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A Victorian Household - Part 9 -Part 1

The Disciplinarian

For several weeks our lives went on as normal with Lady Brackenbury and I recovering from our experiences with Sir Charles with Joanne ministering to our sore bums. However as I escorted Lady Brackenbury I knew that she was waiting for something and sure enough by the end of the month she received a letter from a friend with the information she required. Within a few days she had written and received a reply to her request. She then took me aside and told me that we should be going away for a few days for 'contemplation and chastisement'! I did not understand what she meant and she was very mysterious so I was eagerly awaiting the day we should leave. When it came our coach took us to the railway station where we took a train to a small country halt. Here a carriage again waited and we were driven along country roads to an imposing building which announced itself as St Martha's Convent for Correction of Wayward Girls.
The door was opnd to us by a nun who led us to the Mother Superior. She stood up and welcomed us:
"Good Afternoon Lady Brackenbury and Mabel. I understand from a mutual friend that you are both flagellants who wish to visit us for several days. You probably do not know that we are a strict order who uses corporal punishment with regularity and severity. Most of the girls here are sent by parents or the courts to receive firm discipline - and this you will have an opportunity to see. For ladies such as yourself the discipline and punishment is even more severe but is on a private basis. Once you have agreed then you will receive whatever we decide for the duration of your stay. I would just add that we also receive as well as give. I hope that you understand and accept."
Lady Brackenbury confirmed that we did and Mother Spuperior rung a small bell. A nun entered.
"Sister Alice will be your mentor while you are here. Sister show them to their rooms and when they are ready bring them to the big hall where they will have a chance to see how discipline is administered her."
Sister Alice nodded her head and left the room with us following. She led us along the passage to two rooms which were next to each other. When she opened the doors I saw that the rooms were spartan with a hard bed at one side, a table and chair and a 'prie dieu' to the right side. I left my case on the bed and followed Lady Brackenbury into her room where I started unpacking for her.
"No you look after yourselves. For this infringement you will both be punished Lady Brackenbury bend over the 'prie dieu' immediately.
My mistress was shocked but did as she was told. Her dress and petticoats were lifted by Sister Alice and her pantaloons were pulled down so that her bum was naked. Sister Alice took a fierce looking strap from her belt and standing beside Milady she cracked it down across both bum cheeks "WHIPP!!", "SLAPP!!" I heard it land with great firmness."WHIPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "WHIPP!!", "SLAPP!!","WHIPP!!", "SLAPP!!". There were six hard strokes before she stood back.
"You can stand up now. Please understand that all infringements are dealt with immediately and I will now have your maid bent over."
I took my mistress's place and waited while Sister Alice lifted her strap. "WHIPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "WHIPP!!", "SLAPP!!","WHIPP!!", "SLAPP!!" I nearly jumped at the strokes as she certainly knew how to lay a strap on for maximum effect. My bum cheeks were tingling now as the strap found its mark "WHIPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "WHIPP!!", "SLAPP!!","WHIPP!!", "SLAPP!!". I was counting and I knew there was two more to come and then "WHIPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "WHIPP!!", "SLAPP!!","WHIPP!!", "SLAPP!!" she added one extra
I stood up and let my garments fall with my bum stinging from the unexpected punishment and I wondered what more was in store for us. Sister Alice led us down to the dining room where we had a excellent if simple dinner. There was no talking allowed so everybody was busy with their food and I had time to notice that at our table were four more ladies as well as most of the nuns. The girls sat at tables on each side of the room. After dinner Mother Superior rang her bell and two servants brought in a long bench with a hump in the centre while a third one had several long thick canes under her arm. The bell rang again and three girls wearing shifts came in and curtsyed to Mother Superior.
Mother Superior pointed to the first and she moved forward to the bench. She removed her shift so that she was naked and lay along the bench. The servants fastened her with straps to her wrists and ankles and a strap across her waist so that her bum stood clear of the bench.
"Matilda you will receive twenty strokes of the cane for self abuse. If you cry out that stoke will be repeated."
I was surprised to see that two nuns moved forward until I saw that one had a cane in her right hand and the other in her left hand. I then understood that the strokes would be delivered alternately from either side. There was not long to wait as the nuns took up their positions on each side of Matilda. They checked the distance and then as Mother Supeior rang her bell the first stroke landed. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!" this was real punishment caning and the blows rained in from both sides with a pause between each stroke so that she would absorb the pain. I knew what she must be feeling as I saw the line across her bum rapidly turn from white to red and the pain build up before "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", left ,right the two nuns lashed the canes down across the naked buttocks with the lines raised soon turning to an angry fiery colour. As the blows fell "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", the buttocks took on a ridged appearance turning purple within minutes of the blows landing and also swelling so that the whole area was tortured with the new strokes. It was almost impossible for the girl not to cry out but she bravely held out until after the final stokes. Matilda was unfastened and helped to her feet where she began to cry with the pain. The Matron who had been standing at the side wrapped a gown around her before removing her to the sick room for treatment. I had never seen punishment like this and was apprehensive as to what we could expect getting more worried as the same treatment was dealt out to the other two girls. Matron then returned before the other two girls were taken in turn and dealt with in the same way. When they had left everybody was dismissed for the night back to their cells.
