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The Disciplinarian

It was well into Saturday afternoon and the tow ladies, Rachel and Thelma had been spanked and fucked by me in my private dungeon. This was at my cottage in the country where I had privacy and had built myself a comprehensive dungeon designed for pain and pleasure for ladies. These tow were the first to use it, although Rachel when she had visited on her own several weeks ago had experienced some of it. Now after a break for drinks part 2 of the afternoon session would begin. I would just add that these two ladies were flagellants who enjoyed being thrashed as well as plenty of sex!,/p>

"Well ladies it is time to restart are afternoon activities. My cock is now fully charged prepared and your bottoms have had a rest. Rachel - last time you visited we went horseriding. Well you are again to have the chance - with a difference! "

I walked over to the far corner of the shed and whipped a cover off of an item. The girls both gasped as this was a riding horse , similar to the ones that jockeys train on BUT there was one addition. In the centre of the saddle protruding upright was a dildo. It was a long thick one, designed to daunt all but the most brave-hearted.

"Will you mount Rachel? "

riding crop Rachel climbed into the saddle and with her legs in the stirups either side she prepared herself to descend on the dildo. I told her to wait and I coated the dildo with lots of cream it help her. She eased down onto the monster. She gasped as she tried to take it all in. Now she grasped the two handles in front of (instead of reins and Thelma and I saw a magnificent sight. Rachel's bum was bent in such a position that it screamed to be beaten. I then shocked her by pressing a button and the animal aced just like a real horse. Rachel rose and fell with it and I took up a long riding crop with a whalebone centre to it. "W H I P P !", "S P L L A A T T!", I cracked it home across her bum. She cried out as the tautness of her buttocks accentuated the effect. "W H I P P !", "S P L L A A T T!", "W H I P P !", "S P L L A A T T!", "W H I P P !", "S P L L A A T T!", I lay the strokes on with a will making sure that the whole fleshy bum was well and truly served. Soon her buttocks were covered with new rash of lines. She roared out

"MORE, MORE! I love it! HARDER!"

I went on thrashing her bum while I watched her rising and falling on the dildo. It was clear that she was having orgasm after orgasm. The dildo was fucking her deep but also the button ridge inside was rubbing her clitoris.. "W H I P P !", "S P L L A A T T!", "W H I P P !", "S P L L A A T T!", "W H I P P !", "S P L L A A T T!", I gave her another two dozen lashing whip strokes before I stopped the horse. She eased herself off the dildo and we eased her down from the horse. She was sore but triumphant and still on a high.

"That was incredible now the dildo reamed me and unlike a man it did not stop but kept up a steady stroke that I could not vary. It was different! Now I need your cock inside my bum!"

She bent forward and and presented to me. I parted her buttocks and saw the puckered rosette was ready to be entered. Thelma put some cream inside Rachel's arse, parted her ravaged bum cheeks and guided my cock to the secret entrance that waited for me. I knew that this would hurt because of the pain of her bum but I was also aware of the emotions that the pain and pleasure of the fuck and the soreness generate. I entered her slowly and deliberately before I took her hips in my hands and rogered her bum. She gasped with the initial pain as my pubic hair scraped over her bum but this was soon overtaken by the euphoria that a bum fuck generates in her

anal sexI rode her like a horse with her kneeling and me on her back as though I was a stallion servicing a mare. Soon we were both spent and ready for a rest. However before that I needed to satisfy Thelma who was eager to ride the horse. Rachel and I helped her to mount. She had little trouble inserting the dildo as it was well creamed with Rachel's cum. She sunk down with a "WOW" as it filled her to her innermost recesses

She bent forward and gripped the reins while I saw a magnificent bottom which, in spite of some punishment which in spite of earlier spanking, was ripe and ready to receive more. I set the motor going and immediately Thelma's bum rose and fell. I knew as I took up my whalebone riding crop and"W H I P P !", "S P L L A A T T!", "W H I P P !", "S P L L A A T T!", "W H I P P !", "S P L L A A T T!" started a long and hard tattoo . Her bum was soon covered with red lines which began to turn to purple. "W H I P P !", "S P L L A A T T!", "W H I P P !", "S P L L A A T T!", "W H I P P !", "S P L L A A T T!" I went on and on while Thelma cried out with her pleasure as well as the pain as the strokes seared home. Rachel stood in front of her encouraging both of us to keep going. I was happy to do so and Thelma was asking for "MORE" as I flogged her bottom. Eventually I decided that enough was enough and I stopped the motor. Rachel helped me lower Thelma to the ground. We all went to the bed and lay back while I filled three glasses with wine to refresh us.

I decided that we had done enough for the day and we dressed. I told the ladies they must wear nothing under their summer dresses and I took them to a small pub deep in the country for dinner. After dinner we returned to the cottage and we went into the lounge where I told them to remove their clothes. They were both quickly naked. I sat back in my armchair and said "Enjoy yourselves!"

