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The Disciplinarian - Spanking Advice and Information

This is the site for Spanking, or being Spanked !
Whether it is
Hand Spanking,Paddle, Strap Tawse, Cane or Birch
with MULTIPLE examples of eachInstrument
Use the links to find the page you wish!

cane in hand

We promise nothing but PAIN and PLEASURE in this site

Whatever the instrument - Learn the way to SPANK from an EXPERT

For TWENTY YEARS I spanked ladies who require this discipline to enhance their lives or would like to try spanking and now I offer my advice FREE.

All spanking must be consensual and nothing should take place which is not agreed between the partners..

This site is about all types of Spanking
Erotic, Sensual and Punishment Spanking
as well as Galleries, Spanking Examples, Stories and Videos.
I now include advice on how to include spanking in your
sexual life as well as now chapters on bondage.
It is designed for ADULT viewing only.

Whatever your spanking interests this is the site for you
and the webmaster, a spanker for over TWENTY years,
is happy to give advice on all aspects of spanking

Welcome to THE site for Spanking Enthusiasts.
Look at the Icons on the LEFT and then use the Menus at the top to find the pages which interest you.
Here you will find Spanking Stories,Information,Advice,Examples, Videos and Galleries as well as exclusive spanking pictures

The are also pages of PICTURES and STORIES and from Erotic books of the 17th - 19th centuries
as well as some early 20th century pictures

Try our EXAMPLES pages - one of the best is Avril and Anthea

See our New Short Stories "The Department Store" and Mistress and Business Woman in Spanking Stories 2

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