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A Regency Rake 7
The Disciplinarian

After the session with Fiona I had decided to introduce a male friend into our private circle. I had been at school with Charles and we had also lost our virginity at the same time in Mrs Bratby's establishment where two of her girls ensured that we enjoyed the experience. We used to return there regularly and Charles and I had often spent the night together with two or more girls so I was fully aware of his stamina and expertise.

I arranged to visit London for a week and take the girls with me. We stayed at our London house and I asked Charles to visit one afternoon. I warned the girls that I would be bringing somebody who might be suitable to join us but it would be up to them to decide. I would not try to influence them. If they did decide they liked him then we would invite him down for the weekend and also invite Fiona..

The girls were very excited and when Charles arrived in the afternoon it was soon obvious that they found him very attractive. I had warned him in advance that he might be in for an interesting evening so that when the servants had left after serving our meal and we were on our own I was not surprised when they quizzed him about our activities when we were together in London. One of their main questions was how we had lost our virginity. When I nodded my agreement Charles started to tell them the story.

* * * * * * * *

"John and I were in London for some final exams for the Law and we were both feeling randy. Up to now we had just watched the girls walk by but our Senior Examiner Sir James Green, after congratulating us on passing suggested that we might like to celebrate. If so we could join him at an establishment he knew where, after dinner and drinks, we could be entertained. I promise you that this latter made us sit up and we agreed with alacrity.

We met at 8 pm and Sir James led us to a fashionable part of London and to a discreet door. He knocked three times and a small hatch opened and when the doorman saw Sir John through it her opened immediately. We entered and met Mrs Bratby who introduced herself as owner of the establishment. She explained that if we went into the side room for a drink and dinner we could meet some of her 'young ladies'. These would be happy to entertain us after dinner for a long or short time. Sir James himself was immediately met by a gorgeous girl who introduced herself as Diane. She could not have been more than eighteen and after kissing him she led us all to a table where we had dinner and wine. At the end Sir James asked to be excused and said that 'we were now on our own'. He left in the company of Diane and the last we saw of him was ascending the stairs to the upstairs rooms.

Mrs Bratby returned and after asking how we had enjoyed the meal suggested that we now go into the lounge where we would find other attractions. 'Please understand gentlemen that although we cater for most tastes violence is not included. I understand from Sir James that this is your initiation so if you will allow me I will select your partners for this first encounter.' She left for a minute or two and then returned with to attractive young ladies. The blonde one called Eva joined John and the other Mary joined me. We sat and chatted and had a drink before they took us by the hands and led us upstairs. I can tell you that I was petrified. I had waited and dreamed of this moment but would I be up to the task. I can only tell you of what happened to me and you must ask John afterwards to relate his experience.

When we went upstairs Eva opened a door and took me into a large room dominated by a four poster bed. There where chairs and a table with washing bowl and cloths on it beside the bed. She led me to a chair and began to undress me until eventually I was naked. I felt embarrassed as Johnny was standing out straight and firm in front of me. She giggled and gave it a quick kiss before she asked me to undress her. I fumbled away assisted by Eva until she only had on her drawers and then as I unfastened the bows these slid down and I saw the heavenly temple I had been dying to explore.

She took a washing cloth in her hand and washed and dried my prick before laying back on the bed. She invited me to explore her and I, who had never seen a naked female body took full advantage. I spread her pussy and felt the soft warm interior. I caressed her bum cheeks and kissed and sucked the hard nipples on her breasts. Eventually she stopped me and told me that now was the time.

She lay back with her legs spread and her knees raised and drew me down. All I could see was the dusky pussy hair surrounding the coral nest. She spead her lips with one hand and took my cock with the other. She guided me into her I felt my cock slide deep into her interior. Although she had been well used she had superb muscles and squeezed them and I felt all the pleasure of her soft warm interior. I began to move in and out but sadly it was not long before I came and shot my load into her. I was mortified but she laughed and said that this often happened at first but not to worry as there would be plenty of time to try again as Sir James had paid for John and I to stay all night.