Rachel looked at Thelma and smiled. They came together and were soon caressing each other while still standing. I watched as Thelma tongued Rachel while she in turn had her muff being explored. Rachel then walked to the table at the side and collected a strap on double dildo. She strapped it round her waist and, with the help of Thelma fastened it sliding the smaller prong into her own pussy. Thelma then bent over them back of the sofa and using some cream indicated she wanted the dildo in her arse. With the dildo well lubricated its passage through the puckered hole into the dark interior was soon facilitated. I was also naked and sat back playing with my cock as I watched the two ladies. Rachel took Thelma's hips and started fucking in earnest Thelma urged her on crying out with pleasure. The two two girls were soon on a high and I decided it was time for me to join the party so oiling my cock I approached Rachel and, moving the strap between her buttocks aside, I was able to find her anus. I oiled it and then penetrated her. She gasped as she felt it enter but did not stop her fucking of Thelma. Now we had a full daisy-chain with Rachel in the middle. I was fully refreshed and as soon as My cock was firmly lodged I powered home. Rachel encouraged me while Thelma encouraged Rachel and soon the only sounds to be heard were the slapping of our bodies and the cries of pleasure. I was the first to finish as with a final thrust I spurted my cum deep into the interior of Rachel. I rested a minute before with a plop my diminished cock left her. The two girls were not ready to stop and continued for several minutes longer before they also said that 'enough is enough' and disengaged. They removed the double dildo and laughing hugged and kissed before flopping back exhausted.

It was now time for bed and I soon found that both girls were going to share with me. Thelma had never seen my room so was very excited when she saw the mirrors on the walls and top of the bed.

It was not long before I found myself in the middle of a group as Thelma came over me and I saw her hairy cunt in front of my mouth while facing her Rachel brought my cock to stand and mounted me. She rode me gently at first while I was sucking and licking at Thelma. She was already having and orgasm and my face was covered with her spend. I licked her out and then taking some on my fingers inserted one, then two and finally three into her anus giving her a satisfying finger fuck! <.p>

Meanwhile Rachel was very busy as she rode me making sure that she lifted almost clear and then drove down. She kept this up for several minutes and, with my other distractions I held my self in check until Rachel felt me tense. She speeded up and I came into her. A very satisfying gout of sperm filled her to overflowing. Meanwhile Thelma had also come and satisfying me the two girls kissed and hugged as they remained on top of me. We all laughed as we looked in the various mirrors. Finally we disengaged and went to the jaccuzi and shower for a satisfying session. We returned to bed and selpt the rest of the night.

Sunday morning came and we rose and showered before we had breakfast. I then told the ladies to bend over the dining table while I inspected their bums and saw that although marked there was little to suggest that they could not accommodate more spanking. I then ordered them to remove their gowns and taking the four birches from the brine they should walk naked across to the wood and there they would find a log. They should wait there for me.

They left and I stopped for a glass of wine before following. I was going to test them this morning again, first with the cane and then with the birch. I collected my longest rattan which had knobs along its length and followed them. They were sitting on the log looking very apprehensive.

"Right ladies. This is the final session of the weekend and I intend that you remember it. Rachel you bend over the log facing me and Thelma you bend over the other side. "

They took their positions and I took up the cane. I was going to give them three dozen strokes each in tranches of twelve. Then it would be the birch as a finale!

I started with Rachel and enjoyed looking at a perfect bum glowing through the early morning sun as it waited for me to begin.

spanked bottom " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", this was a sighter but also a warning of my intent. Rachel did not flinch. " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !"

I was getting frustrated by now so took up my rattan with the bands of bone along its length. I checked her bum and again massaged and felt her. Her pussy was certainly reacting even if she was not. " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", . I finished off the first twelve and then moved behind Thelma. The same again " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", just to finish the session. The two ladies now had sore, marked bottoms but it was clear they were both ready for more. They seemed to be challenging each other.

Two more sets of twelve each and now each bum really showed my intensive caning. They were heavily marked and those marks were turning purple. I was proud however that my aim had been true and that it was the buttocks, not the back and thighs!. Now it was time for the birch!

I told the girls to remain in position and took the first birch out of the bucket of brine. These were not fearsome birches but would sting and mark!

Again in turn I worked over them "S W I I S S H H, S P L A A T T !", the birch landed. softly, albeit on a an already sore bum."S W I I S S H H, S P L A A T T !","S W I I S S H H, S P L A A T T !", I gave each of them a dozen. I told them to remain in position and I removed my trousers and pants and then as my cock was primed I scooped UP some cream I had brought and pushed it into Rachel's anus. My cock followed and she accepted it easier that had Rachel when when we first had anal sex. I fucked her backside with my pubic hair snubbing her sore bum. She cried out at first but it was mainly the pleasure of an anal fuck rather than the pain of my body on her bum. I removed before I came and moved across to Thelma who was also willing and eager for my cock. It was here that I finally came and felt that a satisfying weekend was ending on a high.

I told the girls to go and shower and dress as we were now leaving. We keft at about noon and stopped for a lte lunch before I drove them both home. As I left them I thought that all of us this had been an exciting weekend and i was sure that I would now have an enjoyable time with two willing ladies for a long time into the future.

This is the final Part of A Computer malfunction