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A Computer Malfunction - Office Discipline/font color>


The Disciplinarian

It was in the middle of the morning when one of my computer team called through to say that we had a major malfunction and that all of our systems were down. I told them to get on with trying to correct it and that I would see the Head of the Department at lunchtime in my office for an explanation.

I had just finished my morning post when there was a knock on the door. I told them to enter. When I looked up I was surprised to see an attractive woman of about thirty years of age.



"I am Rachel Green the new Head of the Computer Department Sir. I was told to report to you at lunchtime to update you on how the repairs are going. "<>p>

I looked her closely and saw that she was indeed attractive. She was slim with a well formed figure. her skirt was figure hugging and her blouse allowed the shadow of her black silk brassiere to show.

"Update me then."

" I am afraid that it was partly my fault as the programmers didn't understand the instructions I gave them. We should have the fault dealt with within the next two hours".

I looked her up and down. "You accept that it was your fault then?"

"Yes Sir!"

"Then I think that discipline demands that punishment for the perpetrator should be expected - do you agree?"

She looked shocked but licking her lips nodded in agreement.

I do not want to dismiss you as you are new to the job and come with excellent references. However I cannot let a lapse like this pass without some action. You have a choice either accept the punishment I offer or leave the firm. The choice is yours!"

She only took a minute to make up her mind and accept the punishment I offered. I was relieved as I knew that she was a highly competent computer expert.

I knew that this would be a pleasure and was going to enjoy myself and I stood up, locked the outside door and told her to remove her skirt and knickers

She looked at me and I said "Yes!""

Her fingers moved to the fastener at her waistband and unbuttoned it. and then wriggling slipped her skirt down and off her legs. She stepped out of it. I could see that her her knickers were black silk while her stockings were held in place by a black suspender belt. Facing away from me she slid her knickers down and off her feet. She was now standing with only her stockings and suspender belt from her waist down.

I told her to bend over the end of the table and grip the edge as I was going to spank her with my hand and then my metre rule.

She bent over and I looked at the perfect bum presented to me. It was soft and warm with a tuft of hair just peeping from her concealed pussy lips.

I began to spank with my hand. Softly at first just to warm her up before I spanked harder. She cried out after the first stroke of my hand but then remained silent. as my hand rose and fell. her bum was now taking on a warm red glow with the treatment it was receiving. One dozen "S P L L A A T T!". She did not seem to mind at all and I soon took up my ruler. It was metre long and three inches wide as well as half an inch in thickness. I used it all the time for measuring and was soon measuring Rachel's bum.

I felt her bum and enjoyed the heat I had created. As I felt I also noticed that there was a moisture running down the inside of her thighs.

I took up the ruler and "C R A A C C K K K !" brought it hard across both buttocks. She squealed but remained in place. I gave her six more before telling her to stand and removed the rest of her clothes.

She looked shocked but unfastened her blouse. and slipped it off her shoulders.. She then removed her brassiere and I saw her firm ripe breasts. Not over-large but perfect melons ready to be held. They were tipped with firm erect nipples which stood out from the crinkled surround.

As she bent over to to unfasten the left stocking her breasts huge loose like ripe fruit just moving gently. She looked up at me and I saw a slight smile on her face. I believe that she was enjoying this. Now the other stocking followed by her suspender belt.. She kept me waiting before her fingers went into the waistband of her suspender belt. Then slowly, as though it was a striptease she unfastened it and pushed it down and stepped out of it. Her body was even better unclothed than while dressed. Her bum was firm without being fleshy and was well reddened by my hand and ruler. I could see her fully now and her pubis was covered with a fine down of light coloured fluff. Just enough to make it interesting without covering the lips of her labia. I thought that I detected a glisten of damp on the hairs which suggested that she was enjoying what was happening.

I gently adjusted my clothes under the table as by now my cock was hard and pushing to escape. She watched me as I did so and I knew that she understood my predicament before I stood up and took a strap out of my desk.

naked woman"Bend over the end of the desk again and grip the other side. I am going to give you a dozen hard strokes to remind you of your responsibilities.

Still gently smiling her eyes met mine in a knowing way before she went across to the to the desk and bent over. Her back view was as superb as the front. Her bum was now well marked and the cheeks had two dimples which flexed as she took up position. She stood with parted legs and I could see the fig of her pussy. Yes I was sure that it was wet and that she was preparing to enjoy herself. I went behind her and gently massaged her bum cheeks while she waited patiently

