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A Computer Malfunction - Three is Company


The Disciplinarian

I had been out of the courty on busines for three weeks and had now returned to the office. One of my first priorities was to check with Rachel, my head of Computers on progress - as well as other more intimate discussions!

At twelve noon there was a knock on the door and when I said to enter as I guessed it was Rachel with a pile of folders under in her arms.

"Reporting as requested Sir with all the documents you requested.

I locked the door behind her and took the papers and put them on the desk.

"My secretary is away at lunch until 1 pm so we have a few minutes to insect everything."

I went over and kissed her then told her to remove her skirt. She did so and I saw that she was wearing long hold ups but no knickers.

"I hope this is suitable Sir, I did not want to waste any of your time."

She bent over the end of the table fetch a paper and I saw the taut bum back to its white best. There was no marks left from her visit to my cottage three weeks ago. I went behind and caressed her bum cheeks. I parted the fig of her pussy and tested the interior before I parted the cheeks and viewed her anus. She was clearly ready for me

She removed my trousers and underpants and went down on her knees sucking away at my cock. cock suckingI was soon primed and she turned round and offered her pussy to me. I was eager to oblige and was quickly lodged inside. I slid in through her ready vaginal lips and fould the warm interior already awash. I took her hips in my hands and began to fuck. I was so ready after the weeks of abstinence that I knew I would not be able to last long. I was right and it was only minutes before I came into her. As always she squeezed my cock with her vaginal muscles.

" I am afraid that is all we have time for today as my secretary will soon be returning and I have several weeks work to catch up on. Can you come to the cottage this weekend.?"

Yes of course, and I have friend who will be happy to join us if you wish. I think you will enjoy having two ladies to deal with. Would you like her to come. I don't think that you will be disappointed!"

I agreed and we washed and cleaned ourselves before, when my secretary returned we were going over the computer results she had brought. It had been a satisfactory business trip and now my private life was beginning to look intereting. I put the latter out of my mind and concentrated on the company business!

Eventually a very busy week came to an end and it was Friday afternoon. I was meeting Rachel and her friend in the underground car park as before and we would drive straight off to the cottage. The ladies were waiting and I saw from a quick glimpse that Rachel's friend Thelma was also very attractive.

We drove away and, as before stopped for groceries at a supermarket. This time we also had a meal at a motorway restaurant so he did not need to prepare an evening meal. I had agreed with Rachel that she would share my bed while we were at the cottage and her friend could then use the second bedroom.At present we had no idea how to play the weekend but I knew from Rachel that Thelma was a spankee who enjoyed hard discipline as well as sex.

When we arrived I parked the car and allowed Rachel to show Thelma her bedroom and explain the orientation of the house. The two girls had a chance to chat before we met in the lounge. I had three glasses and a bottle of wine ready. We all sat down and Rachel looked at me to set the stage.

"Good evening ladies and welcome to my home. Just to put you in the picture Thelma, Rachel and I have a very intense sexual, erotic and spanking relationship. She thought that it would be nice to bring another girl to join us and I understand that you are friends and have similar interests. I hope that this true and if so I can promise you an interesting and exciting weekend, otherwise I will take you back home immediately. The decision is yours! Do you want to stay or not?

Thelma smiled and sid that she wanted to stay.

"Rachel and I are good friends and we know each other's needs well. She may not have told you but I am a flagellant so enjoy being beaten. I also enjoy hetrosexual and lesbian sex - as Rachel is aware - so you need not worry about me needing any special treatment.. I hope that this reassures you!"

"I was never in doubt but needed to make sure. Shall we see what we can offer. Let us undress - why not one at a time so we can all watc. I will start."

cockI stood up and unfastened my belt while the ladies sat back and watched avidly. I dropped my trousers, and after removing my shoes stepped out of my trousers. Now I took off my shirt so that I was standing in just my underpants and socks. Both girls giggled as they saw that my pants were finding it difficult to restrain my cock. Finally my pants came off and I was naked! My cock stood out proud and firm with the purple head already ready for action. I rubbed it and then told the girls that they needed to ready themselves. It was Rachel first stripped. She had a loose dress on and quickly unfastened the buttons and shrugged out of it. She now had only her brassiere and pants and unhooked her bra and let it drop. Her breasts were tipped with firm nipples which were hard. Now she stood in front of me and hooked her fingers into her knickers. Slowlt she lowered them below her thighs and they slid to the floor. I was still gently rubbing my cock and turned to Thelma.

"Now it is your turn!"

female masturbationThelma unzipped her skirt and it dropped down. Rachel and I gasped as Thelma was not wearing any knickers. She smiled and touched her pussy before removing her blouse. Her pubic area was well formed and covered with a dark thatch of hair. Her outer lips showed through and dew on her forest suggested that she was already in the mood! She had no brassiere and her large proud breasts jutted out from her body. they looked more mature than Rachel's as well as heavier and had dark aureoles surrounding the nuts of her rigid nipples. Now we were all three naked and there were decisions to be made!

