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A Computer Malfunction - Visiting the Cottage


The Disciplinarian

I tidied my desk and taking up my briefcase left the office. I did not expect much time for work but it always looked better.. I took the lift dow to the basement and looked around. Rachel was standing in a dark corner dressed in slacks and sweater with a head-scarf which hung over one shoulder. Even in the dim light she was VERY attractive and I was looking forward to the weekend.

I welcomed her. It was rather stilted as neither of us was sure of what might happen. An afternoon session was one thing but a long weekend another. I was confident all would be well however and we drove away. from the office. I told her we needed to pick up food for the weekend as I usually only went there once a month and had not arranged with my cleaner to stock up!

We stopped and collected our supplies before continuing on to my cottage. It was about forty miles from London and a couple of miles from the nearest village. It was completely isolated and the entrance was through a grove of trees which screened it from view. It was situated in five acres of land with a high hedge surrounding it. I value my privacy and when I saw this for sale I knew that it was for me. We drove up to the front door and I opened it while Rachel unloaded the groceries.

We entered I gave her a hug and a kissed and welcomed her to my 'hidey hole'. "Nobody knows of this so we will not be disturbed. Let me show you round before we get supper. There was a large lounge with an electric fire against the wall. A low table, several easy chairs and a long luxurious sofa. The picture window looked out on the garden which was almost all grass with a few fruit trees. We went into the kitchen which was modern and fully fitted before I led her upstairs.

"I have two bedrooms, a large bathroom and a toilet. on this floor. Let me say immediately that this bedroom is yours for weekend and whether you choose to use it is up to you!"

We went into a large airy bedroom with a king-sized bed. a dressing table and cupboards. We then entered the bathroom which was my pride and joy. It had a large double shower and a jacuzzi.

I then showed her my bedroom. It was the largest of the rooms with a four poster bed. There appeared to be fitted cupboards along three of the sides of the room while the fourth had a large picture window overlooking the countryside.. We did not linger but went downstairs and back to the lounge for a drink before getting supper. Neither of us was sure as to what might happen and so we soon finished supper and returned to the lounge for coffee and drinks. Rachel excused herself and went upstairs. She was away for ten minutes and then she returned. While away she had changed her clothes and now was wearing a loose house fress and no stockings or shoes. The dress was low at the front and it was clear that she was not wearing a brassiere.

"I thought that I would make my self comfortable. If you stand I up I will do the same for you."

I stood up and Rachel unfastened the buttons of my shirt and removed it. Then the belt of my trouser befor slipping them to the ground and off my feet. There was no need for a further introduction as my und rpants were looking like the were containing a pole. She knelt down and eased them over my cock which looked like a barber's pole as it stood proud, erect and ready for business. She gave it one kiss and then standing up herself shrugged her dress from her shoulders. No need for more as she was naked underneath and her unveiling showed all of her treasures. !

She turned round displaying herself "Do I please you Sir?"

As I looked I saw the faint marks which were still left on her bum from the caning in the office earlier in the week. She came over and presented her bum ,"For your inspection Sir!".

I fingered her arse and gently opened the cheeks so that I could inspect her pussy and anus. Both were ripe and ready for pleasure - and pain!.I drew her towards the sofa and took her over my knees. I then began to spank hard and fast so that she cried out with the sting. However it was clear that this was not a cry to stop but to continue harder even.

fucking kneelingI went on spanking before lifting her to her feet. My cock was now hard and as she looked at it she could see what I wanted so bent over the back of the sofa gripping the cushions. I held my cock and presented it to the ready entrance which glistened with cum and was eager for me to enter. I slid home without any trouble into her slick interior. She was already calling out with pleasure as I started to ram into her. I was so aroused that my sole concentration was on the fucking and I went in and out like a power ram. Rachel was calling out to me to keep going and I tried to hold myself back so that we could both come together. Soon I felt the familiar weakening of the knees and the welling up and I steadied myself, gave a dozen hard fucks and came. I felt my spunk squirt into her interior and as I powered down so her vaginal muscles squeezed me until I was dry.

Rachel was also exhausted and after I withdrew we both lay back and contemplated what we had done.!

Rachel spoke first. "I have never been fucked like that before. I thought the office fuck was good but this was marvellous. Now I need the cane laid on good and hard to finish me off.

She stood up and going across to the small table took up a long whippy cane. "This one I think!"