I took up the strap and stood to one side. She tensed and her calves tightened in anticipation. I massaged her bum again. The lovely soft cheeks need my strap to complete the picture. "S P L A A T T!", the strap landed and she gasped..A red bar was clear across her bum. "S P L A A T T!", "S P L A A T T!", "S P L A A T T!", I continued to spank her bum which turned red under my ministrations. She did not move but I stopped for a moment and parted her bum cheeks as I massaged. Her anus was also flexing and I knew that there would come a time when I would explore this further. "S P L A A T T!", "S P L A A T T!", "S P L A A T T!", I had intended to give her a dozen strokes but she was clearly enjoying herself and this led me to thinking of what might happen and so I continued for a further dozen.. I went behind her and again inspected her bum It was very red now but no damage. I spread her bum cheeks wide so that I could inspect her pussy and anus more fully. I put a finger into her wet pussy and then used it to explore her fundament. She gasped but clearly enjoyed the experience. I gave a couple of slaps and told her to stand.. She did so and looked into my eyes. Her lips were parted and it was clear that far from the strap upsetting her it had in fact aroused her libido. She then turned to me

"Thank you Sir may I help you now?"

As she said it she began to unfasten my trousers and slide them down my legs. I was surprised but also so aroused that I did not stop her. I stepped out of them. My underpants followed, but not without a struggle, as my cock was standing firm like a flagpole and she had to lift the pants over it. She gently massaged the thick shaft which already had a hard purple 'nut' with pre-cum oozing from it. It was clear what here intentions were She knelt down and took my cock in her hand. She rubbed it a few times and then into her mouth She was no novice and her fingers drew the foreskin back so that she could use her tongue on the sensitive tip, She then took the whole length in sucking it and using her fingers to massage my cock. Her tongue was like a magic wand as it danced, sucked and teased my cock, I was getting hotter and hotter and I was worried about spending.

She stopped at just the right moment, stood up and, with expert hands, removed the rest of my clothes. We had said nothing all this time - and in fact there was nothing to say and no computer program was needed to predict the next steps! My cock was still erect and Rachel took it in her hand as she led me to the sofa in the corner of my office. She sat back and opened her legs showing the gorgeous offering of her pussy for me. I knelt down and, parting her legs. What a wonderful sight a woman's pussy is to see. Her outer lips were engorged and parted wide so that I could view the mysterious interior The labia was wet with her spend following her strapping and I was soon sucking and licking among the sparse foliage as I explored her wet interior. The subtle scent of her perfume was present as I gorged on her labia and inner lips, I found her clitoris and the little nut reacted to my tongue. Her legs tightened round me as I delved deeper. My tongue on her pussy brought out gasps of pleasure before I stood up. She stood also and soundlessly we both knew our next move and she bent forward over the sofa.. Her legs were parted and I could see her red stripped bum as she helped to guide my cock to its ultimate destinations. I felt the warmth on the tip as it entered and then, with her hand still guiding, I pushed home thrusting deep inside her warm slippery insides. She gasped with pleasure! cock

"Fuck me hard Sir!

I took her at her word and drove in and out so that out bodies slapped against each other with an explosive bangs. Her fingers were playing with her clitty as I thrust into her.. She was so ripe and ready that I entered easily. I started fucking driving my cock home deep and shallow, hard and soft and it was not long before we were both gasping with pleasure and excitement. Before I came I withdrew and picking up the strap gave her another dozen strokes, harder than before while she squealed with joy. I now turned her round and entered her from the front. I rubbed against her breasts as I fucked and fucked her. It seemed never ending as we both gasped with pleasure.

Eventually it had to finish and as she would see I was about to withdraw. she cried out "No! Come inside me!" . I gave a couple of final thrusts and then my spunk filled her interior as I came with gouts of spend oozing out. I gave a dozen final pushes as my cock wilted and. I withdrew and stood in front of her. My cock was dribbling with cum and she took it in her mouth and sucked it clean. She smiled at me.

" I do need to check whether the computer system is now up and running, shall I report back at the same time tomorrow to get you up to date Sir?"

We both struggled went to my washroom and after a good wash got back into our clothes. I confirmed that it would be fine for her to report back at the same time tomorrow, when we could possibly continue where we had left off!

She left the room and I continued with my day's work. I would await with interest her report tomorrow and maybe even on other days!

The following day at lunchtime I had had prepared a meal for Rachel and myself and exactly at 1 pm she arrived with her arms full of files. We went from my office to the top floor where I had my penthouse flat.

"Good afternoon Sir, I have produced the documents as you requested and as far as my department is concerned I will be away for the afternoon on 'company business'. I thought this might be best to avoid talk.."

I agreed and locked the door. I had also told my Secretary she could have the rest of the day off as I would be away on business.

I suggested that we had lunch first and leave ourselves the whole afternoon for 'pleasure and pain'. I knew that yesterday was only the beginning of a fruitful relationship. One thing about my penthouse flat was that it had its own private lift from the basement so that we had complete privacy..

We ate the excellent lunch that had been provided and settled back with a drink before beginning our, hopefully, pleasurable afternoon. I had several spanking instruments at my disposal and I was sure that I would find a ready use for them during the afternoon.

