H I P P !, S P L A A T T !", and so it went on. My bum stung and began to throb with the pain but I knew I needed the two dozen I was receiving. "W H I P P !, S P L A A T T !","W H I P P !, S P L A A T T !","W H I P P !, S P L A A T T !","W H I P P !, S P L A A T T !", At last it was finished and my pussy was very wet and eager for what it was to receive. Now it was just a question as to whether I could take it all in. Alan lay be back on the bed and spread my legs wide. His fingers slipped in and found my inner lips before he touched my clitoris. I cried with pleasure as I guided his cock to my entrance. He gently eased it in and I soon found that I was spreading to accept him.sexual intercourse At first it was easy as he slid in but soon it became more difficult as I has never taken a cock so thick or long. However I adjusted and soon felt comfortable. By now he was deep and fully lodged while Alan adjusted himself. He took my hips in his hands and slowly at first began to fuck me. In and out, deep and shallow my body was afire with pleasure. I knew that it was exactly what I needed. The soreness of my bum on the bed compensated for by the depth pleasure I received from his cock was searching my interior. Alan was marvellous. he made no effort to come quickly and adjusted himself to my rhythm. I do not know how long we were fucking before Alan gasped that he was ready and with a final thrust he came deep, deep inside me. I felt his cum filling my insides as he ejaculated. Spurt after spurt inundated me. I wrapped my legs round him and squeezed the last drops from him. I felt his cock shrink and ease out of my cunt. I was shattered as, totally exhausted, I kissed him. I touched his wilted cock. It did not seem possible that it could ever have done the magic it had performed. I kissed him and told him it was the best fucking I had ever received and hoped that we could meet again. We had a glass of wine each before Alan smiled, thanked me, and collecting his gown left the room. I was drained and lay back on the bed resting for an hour before I donned my gown and went back down to the fool for a swim.

While I was lying at the side of the pool those girls who had not received Alan's cock asked about the experience and I was able to tell them that it was a very 'filling' experience and should be tried.!

This is Lady Parfitt. All the girls had now written about how they were enjoying the weekend so I thought that I would write about our visit to the dungeon. Again like everything it is selective so I will be picking out my highlights. I was older than the rest but I still enjoyed every erotic experience on offer. My dungeon allowed me to indulge. I knew that my husband would be looking down and enjoying the way his home was being used. he had had it built for us to enjoy sex and spanking here and me reviving its use would be appreciated. The dungeon was a very special room where he had taken special care when it was being built. The decorators were brought from Italy to create the specialist bed and glass walls. The rest of the items were commissioned from all over the world.

At 9 pm on the Saturday evening we finished our dinner and collecting bottles of wine I led them downstairs. They were all excited as, although they had seen the dungeon, they had never been inside or experienced it activities. I unlocked the door, switched all the lights on and, in a blaze of light, they entered. They walked around the and inspected everything before I called them to order.

"Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the dungeon. Up until now we have met singly with each other, albeit in front of others. This evening however is different. All of us tonight are equal. We can spank, bugger, have sex with whoever we wish. No refusal will be allowed. The men are as free to choose as the ladies tonight with the proviso that all the ladies who wish to have a session with the men must be serviced at some point. Around the sides you will find all the instruments you may like to use, including canes, straps, paddles, dildos, double dildos - it is all there. The mirrors will allow for some exciting scenes. and at 3 am we will all meet on the bed for our final orgy Now get to it."