Dinner was over and the nuns had left for the chapel for prayer. Mother Superior sent a nun to tell Lady Brackenbury and myself to attend her in her room after chapel. We were to strip and change into the gowns which were on our beds wearing nothing underneath. We did as instructed and presented ourselves to the Mother Superior in her office. When we arrived we were surprised to see a tall monk in a dark brown habit standing beside her chair. He looked up when we entered showing his interest as he looked us up and down.
Mother Superior said:
"Ladies tonight is your first proper session and Father Paul is here to administer it. You understand that it is necessary to assess your suitablity for the course before deciding whether we can accept you for the full week so Father Paul will be using the strap on you. He and I will decide how many strokes you will receive so prepare yourself ladies and remove your gowns."
We stood in front of her and removed our gowns so that we were now naked and ready for what was to come. Father Paul beckoned me over and told me to bend over the 'prie dieu'. I did so and waited with trepidation - always this first moment when going into the unknown gave me goosebumps and sent a tingle up my spine - but I did not have long to wait before "WHIPPP!!", "SMACKKK!!" the first stroke landed across both buttocks and as the cane landed drove me forwards on to the padded cushion of the 'prie dieu'. Wow! this was powerful stuff! "WHIPPP!!", "SMACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "SMACKKK!!" by this time I knew that I was really being tested and although I began to take in the pain that magic glow that began in my toes and worked its way through my body was already taking over. "WHIPPP!!", "SMACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "SMACKKK!!" the blows rained in and the tingling in my bum cheeks became a definite pain before there was a welcome pause. I knew that my pussy was already wet with my spend as I felt it running down the inside of my legs as he paused. I felt his rough fingers massage my bum before feeling inside my thighs and touching the swollen lips of my vagina. I looked up and saw him nod to Mother Superior. She came over and felt me herself saying:
"Two dozen more I think."
I prepared myself for the onslaught and "WHIPPP!!", "SMACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "SMACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "SMACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "SMACKKK!!" the strokes continued to lash down. I was ready now and was able to absorb each stroke while drifting into the nirvana which every flagellant experiences. "WHIPPP!!", "SMACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "SMACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "SMACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "SMACKKK!!". Eventually it was over and after another good feeling by both Father Paul and Mother Superior I came to my feet with a VERY sore bum but in a state of euphoria which always happens at the end of a firm session.
"Well done my dear Father Paul and I both think that you are well qualified for the course. The good Father will now deal with Lady Brackenbury and then you may both retire to your rooms for the night. Please read the instruction sheet on your pillow as any infringement means instant punishment. Now Lady Barckenbury if you are ready."
I could see that my mistress was eager and she took up her position rapidly and received the same treatment as I had before we were both finally dismissed for the night.
We spent the next day helping in various duties, mainly in the library where only nuns and we were working and saw several instances of the severe treatment meeted out to transgressors. One of the nuns dropped a pile of books as she slipped on the floor. After she had collected them up she was called for called forwards by the Librarian nun and told to raise her gown and remove her drawers before bending over the end of the table. When she was in position she the Librarian lifted a long thick cane and gave her a dozen strokes VERY firmly applied. The nun accepted them in silence and when, the punishment was ended, lifted her drawers, let her gown drop and after curtysing and thanking the Librarian carried on with her duties.
Evening came and again after dinner one of the nuns again invited us to join Mother Superior dressed just in our gowns. We confirmed that we should be there and retired to change into our gowns. When we arrived at Mother Superior we were met with a smile and a welcome, I also noticed that she was wearing a gown similar to ours.
"Ladies I am glad you have agreed to join us for the week and if you would like to come with me."
She led us out of her room, along the corridor to a door which she unlocked with a large key. We entered what appeared to be a staircase leading downwards until after about thirty or forty steps we reached the bottom where another door had to be unfastened. This was fastened when we were through and at the end we saw lights flickering. Our surprise was complete when we entered what appeared to be an Aladdin's cave. The room was large with supporting pillars hung with chains. At the sides were ladders and benches but the most surprising items were the tables groaning with food and flagons of wine. There was a large fire burning in an enormous fireplace but most surprising there were a dozen nuns all dressed as we were and Father Paul and a number of monks, all obvious by their tonsures also dressed in similar robes.