We agreed that it was best to strip at the beginning of the afternoon so that we would be 'in our skins' throughout. so I drew Rachel towards me and began to undress her. She remained passive as I unfastened her blouse and removed it. Then I unzipped her skirt and she stepped out of it as it fell. Now she stood in brassiere, panties, suspender belt and stockings. She dealt with me in a similar fashion. and removed my shirt and trousers. She giggled as she saw my underpants tenting out with my hard cock thrusting itself forward, eager and ready for the fray! Now the rest of our clothes were dropped to the floor and we were both naked and eager for the afternoon to begin

before we started however we explored each other's body. Yesterday had been a 'smash and grab' in the middle of the day while today was to offer the full menu. I bend her forward over the back of the sofa and explored her bum and anus. I sucked my index finger and used it enter her anus. She drew her breath in but no more so I guessed that she had no objections to my explorations in that area at a later time. I then opened her pussy and saw the gorgeous interior already slippery and shining with the soft coating of her spend.

Now it was time for Rachel to explore and she went down on her knees and inspected by cock and balls. She caressed and sucked my balls, ignoring the flagpole in front her her. Then she drew the sheath back and touched the nut with her tongue . It was already sensitive and ready for action.


I drew Rachel over to the sofa and sitting down placed her across my knees. I saw her bum was still marked with the ruler and strap I had used yesterday but I began to spank her buttocks with my hand . As I spanked she wriggled and purred with pleasure. This was spanking for fun. I did however intend to be harder later in the afternoon. As I spanked my fingers were exploring between her legs and she spread them wide so that my fingers could continue their quest. She was already wet and her clitoris was out of its sheath as I rubbed it.

My cock was finding it difficult to adjust between our bodies and was being handled by Rachel. I told her to stand and then bend over the end of the table as I was going to spank her harder. with my strap. She rose eagerly to receive it and took up her position. I had a thicker strap to use today and I was soon into a rhythmic tattoo "S P L A A T T !" it landed. her bum was taking a pounding but she was enjoying the experience. I told her to stay in position when I put the strap down. I went down between her legs and parted her bum cheeks. The lovely rosette of her anus with its dark surround was flexing. I took some cream and using my fingers put some into her anus. I slid a finger inside and it entered easily. She groaned with pleasure. I added a second finger gently pushing in and out. She even accepted a third finger before I stopped.

anal sexI handed her the cream and told her to suck me hard and then anoint me with the cream. She did so and then took up her position again. I pointed my cock at the small dark crinkled opening and pushed gently. Rachel was tight and she groaned again as I began to enter. I found an inch and waited. The I pushed further and with the help of the cream I pressed on and her anus opened for me and I slid deeper in..until I was home to the roots. I rested while she adjusted herself to the entrance and then I began to fuck. She soon pushed back to help me and I drove in and out. Rachel had her fingers at her pussy rubbing her clitty. I was nearly ready to come but I wanted to come inside her pussy so I withdrew and thrust my cock into her pussy. She cried out with pleasure as I fucked hard and fast . A dozen sharp final thrusts and then my cum gouted into her interior. her vaginal muscles squeezed my cock, refusing to release it and milking me until I was completely empty.

I knew what had to happen now and told her to bend over the back of the sofa. I could tell she was already on a high as I took up the cane. "C R A A C C K!" I lashed it home. She cried out with the mixture of pleasure and pain

"MORE!, MORE I need MORE". Please thrash my bum HARD!"

caned bottom I knew she meant it so used my magic wand with "C R A A C C K!" stroke after stroke across her bum echoing through the room. Red lines appeared and I admired my own handiwork as they all lay parallel and she had a dozen stingers before I stopped. She remained bending over the back of the sofas sobbing her heart out with her emotions.

As she bent over and I massaged her bum I could see the fig of her cunt was awash with her spend. I rubbed my cock a few times, although it was already at stand and slid it into a ready receptacle. She gasped with the pain of my entry, not for that but because the my pubic bush rubbed against her sore buttocks. She soon recovered however and as I drove in and out gripping her hips tightly to ensure the best possible effect Rachel soon drove back at me making our double connection loud and explosive. We fucked and fucked until I felt my cum welling up and I withdrew, telling her to face me as I pointed my cock at her face. I rubbed and came at the same instant spurting my cum into her face and mouth. She took it all laughing as the cream covered her and then took my cock into her mouth to suck the last drops .

It was time to finish and we both went to the bathroom where we had a convivial shower before dressing. A final drink and then, as Rachel prepared to leave, I said

" I have a cottage in the country which I am visiting at the weekend. Nothing pretentious but I wondered whether you would like to join me.. If so I leave Friday evening and could meet you in the company garage after work, or if you would prefer at your apartment."

She smiled and giving me a quick kiss said that she would be ready in the garage at 6 pm on Friday and looked forwards to the weekend.