It was not left to me and soon Thelma had dropped down between my legs and my shaft was in her mouth. She had a superb technique and was soon sucking me as though her life depended on it. Rachel just waited smiling. She bent over and presented her back view with her fingers caressing her pussy. She knew her turn would soon come. I was now also eager so withdrew my cock from Thelma's mouth and headed for the sofa where Rachel's was bending over presenting for my 'approval'!. I was well primed and my cock ented her nest as though I was a homing pigeon. I slid in through the engorged out labia lips and was soon deep into her. She grunted once as I reached the final destination and then waited. I also waited for a minute and then started the in and out motion which pistons a cock into a cunt. I felt like a giant and I powered home faster and harder while Rachel was crying out for me to continue fucking her. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Thelma was not wasting time and she had a large dildo she had produced doing the same for her. Both girls were on a high- as was I and it was not too long before I felt the warning signs that I was ready. Hot flushes and weakening calves and thighs showed the way and I gave three or more hard thrusts before I came. I felt my come spurt into Rachel and I drove home several times more to ensure that I was empty. Rachel squeezed the last few drop and now completely flaccid my cock dropped out. As I stood back I saw the cum oozing out of her vagina while she continued to lie there exhausted and fulfilled.

Meanwhile Thelma had also ended her private session.

Now it was the time for some discipline and I decided that I would test Thelma first. I told her to bend over the back of the sofa as I was going to give her two dozen with the cane. This would be followed with a similar number for Rachel. I was back in charge!

Thelma best over as instructed and I could see that the large fleshy bum would be an ideal foil for my cane. I therefore decided that these would be testers to see whether her boast of being a flagellant had credence. I took the medium cane and caressing her bum and fingering her pussy I prepared

" W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", this was a sighter but also a warning of my intent. Thelma did not finch. " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", I continued for five more strokes and still there was little sign of marks on Thelma's bum or any real movement from her. Maybe her boast was correct" The next six strokes were even harder but produced little more effect.

I was getting frustrated by now so took up my rattan with the bands of bone along its length. I checked her bum and again massaged and felt her. Her pussy was certainly reacting even if she was not. " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", . This instrument seemed to cause some reaction as well as marking her with the first strong lines I had seen. Now they were standing out and after the initial red turning to purple. I gave her a few more " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", " W H I I P P !, C R A A C C K K !", just to finish the session and then as my cock was primed I scooped UP some cream and pushed it into her anus. My cock followed and I could tell that this was no new experience as she accepted it easier that had Rachel when when we first had anal sex. I fucked her backside with my pubic hair snubbing her sore bum. She cried out at first but it ws mainly the pleasure of an anal fuck rather than the pain of my body on her bum.

It was time for Rachel who although patient was getting frustrated. I told her kneel on the chair with her body over the back. Her bum in this position was taut and I knew the cane would soon bring her to her peak. I thrashed home and heard a sharp indrawal of breath. The next six brought no reaction however and I topped up to two dozen. Before. I lifted her off the chair, lay her back on the sofa and spreading her legs fucked her as though there was no tomorrow. <.p>

Both girls were now satisfied and it was time for bed. We had an informal shower and Thelma retired to the second bedroom while Rachel slept with me.

We did not have an early morning but rose at about nine am when the girls cooked breakfast for us. They wer wearing loose shifts which concealed little and my shorts made it clear my own, eventual expectations.

birch twigsLadies you have a duty to perform. You will remove your gowns, and while naked will walk across tho the wood on the other side of the lawn. There you will find a stand of birches withies. You will select 50 of these each about 40 inches (1 metre) long cut a bundle. You will then bring them back to the house and fasten them into bundles of ten. Tape the ends tightly and then put coloure lace around them three pink and two blue. When you have finished you will stand them in the brine bucket just outside.Is that lear. You will ahve one hour to cut and bind the birches. You will then dress in a chiffon dress that you will find upstairs and wear NOTHING underneath. No brassiere, knickers or stockings. They both confirmed that they understood and removing their shifts left for the wood

back viewI watched as they went across to the wood. The birch cope was quite cclear to see and they were soon busy cutting and collecting the birch twigs. These were straight with just a few buds standing out from the sides. It took nearly half an hour before they had finished and the they returned to the kitchen. It was a lovely morning so the fact that they were naked caused no problems for them. On their return they first gathered the twigs into bundles of ten. Then rachel held each bundle while Thelma wrapped, first string and then thick garden tape tightly around the top. Soon they had the five birches ready and then had to decide on which would be which colour. They were sure there was a reason but they could not guess what it was. Eventually they decided and the finished birches were place upright in the brine bucket.. This would make them swell and thinking was that it would make them sting harder.

