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Parents Night - Part 2 - In the Beginning


The Disciplinarian

This is Lady Parfitt writing. James tells me he is writing up our story and asked me to write about how it all began. I am excited at the thought and willing to do so. We have an understanding that everything will be anonymous so let me begin!

I was born just before World War 1 into a well off family and after the war when I was about seventeen years old I joined the 'smart set' of young people. I used to visit nightclubs, parties etc and I 'came out' and was presented to the Royal Family. It was at one of the debutante balls that that I met my future husband Lord Peter. His family quickly took to me and we were married in 1928. From the start we were compatible and found that our interests were similar. NO drugs but lots of sex and spanking with each other and our friends!

We lived in his family mansion in the Midlands but we soon found that visiting friends and staying in hotels so that we could be near London was not suitable so my husband decided that we would build our own home. It would be modern, close to London and have a number of features unique to us. In the end it was a modern 1930s style with six bedrooms include a master bedroom, a large lounge, small ballroom, usual offices. as well as special extras. These would include an underground heated swimming pool as well as a dungeon which included a huge four poster bed, lots of spanking and bondage toys, Both rooms had walls which were long mirrors showing everything that was happening. The workmen were brought from Italy and then returned there after finishing the house. When we moved in we made sure that the staff were 'unshockable' although they did not have access to the dungeon.

Our first party was a small group of close friends. We spent the Saturday evening at the Four Hundred Club eating and dancing and drove home with a party of six (including us). We arrived at dawn and went straight to bed. Our friends were Charles and his girlfriend Diana and John and his girlfriend Linda couples we had partied with many times and felt were the ideal couples to join us in this adventure. In the morning, or nearly lunchtime by the time everybody was up my husband James took us down to the swimming pool. The others gasped with surprise as they had never seen one in a house before. A slight steam was rising and the water looked very inviting. We were soon stripped and jumped into the water. It was wonderful and we splashed around for some minutes. I looked around at the others and thought that we had made good choices.. Linda was about five feet in height with a good sturdy body. Her breasts were well formed and erect, while her pussy was covered with a dark down which looked very enticing. Her bum was pert and ripe for pleasure. Diana was taller and a blond. She had longer legs which seemed to go on for ever and her fleece was a thick blond to match her hair. Her pussy showed through the vaginal lips already and she was clearly ready for anything. By the way I was five feet two inches with dark hair and pussy hair while my breasts were large with hard firm nipples which enjoyed being sucked!.

Among the men all three were about five feet eight or nine inches tall with the bodies of typical sportsmen. They all were 'displaying' very active cocks. which were well covered with hair. If asked to make a snap judgement i would say that James had the longer, John the thickest and Peter's was perfect in every way. All in all we were a perfect group for fun!

It was not long before we girls noticed that the male members of our group were offering interesting insights into the way their thoughts were running and my husband drew me out of the water. There were several lounger beds around the pool and it was not long before I was on my back on one while his rigid cock parted my legs and explored my eager pussy. He soon found the entry point and was inside and in full action in a flash. Before we had gone further the other couples were also similarly engaged.

Soon all that could be heard was the gasps and cries of pleasure from us girls as we were fucked hard and long. There were no backsliders and the fucking continued for several minutes before first Charles and Diana, then Peter and I and finally John and Linda reached the ultimate pleasure. James stood up and handed round glasses of wine.

"Well everybody that was a surprise starter but I am sure that during the day we will be able to find more surprises. Let me say now that you four were invited to the opening of the house because we knew that your tastes include more than just sex. If I am wrong I apologise and after lunch we will part. If however you want more then I promise you an enjoyable time! Shall we dress now in the towelling gowns provided and have the cold lunch provided by my staff. We are on our own as the staff have all left until Monday morning. So what is it to be?"

Both couples made it immediately clear that they were game for anything so we dressed and went into th dining room for lunch. We had cold grouse and salad with fruit and wine to follow. I made coffee and we went into the lounge to drink it and listen to my husband.

"Now the party begins! Please understand that this is totally confidential and nothing of what happens here can be passed on. If it works out as I hope, and expect, then we are all in for some exciting times! Firstly I think that we are all broadminded. The pool-side pleasures showed that. but we must also be prepared to share everything - and I mean EVERYTHING. The six of us are interchangeable and no person is private. All of us have had sex with others both men and women and we are also into spanking. Some as spankers, some spankees while others are switches (as the saying is). I have said enough so I suggest that we all strip and the three men take the ladies over their knees and spank their bottom."

No sooner said than done and as an example my husband took Diana and turning her over began to spank her. John meanwhile drew me to another chair and was soon beating my bottom with a firm hand. His hand stung but I loved it and knew what would come later. Finally Linda and Peter joined in so that the room soon rang with a quick fire "S P A A N N K K !" as bottoms were dealt with. After several minutes I felt my juices oozing down my thighs onto John's legs and it was not long before I felt his fingers exploring me. He soon found my clitty and I was crying out with pleasure as he rammed them in and out followed by more spanking. I whispered to him that I wanted to be fucked and he rapidly lifted me down bent me over the seat of the chair and I felt his long cock slide into my ready interior. He was a good fucker and I enjoyed the long strokes when seemed to reach my heart they went so deep. Meanwhile the other two couples had joined in and spanking followed byfucking was the order of the day.

gay sexWe all climaxed close together and laughingly suggested a competition at some later time. Here there was a surprise as Peter went down in front of John and began to suck his cock. It was clear that these two were not unacquainted with each other and, after a couple of minutes of play, Peter took up a cane from the side and told John to bend over. John did so and "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", lashed the cane down across John's bum. It was a hard stroke and John groaned but "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", He gave him six stingers before he took some cream from the side table and anointing his cock and John's anus he entered him from behind. We girls knew all about a cock in the bum having enjoyed this bounty ourselves but had never seen two men do it to each other. Peter held John's hips as he fucked him.. John groaned as Peter entered with the pain but soon seemed to enjoy it. John fondled his own cock at the same time before Linda went down and sucked it. I knew what an arse fucking was because James and I enjoyed it frequently but this really was new to me. Eventually with a final thrust I saw Peter stiffen and come into John both crying out with pleasure. he gently removed his cock and repaired to the bathroom to clean it ready for later adventures.

