Marquis de Sade

He French writer of psychological and philosophical works Donation Alphonse Francois, Comte de sade (1740-1814), was also a libertine, debaucher, pornographer, and sadist – a term derived from his name Very little is known of Sade’s life. He graduated from the College de Louis le Grand, was commissioned as a coronet in the French army, and later sold his commission. He was forced to many the eldest daughter of a leading magisterial family, Renee Pelagie de Montereuil who bore him three children. Because of his libertinage, which included the seduction of and elopementwith his wife’s sister, Anne Prospe re, he incurred the unending enmity of his mother-in-law, who eventually had him imprisoned in 1781. Sade had tasted imprisonment before for libertinage and indebted ness, and he spent half of his adult life in prisons and asylums. Only three public scandals can be proved against him, and none of these seems to ment the punishment meted out to him, reinforcing his claim that he was an unjust victim of his reputation and other’s hatreds.

During the Revolutions, Sade was released from prison, served as secretary and president of the Piques section of Paris, and represented it at least once before the National Convention, where he addressed a pamphlet calling for the abolition of capital punishment and the enfranchisement of women. His attitudes and actions gained the hatred of Robespierre, who had him imprisoned (1793). He was saved only the death of the “Incorruptible. “Released in 1794, Sade was arrested in 1801 for being the supposed author of a scandalous pamphlet against tapoleon. He spent the rest of his life at Charenton insane asylum, where he died on De. 8, 1814. His best-known books include Justine; ou, Les Malheurs de la vertu (1791) and its sequel, Histoire de Juliette; ou, Les Prosperites du vice(1797).

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