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This is just a short page on the Flogger.flogging back
This superb instrument is designed for erotic spanking only and can be used with perfect safety all over the body. It should not be confused with the whips and martinets which are designedfor hard spanking and are shown on another page. The flogger consists of two dozen soft chamois strips each about one inch (2.5 cms) wide and 12 inches (30cms) long fastened to a strong handle. They are designed to caress and not punish.
My own personal choice is to use a ladder or the spankee standing grasping a raised bar in a doorway or holding on to a high cupboard. The main point is that they should he stretched with their legs and arms extended. The spanker can be facing away and the flogger used from the calves and feet up to the neck. the effect is soothing and however hard it is used it only stimulates the body. It is erotic in all its aspects.

When the spankee is in position then start by working the flogger up and down the body of the spankee. using it gently across the calves, thighs, bum and back. Lots and lots of strokes. Do not be afraid th slap it up the inside of the thighs and draw it through the pussy area. the whole process is designed to bring pleasure to your partner.

leg-spreaderIt can also be used with the spankee lying face down or facing upwards so that the breasts and pussy are stimulated. If used correctly it will only enhance the erotic experience. Drawing ithe soft leather strips up between the thighs caressing the pussy can also turn your partner on. In fact its uses are endless and will not upset even the most timid. I also recommend the spankee should have legs spreaders to offer even more access to the spankee. <.p>

This implement should not be impossible for the spanker to make for themself as it just consists of a dozen or more strips of soft leather bound together at the end. It is certainly one I can strongly recommend for play

Unfortunately the company which supplied mine Master U at present has a non active website although it is worth checking for updates as their front page can still be seen..

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