We talked and kissed and played until I felt my cock harden and Eva told me to lay back and to leave everything to her. I did as she said and she knelt across me and I watched as her thick bush absorbed my cock and drew it inside her pussy. She sat for a while and then began to move gently up and down, round and round all the time giving me exquisite pleasure. After several minutes while I watched her breasts jiggle up and down she moved faster and faster until I could hold back no longer and then finally she drove down while I came and came and came. I did not believe it was possible to have so much pleasure as wave after wave engulfed me. Eva sat back gasping as we both finished. She told me that she had come as well - something that didn't often happen as she usually had eight to ten men a day. It was only because I was staying the night that she could let herself go.

We lay back and slept in each other's arms before a final bout in the morning when I took the initiative. This proved that I had stamina and virility and and allowed me to give pleasure to Eva. The night was over and I dressed and went downstairs where John was waiting for me.

So now you know the story of how I lost my virginity. Let John tell his now."

* * * * * * * *

"I know what I say will not embarrass my sisters who know all my faults. Of course the first part of the evening was the same as Charles and it only changes when we went upstairs. I knew more than Charles as I had watched my sisters grow through to maturity and the sight of the female form was not unknown to me but like Charles this was to be the end of my virginity. Masturbating at school and home had caused wet dreams but now was reality.

Mary had also been warned that it was the first time for me and like Charles we undressed each other until we were both naked. My cock was at the full present and Mary quickly washed and dried it. This stimulated me even more until I felt I could wait no longer. Mary lay back and offered herself for my inspection. She had a ginger fleece and the engorged pussy lips poked though. I had always wanted to explore my sisters bodies but I knew that my father would not be kind to me if he had found out so I had refrained. Now it was my chance and I spread the lips and slipped my fingers inside. She gasped and spread wider to allow me more access.

I used my tongue and mouth before I could wait no longer and kneeling between her legs I slid my cock into her eagerly waiting receptacle. There was no problem as she was wet with spend and soon I was rogering her away as though I had ben doing it for years. She wrapped her legs round me drawing me deeper into her and soon I felt the wave of warmth sweeping through my body before the final thrust spurted my cum inside her pussy. I fell forwards and gasping with my efforts and Mary whispered that it was the best fuck that she had for months. We unfastened as my cock shrunk until we finally lay back side by side. She told me of her history about being drawn into working in a brothel. Like Charles' girl she then came on top of me for a second bout before we rested for the rest of the night. A final fuck and I dressed and was downstairs a minute or two before Charles. Like him it agreed that it was the perfect introduction and we would return in our own time. Of course when we were in London we often did"

* * * * * * * *

There you are my dears 'How we Lost Our Virginity". Now I think that it is time we demonstrated how far we have progressed. Charles you shall have the choice. I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

We went up to my sisters and I offered my hand to Amanda while Charles took Joanna. I explained that we could have gone to separate bedrooms but,, in the circumstances, this was not necessary and so we began to undress the girls. There was much giggling as we fumbled for the hooks and bows but eventually they were both nude and then it was their turn to do the same to us. Soon the four of us were naked and my sisters eyes lit up as they saw Charles' cock standing out from its thick bed of hair.

We lay back on the floor and my sisters used their tongues to good effect on what were willing tools. Next as we were lying back it was sensible for the girls to come down on us so that they could control the speed of our efforts. Immediately I was impaled on Amanda while Charles found that he had ben straddled by Joanna who had slipped his cock inside her cunt. It was now difficult to keep up the pretence and the girls now took over and moved up and down, fast and slow, long and short until I knew I could wait no longer so I drew Amanda down and, thrusting upwards, inundated her with my cum. I looked across at Charles who was receiving the same treatment and he was not far behind. Joanna cried out with the final thrusts as she and he had join emissions as they came together.

Lifting themselves up Amanda asked if they had been as good as the first time. I looked at Charles and said that although they were good they could never repeat the first fuck of a man and woman on the day he lost his virginity.

After our session we dressed and chatted but did not ask Charles to stay overnight but invited him down to the country the next weekend when we would also have another young lady for him to meet. Charles left us and returned home while I and my sisters chattered for a while before I ordered them upstairs.