Mother Superior smiled:
"Welcome to our private meditations. You are here because you have been recommended by a member of our circle and that you passed the initiation test that I and Father Paul submitted you to. Everybody here is a flagellant and the monks are also available later for other services which I am sure will be welcome. Our first order of business is to remove our gowns and prepare to flog and be flogged. After this we eat and end up the party in a way that I am sure that you will enjoy. To make it easy for everybody we draw lots for our male partners and then you and your partner will give each other thirty strokes of the cane. These must be laid on hard and NO sexual activity must take place during this period. I hope that it is clear and if so we will begin."
She called out to everybody to strip off and to take a token from the two vases - men from the blue and ladies from the yellow vase. We all removed our gowns and I was surprised to see that all the nuns were young to middle-aged and the monks of similar age. Mother Superior also suprised me because when naked I saw that she was a superbly built lady of about forty with large firm breasts and buttocks with a prominent mons well covered with an auburn fleece. When we had disrobed and inspected our tokens I discovered that I had drawn number 8/B which was matched to a well built hairy man who was 8/A. It turned out that the 'A' caned first. I inspected my partner more closely and saw that he was about three inches taller than me with a mass of pubic hair covering a thick cock which was still quietly nestling. His buttocks were firm and well formed and rested on shapely thighs and calves. He had a pleasant face and shook my hand before kissing me on the cheek. "Hello, I am Brother Peter and we are to be partners tonight. I am glad to have the opportunity to meet somebody new. It appears that you are to receive a caning from me first. What happens now is that everybody takes up their position either bending over, across a table or a settee and then all the canings are carried out at the same time. Then we reverse the procedure so if you are ready find a suitable place to bend over and I will begin."
I was still a little sore from last night but was eager for the experience to begin so found a suitable settee and bent over the back. Brother Peter had a fierce looking cane in his hand and came to my side smoothing my bum cheeks with his hand. I could tell immdiately that the strokes would be hard and sure enough "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", the cane struck. "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", as he continued I could hear similar sounds around me and I took a look up and saw that whether a man or a woman was caning the strokes were applied very firmly. WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", again I was beginning that special journey which only the true spanker experiences as WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!",WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!",the cane continued its inexorable dance on my bum. I felt the tightness as the ridges formed but by now had given up counting and just accepted the strokes as they fell. My body was suffused with warmth and my nipples were hard while the trembling in my legs was getting greater with my emotion. Then it ended and as the final strokes landed those on the receiving end stood up and a murmer of conversation went round the room as we inspected the damage to each other's bum. Both man and woman it was clear that the cane had been firmly applied and also that many members of both sex were ready for action as the men had their cocks standing while we were juicing between our legs and our nipples were hard.
"Change everybody."
The words of the Mother Superior rang out and Peter handed me the cane smiling wryly before bending over and presenting his bum for my approval. WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!",WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!",I gave him four hard strokes to show my intentions and he groaned in anticipation.WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!",WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", stroke by stroke I lashed the cane into his white bum trying to make each stroke unique and well separated leaving plenty of space to infill WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!",WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!". He was clealy enjoying the caning and I watched as he rubbed himself up and down on the edge of the settee. I just hoped that he would not go too far as I was dying to have his cock lodged inside me shortly. I could see that it was a large firm tool with the hood withdrawn leaving a purple head exposed already oozing precum. WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!",WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", the final four powered down as I used my full strength to make sure that he remembered the whole event. At last it was ended and as we stood and looked round we saw that it was the same everywhere with couples now getting down to the rest of the evening. Brother Peter put an arm round me and said that this was the fiercest he had ever received from a woman. Before we ate however it was clear that other appetites needed to be satisfied and I felt his pole as it stuck out rigid from his loins. A few wanks with my hand before fell back spreading my legs while he pointed his cock to it natural home. I felt it thrust vigorously inside me slipping up into the slimy interior with its firm sides rubbing my muscles and spreading my interior as he pushed higher. I felt him reach my uttermost limits before after a moment or two to rest he began powering in and out. I wrapped my legs around him and helped him by squeezing him closer and pushing against him so that we were in usison until he stiffened, gave a final push and I felt this warm sperm inundate me as his involuntary spasms took over. Finally we parted and as I looked around I saw with interest that Lady Brackenbury was riding one man while another saw shafting her arse while Mother Superior and Father Paul were involved in a sixty nine. Every kind of sexual activity was continuing around the rest of the room until everybody fell back exhausted.
After resting for a few minutes it was time to eat and drink and enjoy the food before we continued our activities for the rest of the night. The events are hazy now but I remember being fucked at least twice more and eating out the pussy of Mother Superior before Father Paul bent me over and gave me his hard hot cock in my arse. Morning came and it was a very exhausted and sleepy set of people who returned to our respective rooms at the convent and the monks to the monastery.