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Here we cover couples and groups with comments from individuals about their experiences

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Masturbating with a partner.

In this section we cover a range of techniques including using instruments, two people together and group masturbation.
I have enjoyed many pleasurable sexual experiences in my life, except for being the recipient of Anal sex for which I have inclination, and it is important to be clear that there is no RIGHT or WRONG way. All aspects of sex are so that the individual, couple or group enjoy pleasure and as long as they harm nobody then they should take that pleasure.
An important proviso is that they take precautions so that they also do not harm each other. Remember that HIV is sexually transmitted and condoms are an excellent barrier.

This page includes stories of anal sex, gay,lesbian and hetrosexual couples Men Together 1

I think it is common and not really a big deal for guys to masturbate in front of each other. I grew up in a rural area and skinny dipping was not uncommon. Once, I was with a friend who was a year older than me and we were swimming in the river that ran through his property. We were nude and the subject of jacking off came up. I asked him to do it as I had never done it, at least not in the conventional way. He sat down in the sand and started stroking his hard on. After five or ten minutes he came. I remember him shooting mostly semen, as it was real clear. That was the only time he and I were together in such a setting. The next summer another friend, my age, were naked swimming in a pond on my property. I decided to jack off in front of him. He had never done it and watched intently as I stroked it to orgasm. He commented on the size of my cock as I was pretty well hung for a thirteen year old. It was an erotic experience for both of us. Nothing happened between us until we were eighteen. We took a trip to a neighboring state and and in our motel room we did it in front of each other. Over the next four years we repeated the scene a few times. I remember at least twice jacking off in the car while he was driving on rural freeways. I liked jacking my big cock in front of him and he enjoyed the show. On two occasions we gave each other head when we drunk. It was always his idea. We did not think of it as being gay. We were just horny. I have jacked off over the years thinking about our experiences.

When I younger, there were four other guys in the neighborhood all about the same age who enjoyed exploring each other's genitals. It was fun touching each other's penis and testicles. Soon we were old enough to get hard and not long after we were able to masturbate. We continued to touch each other while hard, but only three of the boys, including me, jacked off together. Many years later, one of those guys, whom I had not seen for a long time, and I were in New York at the same trade show. We had drinks and dinner as old friends, then went to my hotel room for a nightcap. He reminded me of our youthful experiments and asked if I still jacked off. We discovered we both still liked to do it a lot. He asked if I wanted to do it again. I told him that I was not gay, and he said he wasn't either, but he thought it might be fun. I said OK. I mutual masturbation dropped my pants, but he got naked, so I did too. I wasn't sure I would get hard, but watching him stroke his still soft cock got me excited. Before long we were watching each other stroke nice big hard ons. I struggled not to cum and asked how long he wanted to go. He said he wanted to touch my cock like we used to, so we stroked each other for a while. It was the first time in thirty years I had touched another man's penis and testicles or had another man touch mine. We returned to our own cocks and shot our loads in a minute or two. It was very exciting. We wiped off and relaxed without talking. He asked if I wanted to go again, but I said I did not think I could. He began stroking my half-soft penis and soon it was hard. I touched his and he got hard. This time we jacked each other off, but it was not as exciting as the first time. He got dressed and left. We saw each other the next day and acted as if nothing had happened. I never jacked off with him again, but I did masturbate with other men later.

In the summer between my seventh and eighth grades, I met a boy who lived across the street who was two years older than me. We had not lived in the neighborhood long, and I knew no other kids nearby. Neither of his parents was ever home during the week, so I would go to his house and we would hang out. One day he showed me pictures of naked women that he stashed in a box under his bed. He asked me if I jacked off. I said I didn't. I did not know what he meant. He touched the front of his pants then unzipped. He took his hard penis out sort of to show me. I felt myself getting hard. He said he would show me how. He took off his pants and shoes and was wearing only a t-shirt. I did the same thing. He stroked his erection while I stared. He stroked mine as if to show me how it was done. We faced each other masturbating. I watched him as I got harder and harder and finally I came. Cum dribbled out. I felt almost weak in the knees. He smiled, then he shot a huge load and sort of groaned as he came. In a few seconds he handed me a box of Kleenex and said wipe off. We both cleaned away the semen. I did not know that what I had done had anything to do with sex. I just liked the way it felt. Next day I went to his house and asked if we could do it again. We stripped naked and laid next to each other on his bed jacking off. We each came on our stomachs. I had more cum this time. Later than afternoon, I went back and found him already naked and hard. He asked if I wanted to do it again. I took off my clothes and he began to stroke me. We laid on the bed and he asked me to jerk him off and he would do me. I made him cum and he groaned. He put my erection his mouth for a few seconds, they jerked me. It was weeks before I ever did it alone. Once a day or more often, we would get naked in his bedroom and masturbate. Usually we just did ourselves, but sometimes we did each other. He asked me to suck him. I put it in my mouth but did not like it. He liked sucking me but never made me cum in his mouth. We did this pretty much the whole summer. When summer ended, we went to different schools and hardly every saw each other during the shcool year. By the next summer I wasn't interested in jacking off in his bedroom.

