please a woman

Please A Woman

Pleasing a woman whether you are a man or woman

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Masturbating with a partner.

In this section we cover a range of techniques including using instruments, two people together and group masturbation.
I have enjoyed many pleasurable sexual experiences in my life, except for being the recipient of Anal sex for which I have inclination, and it is important to be clear that there is no RIGHT or WRONG way. All aspects of sex are so that the individual, couple or group enjoy pleasure and as long as they harm nobody then they should take that pleasure.
An important proviso is that they take precautions so that they also do not harm each other. Remember that HIV is sexually transmitted and condoms are an excellent barrier.

"Mutual Masturbation" can mean any the following sexually related activities engaged in by either males or females in pairs or groups: * One person masturbating in the presence of another person but not touching each other.
* One person physically touching another person to masturbate as the other person does the same during or after.
* More than two people masturbating in the presence of each other in a group but not touching each other.
* More than two people physically touching each other to masturbate as a group.
* The manual stimulation of each other's genitals where the session eventually leads to sex.

Women together

"A girlfriend and I went out for dinner. Maybe it was too much wine, but we started talking about masturbation. How often. How. Where. We went back to my apartment for more wine, and she asked me if I had done it with another woman. I said no, She said no. We agreed to try it, took off our skirts and knickers and sitting opposite each other we looked at each other. She had shaved her pubic hair and her pussy glistened in its nakedness. I saw her stretch her pussy lips wideand with her thumb rubbed her pussy while she had two fingers deep inside herself. My own pubis was well covered but slipping my fingers betwen the hairs I felt my cliity and we started masturbating ourselves. Looking at her fingers in her vagina and massaging her clit turned me on and made me incredibly wet. We were playing for several minutes before I took off my top and bra and my friend did the same. Now naked we resumed our positions and after several more minutes both had orgasms -- really strong orgasms fast. I watched her buck and cry out as she stiffened and I watched her juices spurt out from between her pussy lips. I guess she saw the same from me. We laid mutual masturbation down on the couch exhausted and held each other for awhile. Next thing I knew she was masturbating my clit and her fingers were giving me even more pleasure than my own because now it was out of my control. I touched her and rubbed her clitty really hard while we both cried out with the pleasure. She kissed me and I felt her tongue enter my mouth. I enjoyed it and soon we were kissing and playing as though there was no tomorrow.. . We spent the night together. I have masturbated with her and another girl friend several times since. I like the way another woman knows how I feel. I like touching her and making her cum. I like the feel of a woman's body. My orgasms are not necessarily better than with my boy friend, but I have made love for hours with my girl friends masturbating, resting, touching each other, even having oral sex.."

Now we have one where the two women are more experienced and this except is taken from the site Girl Stories

"She lifted the thin negligee over her head and I did the same. She urged me to lie back on the bed and she traced her fingers down from my chin to my chest. She massaged my breasts gently and squeezed my nipples. I moaned and she asked me if I liked that. 'Yes, very much,' I said. She lowered her mouth to my breast and took a nipple in her mouth, sucking and nibbling it. A direct line to my pussy lit up. I became wet instantly. She moved to the other nipple and I nearly came from the intense pleasure. I put my hands in her hair and stroked her gently, holding her hair back so I could watch her mouth now excite me.
mutual masturbationWhile she is sucking my breast she starts to trace a hand down my belly, sending quivers of excitement through my body. She leaves my breasts and kisses down my body. I am now leaning on my elbows, watching her. She scoots off the bed and stands in front of me. She raises my knees and parts my legs so that she has full view of my wet pussy. 'Oh my, look at the puddle you have created' she says. My juices are flowing so much that they have made a huge wet spot under me. I start to get embarrassed but she is flattered she says and bends down to taste them. She spreads my lips with her fingers and scoops up a handful of juices. She brings it to her mouth and tastes then looks at me with those sexy eyes. 'You have got to taste this, ' she says and gets another scoop to bring to my mouth. I taste it and it is very much like she tasted in the other room earlier I tell her.
She kneels down and slips her tongue inside my hole. I watch her reaction and she looks up and winks at me. I want to taste her again I say but she tells me it is her turn right now so lean back and enjoy it. She moves up to my clit and I start to buck. She latches onto the love button and I start to cum. The orgasm is intense and I start to holler, 'yes, yes, yessssss, ' cumming on her face. She shoves a finger then two inside my pussy and finds my g-spot, rubbing it while I cum all over again. "