She handed it to me and returned to the back of the sofa. "Remember I said lay it on I NEED a hard caning!".

I took up the cane she handed me and wiping the palm of my hand grasped it firmly while I lined up her bum. She wanted it hard so I would give it to her hard!

caned bottom"C R A A C C K!" the first line was laid across her bum. It was a white before turning to a fiery red."C R A A C C K!", "C R A A C C K!". I looked at her bum. Three perfect red lines which were ruled as though by a ruler. "C R A A C C K!", "C R A A C C K!"."C R A A C C K!", "C R A A C C K!". I stopped again and inspected. The earlier marks were looking to turn purple while the later ones were already red.

"Oh my God its magic. Six more please.!"

I delivered the last six as hard as the rest and she collapsed on the sofa.. "I have been needing a thrashing like that for years and could never find anybody to do it. The sting of the cane is just what I needed. Can we go to your bedroom now as I can tell that we both need some relief!"

I smiled as she saw that my cock was really ready to engage in action so I was quickly on the move. We went upstairs and into my bedroom.. Rachel lay face down on the bed while I went to the cupboard doors and turned them. She looked up and gasped as she saw that far from being doors to cupboards these were reversible mirrors and their exposure showed the two of us from all directions. I told her to look up and she gasped as she saw that the top of my four poster was also a mirror and that her bum was shown in all its painful glory.

She laughed and told me to lie back as the next minutes were hers. I lay beside her before she rose over me. She faced my feet and her bum was in front of my eyes. She sucked my cock to full stand and then opening her pussy she eased herself down on top of me. As I looked at her bum I gently parted her sore cheeks and saw that her anus was ripe and ready for me. meanwhile Rachel was rising and falling on my cock. Never too fast, never too slow but just keeping me eager for her to continue. She rose and fell and I drove up against her to make sure my cock was deep into her. We seemed to go on for ever but both of us knew that it was coming to its explosive final. Rachel was frenzied and I was pushing fast until with a sudden surge Rachel drove down and I came at the same moment. I pushed my cock home as I spurted into her ready receptacle. She laughed as she watched herself in the mirrors and then lay beside my looking up to the glass ceiling where we were both to be seen lying exhausted. My cock was lying soft and drooped over my pubis while Rachel was gently caressing her pussy

We stayed there for nearly half an hour before we decided to try the jacuzzi so went across to the bathroom. Lying face to face while we played it was a wonderful half hour. Rachel commented on her sore bum so we then repaired to the shower where I made sure that her pussy and bum were well soaped and massaged before she went down between my legs and sucked my cock.. We dried each other and retired to my bedroom where we went to bed and slept the rest of the night

The next morning we went down to breakfast wearing just our skins and Rachel cooked us an English breakfast to sustain us throughout the day. As she bent over the ttable to fetch the eggs I could not resist inspecting her. It looked sore but fortunately not damaged in any way. I held her down and gave her a few spanks to her bum and she squealed with pleasure. However for both of us 'feeding the inner person' was the most important job.

After we had coffee in the lounge and told Rachel that we would go for a drive and then have lunch at a small pub I knew where the home cooked food was excellent. I added that it would be a busy afternoon!

We drove to the local stables where I rode when I was in the area. Rachel had said that she could ride so we rented two horses and went for a quite hack across the downs. We spent a couple of hours in the saddle before returning.

We drove to the pub and had a convivial meal and a drink. After this we drove home and I told Rachel that she would share my secret.

We went upstairs, undressed and put on robes. Racehel was puzzled but I would not give her a hint of what was to happen.

We went outside to a large shed. This shed had no windows and a lock as well as a padlock on the door. I did not want anybody entering, and even my cleaner had no idea of its use. I put it about that I had some equipment in there which was too delicate to risk being damaged. I made Rachel wear a blindfold and took her hand as we entered.

spanking horseI opened up and switched the lights on before locking the door behind us. I removed Rachel 's blindfold and gasped in amazement as this was a fully fitted dungeon! I had assembled everything myself. I took her round to inspect everything. Along one wall was an array of spanking instruments, including canes, straps, tawses, paddles, floggers, martinets etc'. Another wall had a ladder fastened to it with straps at the top and halfway down. Ropes with cuffs hung from the ceiling and in, the centre of the room, were a long flogging bench and a spanking horse.