John said that he hoped that we hadn't minded but they had been wanting to fuck each other for such a long time but never had the chance. Now he wanted James to cane Peter hard while he watched. James was happy to oblige and he took up a cane while Peter bent over the back of a chair. His buttocks were white and ripe for a good thrashing and James was prepared to give it to him.

"W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", the cane lashed down "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", still more until he had received two dozen and his bum was covered with dark red lines. He cried out in pain towards the end but made no move and when James stopped and lifted him to his feet everybody clapped.

Now it was a free for all with us ladies being spanked . I went over John's legs and he thrashed my eager bottom with his hand while my hands played with his cock. He was clearly ready to do justice and after a few minutes stood me up, bent me over the back of the chair and was into me like a rabbit. I was so ready that as soon as his fingers parted my labia I helped him me.. I remember even now how I needed his cock. It was long and thicker than my husband's and searched my depths. This was not one to hurry and he began to build up a steady rhythm. The others watched and were soon clapping as he seemed to be fucking me for ever. I was cumming down my legs as my spend washed out. As the clapping from the others got faster and the cheering louder so it was time and I felt John tense before drawing my body to him he gave a final thrust and I was inundated with his sperm.

Now the others took up the challenge and while we rested we watched them. James had Linda on her back and was deep as she wrapped her legs round his body grasping him tight as she reciprocated his heel and toe strokes. Peter was on his back being ridden for all she was worth by Diana. Facing his feet her bum was within his range and his fingers soon found her anus and he gave her a bum fuck in support of her actions. This was what we had intended when we set up the weekend and these were exactly the couples we would enjoy.

lesbians playingAfter all this activity it was back to the pool where we played and rested for an hour or more with no real action until, as I lay there sleeping I felt my legs spread and a wicked tongue exploring me. I was surprised when I saw that it was Diana. She knew exactly how to give me the most pleasure and soon I was crying out as spasms of pleasure flooded through me. This was the first time I had experienced a full lesbian sucking and, I am ashamed to say surpassed anything a man could offer. I decided to join her and told her to turn when I could reciprocate. It was not long before Linda joined and as she came over my face the chain was complete. I parted her pussy and saw that she was ready for me to use my tongue on her. I gently reamed it around before finding the tip of her clitty which was hard and VERY responsive. We kept on playing for several minutes only stopping when we heard a cry from the me. We untangled ourselves and looked across to see an amazing sight. Bending over the back of the loungergay thriple was my husband with John's cock firmly up his bum while John in his turn was impaled by Peter. I had never seen my husband buggered before but there was no doubt he was enjoying the experience. The sounds they were making as their bodies slapped together sounded as though the were clapping so we girls joined in the apparent applause. The men took no notice of us and so I picked up a cane and went behind."W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", I lashed the cane down across his bum. The other two girls came an taking the cane from me each gave him the same, first Linda,"W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", and then Diana "W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !",W H I P P !", C R A A C K K !", he did not seem to resent the cane but it only drove him to thrusting harder and deeper. Finally even their endeavours had to end at it was Peter who gave the final driving thrust into John which brought the bout to a satisfactory end. After this we all fell into the pool to remove the sweat and cool off. The afternoon was finished and we went up to the kitchen where plenty of food had been left. It was evening now so we took our sandwiches, and wine into the lounge and rested naked chatting among ourselves. Finally my husband called everybody to order.

"Thank you ladies and gentlemen for what has been a wonderful time. This has been a perfect christening of our new house. Now we will retire to bed but in a slightly different way. Put on your robes and we will go downstairs again. "

He led the party downstairs and past the pool to the locked door. He unfastened it and switched on the lights. As we went in everybody cried out with amazement. This was the dungeon but what was so impressive was that the walls were glass and, in the centre was a huge canopied bed. It must have been fifteen feet wide and twelve feet long and wide enough for all of us to play.

Welcome to the playroom - I prefer that name to dungeon. Here we will spend the night and PLAY. As I said when you first came we have no inhibitions. Sex will be our guiding light and our bodies belong to everybody. group orgy (this picture by courtesy of I cannot remember much about the night except that I was either sucking or being fucked sometimes by one sometimes two and I even had all three of my orifices filled at some point. All I remember is that at some point we did all sleep!.

The night ended and we took a dip in the pool before dressing and having breakfast served by the servants who had returned that morning. We saw our guests off and James and I took stock. It had been perfect! This pattern continued for the next couple of years before tragedy struck and James was killed while taking part in an air race. I closed the house down and moved to our central London apartment where I lived for the next ten years.

During the war I had an appointment at The War Office which kept me busy and it was only when I began to feel lonely in 1946 that I started to meet young unattached women of my own class again. There were plenty of those about at this time and I decided to reopen the house for private parties. Ladies only for now. Soon it was clear that the group wanted more than lesbian sex and many were also keen spankees. Eventually I met another James who was a semi-professional spanker and rather good at it. He was also VERY good in bed. It was then that I decided on my club The Parents Night. We have now stabilized with a lovely group of ladies and James who serves all of our needs. he is a fully fledged member and receives a substantial stipend for his exclusive services to me and the club members.