"I was on a business trip with a co-worker. Julie and I had worked together five years. After the first day, we went to dinner in the hotel. Julie asked if I wanted to go to the bar afterward and see if we could meet some guys. I wasn't married and not dating anyone regularly, so I said OK. We had drinks with dinner and more drinks at the bar, but didn't see any guys who found us interesting or we found interesting. We headed up the elevator to our room (company policy was shared rooms). Julie said something like I'm pissed. I was really horny. In the room, we got ready for bed. Julie went into the bathroom in bra and panties and came out a few minutes later naked and said if she could not have a man she'd do the next best thing. She got on her bed and started touching her vagina. We were both a little drunk, and when she asked if I mutual masturbation - 9750 Bytesminded, I just stared and said no. She had a beautiful body. When she asked if I wanted to join her, I did not know what to say. I had never masturbated with a woman before. Julie sat up in bed and reached over and pulled me closer. She put a finger in my panties and gently tugged them down. I said I would masturbate and took them and my bra off. I had never looked at a woman's body the way I looked at hers. She said I had pretty breasts. I think I blushed. I sat down next to her and she put her arms around me. We suggled for a few minutes. Julie rolled over and started touching her clitoris again. I laid next to her and did the same thing. With her free hand she touched my breast. I was very aroused and reached orgasm quickly. When I did, Julie leaned over and kissed me on the lips and brought my hand down to her clitoris. We she reached orgasm, I returned her kiss. I felt like I was in a dream. We touched each other, she caressed my feet. We kissed each other's breasts and stomachs. We masturbated each other, and Julie gave me oral sex. We slept naked in the same bed. In the morning, we got up showered and got ready for the day's business. Nothing was said then or ever about what happened the night before.

Two and Three Women9again taken from the same site)

"I never masturbated till I was in college. One afternoon, thinking I was alone for a couple of hours, I got naked and slipped into bed in the dorm to do this new thing that I found so great. I was touching myself for fifteen or twenty minutes, when my roommate came in. She asked what I was doing in bed, and when she saw my clothes on a chair nearby, she asked if I was masturbating. I said no, but she knew better and pulled back the blanket. She took off her clothes, got into bed next to me, and said we should do it together. We did. She touched my breasts while I touched myself, then asked me to touch her. We both had orgasms, then she pulled the blanket up and rested together. As we were putting on our clothes, she mentioned that a friend of hers down the hall liked to do it, too, so we could make it a threesome. For the next few months, once or twice a week, the three of us would meet in our room, get naked and masturbate. It was fun for awhile, even after we started masturbating each other. Soon they suggested we do oral on each other, which I tried but did not like. Next, they brought toys. I did not like that either, using toys on each other. Near semester break, I told my roommate that I liked it when we just got together, touched each other gently and made ourselves cum, but it was getting more than I wanted. She said she understood and admitted what I thought was the case: that she and the other girl wanted a full time relationship. We switched roommates for the next semester, and I have only masturbated by myself or with men since."

Man and Woman

mutual masturbation Several years ago I was set up with a blind date, who turned out to be an attractive, intelligent woman. Our first date was dinner, after which I took her home and said goodnight. I called her for a second date a few days later, and we set up another dinner. It went better than the first date so I was not surprised when she invited me in after I took her home. We had another glass of wine, snuggled up and kissed a few times, touched each other. I asked her if she wanted to make love. She said yes, but did I have a condom. I didn't. She admitted that she was afraid of disease and pregnancy, and asked me to be understanding. I said she was not unreasonable, after all we did not really know each other; but I hoped we could make love another time. She said yes, stood up and removed her top and unhooked her bra. Her breasts were fabulous. The hard on I had lost a few minutes ago returned. I said that I thought she did not want to make love, and she replied that she did not want to have intercourse, then removed her skirt, her underpants and shoes. Her beautiful naked body was driving me crazy. I wanted to touch every inch. She asked if I was going to just sit there. I took my clothes off in record time. She reached over and touched my cock. I thought I would cum. She said there were other ways to have sex. We went into her bedroom and made love. I probed her vagina, rubbed her clit and made her cum, then did it again. She stroked my cock and made me cum in huge amounts. We rested, and she said she wanted more. Bite her nipples, suck her toes. She got on all fours and bent over. She said to touch her clit, put my thumb on her anus and make her cum. When I was finished, she licked and bit my scrotum while she stroked my cock, then she put a finger in my anus while she jacked me off. I was as spent as if I had intercourse. I had never had better sex.

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