Rachel looked round in awe. "Are we going to use these - I hope so!"

I felt relieved as, until she had entered, I had no idea how far we could go. Spanking and sex is one thing but real SM and Bondage is another level.

I led her over to the ladder first and made her stand on the lowest rung while I fastened her wrists to the cuffs at the top. She was now stretched and her calves and thighs tensed with her position. I covered her eyes with a blind-fold. I said nothing and quietly walked over an collected a flogger, paddle and cane from the rack, I returned to her side and used the flogger to warm her up. Soft and pliable it does not sting but stimulates in preparation for the other instruments. Next I took the paddle and this is a solid instrument which covers and area of the bottom. I began to '"S P P L L A A T T !" beat her bottom with it. It is an instrument with a beautiful sound as it lands across both bum cheeks. It can hit one or both buttocks and has an excellent sting. Twenty of these and her bum was red.

I unfastened her and took her to the spanking horse She bent over it and I fastened her ankles to the straps at the back corners and her wrists to the brackets at the front. She was now totally immobilised. This is the perfect position and place for a good hard thrashing as the bum cheeks are tight as they rest in position. I went behind and massaged the reddened bum cheeks and inspected her pussy and anus before taking up the taking up the cane. Her pussy was already wet with her spend and it was dripping down the inside of her thighs. while her anus was clearly just as ready. Her bum had already started recovering from the previous night and was able to take a full lashing from the cane I made sure that a jar of gel was at hand. before I started.

paddle"C R A A C K K !" I decided that I would build up as we had a long weekend so I caned hard "C R A A C K K !" , "C R A A C K K !" but not overly so. I gave her a dozen strokes which accentuated the marks from yesterday without overdoing it. I now gave her a dozen more and I could tell that she was very randy and eager for more than the cane so I took up the gel and squeezing some on my fingers I slipped my well lubricated finger into it into her anus. It was tight and so I used a second and then a third finger to widen it a little. She cried out with excitement

"Bugger me NOW please!"

I lost no time as my cock was already ready and I presented it at the entrance. Slowly steady my hardness was pressed against the tiny hole. I felt her stretch as her puckered rosette adjusted to my cock and I slid in. She spread wider and groaned as I entered her but she was also enjoying it as much as I was. Soon I was fully installed and my pubic hair rubbed on her sore buttocks. Once she was filled she was loving every minute. I lay across her back before I started to fuck. I felt like a fucking machine as I powered in and out encouraged my Rachel who was urging me on!

She could not touch herself as she was firmly fastened so I put one of my hands round a nd stroked her clitty. She was now totally out of control and was bucking and screaming with pleasure

"Don't stop! Please don't stop! God this is wonderful."

I fucked away until I felt I was nearly ready and then withdrew, unfastened her from the bench and taking her to the bed in the corner of the room I spread her legs and thrust deeply into her eager pussy. I slipped in easily and deeply and soon we fucking away while she wrapped her legs around ny back ad drew me in ever deeper. We were now both on a high and I felt my climax coming. This was the first since early morning and I was going to present a full load when I eventually came. My legs stiffened I and I knew that now was the moment. My body was flushed with pleasure and I drove deep and hard with my final thrusts while I came. As I expected I gave Rachel a full load which filled her to overflowing. It oozed out from her vagina while her internal vaginal muscles milked me of my last drops. They held me in place locked into her body for a several moments before she released me.

We both collapsed with the excitement and energy we had put into the fuck and lay back on the bed totally exhausted. I had brought a bottle of wine and we had a couple of glasses each to recharge our batteries

Rachel giggled

"Whoever would have thought that a computer malfunction would produce this result. I am loving everything that is happening. Can we try the long bench now?"

I had not been sure whether she was ready for more but eagerly agreed. I had never tried it before having seen a copy of a torture rack and I had tried to reproduce a similar thing.

I agreed and took her over to the bench. I explained that she should lie along it face down with her being wrists fastened to the top corners and her ankles to the bottom. There was a bulge in the centre where her stomach would be and this would lift her bum so that it stood proud and clear from her body and was ready for a thrashing.. She shuddered at the words but said that it was just what she needed.