I decided to try Alan after what June had said so I called him over. He came eagerly even though I was several years older than the other ladies. I handed him a cane and said that I wanted two dozen sharp strokes followed by anal sex. Alan took the cane from me and I bent over the back of one of the flogging benches gripping the lower bar tightly. I knew, and wanted, this session to hurt as I had been spanked over the weekend. "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", I knew that he was an expert with the cane as every stroke was full painful and accurate "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !". God even James had not searched my bum like this. "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", still he flogged me hard "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !" and by now I could not feel my bum. My pussy and thighs were awash with spend as even the pain could not overcome the pleasure I was feeling internally. He stopped and put the cane down. He then went behind and parted my sore bum cheeks. I felt his fingers enter my anus with cool cream to easy his entry. I stayed in position and felt him open me up and then the tip of his cock nudged my puckered entrance. He pushed forwards and I opened up for him. He had a large cock as I knew and I felt the pain as he spread my spincther. Eventually he was fully home with his bushy pubic hair scraping my sore bum. We settled and I began to feel warm and ready. Alan took my hips in his hands and then fucked me. He fucked me and fucked me he drove home and our bodies crashed together with a clapping sound as he drove in and out. It was marvellous and I was so relaxed with my body enjoying everything of the experience. Alan was wonderful and seemed to be able to sustain his hardness for an eternity before he gave two or three final thrusts before I felt his cum flooding my dark interior. He rested over my back before his cock plopped out as it shrunk. I stood up and kissed him hard.

"Thank you that was wonderful now go and enjoy yourself. "

I rested watching the others as there was spanking fucking and buggery with two of the girls using a double dildo on each other. Time flew and we had finished up at least a dozen bottles of wine before the 'witching hour' of 3 am. I called everybody together and said that we should now all make for the bed and anything goes! I started it and was very greedy before I stepped back and left them to it. I was going to make sure that not only the party would be remembered but I would also!

I made James lie back on the bed while I rode him and at the same time as I bent forward Francis put his cock into my anus. Well lubricated with oil it entered easily.. Finally I took the large cock of Alan into my mouth. Greedy but wonderful all the men were fucking me and all my orifices were filled. I saw that the girls were enjoying me being fucked, buggered and sucking. Eventually they all came and I was filled with their cum in my cunt and arse while I was trying to swallow the gouts coming from Alan. Now I needed one last thing before I sat back and watched the rest. That was a good thrashing.

Once the men had disentangled themselves I announced that my final act would be a dozen hard strokes of the cane from each of the men. I was sure that this would rouse the rest for the final orgy. I left the bed and taking up a long thick cane I handed it to Alan. <.p>

"I need one dozen from each of you. Lay it on hard as this will be my party finale for tonight. Then you and the girls can play!"

I bent over the flogging bench and prepared. I had not long to wait before "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", I felt a searing brand across my bum. It had started! W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !" there was no let up and I knew that although I wanted and needed this caning I would be taken to my limits.

"W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", I felt the change of caner. It was now Alan and his action was whippier than Francis but just as effective W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", still he flogged me hard "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !"

My bum seemed to be as large as balloon as the throbbing pain was rising to the surface and the strokes were falling on areas already caned. "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",Now I knew I was in for it as James had taken over. James, the ultimate spanker who had a magic wand which searched out my bottom.W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", still he flogged me hard "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !" I was ready to scream now but knew that after a final few strokes James would part my legs and thrust his cock into my pussy and give me the ultimate fucking.

orgy(picture from Sure enough he put the cane down and was inside me immediately before I had a chance to say anything. He fucked and fucked while the ladies cheered him on. I believe that as he gave his final thrusts I screamed out with the pain in my bum and the pleasure in my cunt fusing into one huge ultimate orgasm. He withdrew and it was finished. The rest of the night belonged to the younger members of the party. I just lay on my face while between sessions the ladies oiled and massaged my sore bum. For me it was a night to remember and I knew I must discuss with James when we could arrange another similar party. Maybe with the same ladies or maybe new partners only time would tell.

Finally just a brief comment from the three men. They all agreed that by the end they were totally exhausted but that it was an experience they would love to repeat. The chance to fuck, spank and be played with by four attractive ladies and Lady Parfitt over a weekend had given them a unique opportunity which they would enjoy repeating in the future given the chance.

So it ended with Sunday breakfast spanking and and a morning of play before a final dip in the swimming pool. We gathered together at the mini coach and I drove them back to London - no wiser as to where they had spent the weekend. We finally parted company at Lady Parfitt's London house. The ladies to return home with memories and me to go with Lady Parfitt and discuss the weekend.