Now was time for pleasure so I told the girls to dress and be ready within a few minutes as we were going to spend the morning on the river and then have lunch at an inn nearby. They were dressedin no time and it was wonderful to see their bodies shimmering through the flimsy dress. No underclothes made it even more titillating to anybody who saw them - Were they, Weren't they- that is the question they would ask themselves..


The morning soon passed and luchtime was enjoyable with roast dinner and a full bottle of wine. The girls were trying to find out what the afternoon had in store but I would not say and I had told Rachel not to mention the dungeon to Thelma. I wanted it to be a surprise, as well as other surprises for Rachel as well!

I drove back and told the ladies to remove their dress and replace it with the robes in their rooms. Soon they were ready and waiting in the lounge.

We walked over to the shed with the bucket of birches. I opened the door and switched on the lights. Rachel knew what to expect but for Thelma it was a complete surprise. She gasped as she looked round "Wow! I cannot believe what I am seeing!"

I explained that this was totally private and confidential and she and Rachel were the only two ladies who knew ore were involved with me. I would decide what instruments and furniture was to be used and I would also decide on the severity.. To start I wanted on Thelma on the bench where I would thrash her with the birch while Rachel I would fasten to the ceiling by the brackets and she would receive a caning. Thelma laid down and Rchel and I fastened her in position. The buttocks were superbly positioned, forced up by the ridge in the centre. I covered her eyes with a blindfold. I now took Rachel over to where brackets were hanging from the ceiling and soon she was fastened by the wrists and her ankles parted by a leg spreader. Again I used a blindfold and then hoisted her to the ceiling so that her feet just touched the ground! Both ladies were now at my mercy.

birchesI went to the corner a fetched a birch rod from the brine bucket. I shook off most of the water and then returned to Thelma's side. I had made sure that while doing everything I had moved silently so that neither of the girls was aware of what was to happen. "S W I S H H !, S P L L A A T T!", the first blow landed across the bare bum of Thelma. I expected little reaction as the birch seems to be gentle at first but the pain builds as the many strands each takes its own course. "S W I S H H !, S P L L A A T T!", "S W I S H H !, S P L L A A T T!", "S W I S H H !, S P L L A A T T!", "S W I S H H !, S P L L A A T T!", Her bum looked like a crowd of ants had walked over it. No thick lines but lots of thin stripes. I continued until she had received two dozen and then I felt between her legs. Her pussy was awash with her spend and, as I toucched her clitty she groaned with pleasure.

Now it was time for Rachel and I took a martinet with its dozen thin boot-laces which stung and marked almost like a cane. I gripped the laces and then with a firm flick brought them down across her bum cheeks.. Like the birch the main effect was the frequent and constant drip drip of the lines. Not painful at first but just irritating. Eventually this became a constant pain .which throbbed through the buttocks. I administered fifty or so strokes. By the end Rachel's bum was sore but not damaged. There was still plenty of work which could be done.

I released both girls and told them to bend over the back of the sofa. Two warm red bottoms with ripe pussies. What more could a man want and I took my cock and presented it to Rachel' labial lips. I thrust home and soon found that she was ready for me. I started fucking and it was not long be fore she was beginning to gasp with pleasure. I was not finished however and switched to Thelma. Her I penetrated the thicket before I was home. Again, ;ike Rachel she was ready for me and, as I fucked her so she squeezed my cock. Rachel meanwhile was playing with her pussy. For several minutes I treated the girls in turn until I was nearly ready. I withdrew from Thelma and taking up a cane gave both of them six hard sharp strokes. I then entered Rachel again and shot my load into her. She gasped at the sharp pain followed by the pleasure of my cock. Thelma I helped using my fingers.

lesbiansI now told the girls to go to the bed and enjoy themselves. I had never seen a full lesbian performance and sat back to enjoy this. as I knew they both enjoyed play with their own sex. First the kissed each other before Rachel went down between Thelma's legs I could see that she was deep inside Thelma's pussy and Thelma was bucking under the experience. She came and then turned round and went down on Rachel so that now they were in a 'soisante-neuf' or 'sixty nine' Both girls were enjoying the chance to play with each other and I just sat back and played with my cock gently as the activities developed. Rachel went over to a side table and collected one of the harness dildos I had bought. Thelma helped her to attach it before bending over. The dildo was was a double,larger than a cock it had a smaller leg which fitted Rachel's own pussy. It took some time to push it home but with willing participants and wet cunts they soon dealt with the problem. It was not long before Rachel was fucking away with a will with Thelma as the eager receipiant. I was fascinated as the action went on for nearly ten minutes before the girls both gave best, came and then subsided gasping with pleasure.

I took them glasses of wine and told them to rest for a time as the rest of the afternoon belonged to me!

The rest of the weekend is in the Final Part -Part 4