"You must promise me that this will be a very hard caning. I have always felt that I am a flagellant and have never been able to test my limits. My bum is sore but is still ready for more. Push me to my limit!"

flogging benchShe walked over to the bench and lay face down on it spreading her arms and legs wide. I fastened her ankles and wrists in place and made sure that her body was placed correctly. her bum rose like a hill above the rest of her and I could see the marks of the cane strokes. I fastened a blindfold over her eyes.

I decided to use the flogger first and spent the next few minutes gently caressing her back, thighs, calves and buttocks with it. This stimulates and I soon tried my hands between her legs.. The pussy lips were ripes and the engorged fig was already oozing cum. I touched her clitty and knew that she was ready. I went to the side and took up a medium cane. A long flogging did not need the deep bruising that the heavier can would produce. I whipped it through the air a few times so that she could hear and prepare herself. I caressed her bum a couple of times and the "W H I I P P! C R A A C K K !" the cane landed. Its trail left a white line acros both cheeks."W H I I P P! C R A A C K K !" ,"W H I I P P! C R A A C K K !" ,the cane rose and fell.. The white turned to red and the red to puce as I struck. One dozen and the lines were etched in red, "W H I I P P! C R A A C K K !" ,"W H I I P P! C R A A C K K !" two dozen and the red was changing colour. Still I went on. There was no sound, other than grunts, from Rachel but her bottom was looking like a disaster area. The whole area was now scarred with lines criss-crossing the lovely plump buttocks.

I decided that whatever her wishes it was time to stop so I moved to her front and presented my cock to her face. I was hard and, as I probed forwards, I could tell that Rachel was in a euphoria which encompassed every sexual act. She took me deep into her mouth and was soon sucking and playing with me. I pushed in and out and with her help it was not long before I sent a load ito her mouth making her splutter with the large amount I ejaculated.

It was time to stop and I unfastened Rachel and wrapping her robe around her I took her back to the house. She walked stiffly because of the pain in her bum. We went up to my bedroom and I lay her face down on my bed while took a large bottle of baby oil and gently massaged it in. She rested there looking at my actions in the mirrors. I was gentle as I had no wish to hurt her more than she was already. She smiled, drew me down and kissed me using her tongue and thrusting it into my mouth.

"Thank you it has been wonderful and the final caning on the bench was superb. I felt myself drifting into a deep, deep hole where I no longer felt the pain but only the pleasure OF the pain - if you can understand that onundrum!. I know now that sex, spanking and domination are part of my life and I hope that we can continue for a long time. I ask no commitment just that we can continue as we are for as long as we enjoy each other. I have other friends who enjoy the same as I do and maybe I can bring one of them with us next time.. I am sure that you will enjoy the experience. NOW I need a good fucking before I take a long shower!."

cuntI turned her on her back and drew her to the edge of the bed. She gasped with the pain but told me to continue. My cock was back to its rampant best and I thrust it home while she wrapped her legs round me. I rested, took her hips in my hands and began to fuck. All the spanking and caning had left me ready and I promised myself that this would be a fuck to remember.. I started slowly driving in and out deep and shallow. I nearly withdrew and then thrust home again. I teased her before beginning a long sustained driving, reaming FUCK. She urged me on with her legs drawing me deeper. I knew that after the previous sessions that I could sustain myself and sure enough it was several minutes. while she was crying out with pleasure before I felt ready to come. My legs were beginning to react and my whole body was preparing for the final traumatic drive when my cock seemed to reach so deep there was no end.

I came, SHE came! We BOTH came and as I finished so her body raised from the bed while her back arched to ensure that she also achieved perfection!

It was time for a short rest before we went and showered together. We were so fulfilled that we said little as we soaped and played with each other. We went back to my bedroom towelled each other dry and rested for half and hour.

We went downstairs where Rachel cooked us a meal which we ate in the kitchen. She stood as her bum was too sore for a stool. We then went into the lounge and had coffee and a drink. It has been a long and exhausting - as well as painful day and we were ready for bed.

We had to leave Sunday morning as I had received an urgent call to a business conference i Ottowa and needed to collect some papers and clothes before flying off. I don't think that either of us was sorry as it would have been impossible to top Friday evening and Saturday.

I left Rachel at her apartment with a promise between that this was just the start and drove away.

the weekend had been marvellous and I knew that I had found a partner for my sexual adventures. I hoped that she would be able to arrange for a friend to join us next time as the chance of working with two ladies must not be missed!

There will be a Part 3 - and maybe a Part 4