Men Together 2

This story is about the longest time Jerry and I were naked together and the most masturbation we shared in one day. We got to know each other as two divorced guys who liked to watch football, drink Scotch and talk about how few dates we had and how horny we were. This story happened four months after we first masturbated together. What started as two guys sitting on a couch watching porn, unzipping their pants and jacking off became a ritual of masturbation that culminated in this day long session. Jerry came to my house to watch the last round of a golf tournament. We opened beers, sat down and turned on the set only to learn the tournament was delayed by rain. It was a beautiful day here, so we went out on the deck to have our beers and get some sun. We got naked and laid out in two chaise lounges. A half hour later, Jerry went back to check on the tournament, which had now been cancelled. He grabbed two beers, came back to the deck and handed me one. He sat down and reached over and touched my penis. We had stroked each other, sometimes to orgasm, before, but this was the first time he touched me while I was soft. I began to stiffen and stood up. I reached for his still soft penis and massaged it and his testicles till he got hard. There was no kissing, no other touching, just our mutual masturbation. I asked him if he wanted to cum first. He nodded. A few more rapid strokes and he shot cum in three big spurts and a few dribbles. The best part of jacking off another man is feeling in your hand what he feels in his penis, the throbbing and surge of semen, then watching it shoot forth. When he was finished, he started stroking me; and a few minutes later I ejaculated. I always seemed to cum harder when I did it with Jerry or had Jerry do me rather than jacking off by myself. We got another beer then laid back down in the sun and rested for nearly an hour. Our masturbation sessions had never lasted this long. It was very relaxing. Jerry reached over and touched my penis again. We had never cum twice in one session, so I told him it may be too soon. Jerry said to relax and stroked my cock and balls gently Nothing happened, so he got up, crouched down a put my soft penis in his mouth. I started to object, and he said to close my eyes. When I did, I got hard, and while he had me in his mouth, Jerry got hard too. We jacked each other off again with less force and less semen than the first time. We rested a while, then went inside, still cocksucking naked, and watched TV for awhile, had something to eat and another beer. Maybe it was the beer, but Jerry stood up and showed me his hard on. He asked me to suck it before we masturbated. I hd never had him in my mouth before. I was surprised that as I had his penis in my mouth, I became hard. I alternated stroking it and sucking it, then jacked him to orgasm. He sucked me again but did not stop to stroke it. I reached orgasm in his mouth. He left soon after, and the next morning, I realized that as much as I enjoyed masturbating with Jerry, it was going further than I had ever intended. We got together a few more times, but it seemed to go toward oral every time, so I finally told him that I wanted to stop. Too bad, because it had been a nice way to masturbate.

Men Together 3

My friend told me about jacking off. I had been getting erections, and sexual awareness at the time. My friend explained to me that you had to make a circle with your hand and move it up and down your dick to get some sperm to shoot. We were at scout camp, and in our tents. We began our quest to shoot a load. I was having trouble getting to the point of orgasm when my friend said Let me show you how. He grabbed my smallish penis and started to stroke it up and down.
masturbation You gotta do it like this he explained as his hand travelled up and donwn my virgin dick. Doesn't this feel good? he asked.
Of course it did. His pace picked up and I soon felt that now familiar knot in my belly as I began to cum for the first time. I didn't shoot semen at the time, but really enjoyed the experience.
Now it was my turn. My friend asked if I'd like to try him. OK. I tentatively grabbed his huge penis and started to move my had up and down. My small hand could hardly encircle his huge cock.
Like this? I asked. Yeh, keep going, faster and squeeze it harder. I moved my hand and his hips responded, humping my hand. He moaned, and I felt his penis expand, getting fatter, longer and harder. Here it comes-he exclaimed and I watched about 10 large spurts of semen erupt from his purple glans and fall on my hands, forehead and his sleeping bag.
Wow! was all I could say. He wilted, then grabbed my tiny penis, and said that If he sucked mine, I would have to suck his. I agreed to this and we took turns sucking each other's cocks which quickly regained their hardness. We jerked each other off a number of times, one after the other, and we both came at least 4 more times that night.
I know now that he has a medical practice about 3 hours from my home, and would welcome the opportunity to stop in and do it again, possibly deep-throating his monster and swallowing a large load of his semen-- this after more than 30 years.

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