"You are to be undressed and both bent over the side of my bed. Amanda, you will get the black cane from my cupboard and present it too me when I join you. I feel that you need some correction after the earlier part of the evening. You were too forward by far and at the weekend I hope that you are more circumspect"

The girls looked at each other and quickly left the room. I sat and smoked a cigar and had a final brandy before joining them. Joanna was already in position over the bed with her firm white buttocks ready for my chastisement. Amanda was standing and holding the cane in both hand as as she presented it to me before joining her sister. They looked a superb couple as they bent over and waited for me. I took the cane and decided that I would start with Amanda

"S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!",

The cane found its mark sinking into the soft cheeks and leaving the inevitable mark.

"S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!"

I lay the strokes on with vigour. Six for Amanda and the lines shone out red like a beacon flare from her bum. Now it was the turn of Joanna


"S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!"

I went on laying on the strokes just as I had with Amanda

"S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!",

they had received six each. A return to Amanda whose buttocks showed the earlier marks prominently

"S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!".

Now there was only two to go

"S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!",

Amanda was dealt with but remained in position while

"S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!" "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!",

The last six lashed down across Joanna's bum. Both girls now had flaming cheeks but they had also enflamed me ad my cock was standing out like a ramrod in a rifle! I told the girls to remain in position while I buggered them and stripping Joanna held her tortured bum cheeks apart to allow me to slide my ready cock into the tight interior. I fucked away for several minutes before withdrawing and sinking into Amanda who groaned as I thrust home. Soon she was ready however and the cane had certainly striped her up as she encouraged me to bugger her harder and faster until eventually I send my load deep into her interior. I then extracted myself, told the girls to return to their rooms and settled down to sleep. All in all a VERY pleasant evening, and I knew that the marks on the girls bottoms would not last beyond twenty four hours so would be in prime condition for the weekend. I knew, although they didn't, that Charles enjoyed giving and receiving the rod so they were in for an active time.

* * * * * * * *

My sisters were very excited as the weekend got nearer until on Friday evening a coach drew up with Fiona and later Charles rode across from his own house. We had arranged for the servants to be away at the London house for the weekend so that we were alone. A full cold collation was left for us and the girls promised that they would prepare the food we would need tomorrow and Sunday before the cook returned on Sunday evening.

Everybody was excited, especially as they had no idea what was planned. In fact I had no clear plan as I felt that the weekend would have a momentum of its own once dinner was over.

After dinner we took our drinks into the library and I told them that I was open to any suggestions. The girls quickly got into a huddle and came back suggesting that we should all 'get down to our skins' before they were each hand-spanked in turn by Charles and I. We were happy to oblige and soon all of our clothes had been discarded and an attractive group we looked if I do say myself. Let me list the attributes of the girls and then Joanna can write about Charles and I.

Joanna About five foot four in height with well developed breasts and bum. She had firm but not thick thighs and calves and small well formed feet. Her breasts were full with the aureoles surrounding her firm nipples turning more orange as she matured. She had dark hair covering her pubis and her pussy lips were generous and peeped through the hairy nest. Her buttocks were well developed and had pronounced dimples on both cheeks which flexed when she was being spanked. At present they were white, although this state would not last for much longer. She was always eager to be fucked front and rear and she had an excellent appreciation of the rod, both giving and receiving. Her right arm could deliver a devastating blow when it was needed.

Amanda. Like her sister she was around five feet four in height but she was not so well developed. The difference in age accounting for this. However she also had firm upturned breasts with the nipples already standing out like nuts while her pubic hair was sparser. Her pussy was clearly visible although not as pronounced as that of Joanna. Her legs were slimmer and less developed while her bum still had some size to gain before it reached perfection. She enjoyed the rod and also being fucked and buggered. She was still inexperienced with giving the cane but was learning under her sister's tutilage.

Fiona Quite new to our little circle she was taller than my sisters and came from a more sheltered background. She had a perfect figure with breasts which stood out firmly from her body while her auburn fleece screened the coral entrance superbly. She had firm buttocks which were well formed without being overlarge and they twitched as she was being spanking in a most attractive manner. She had not yet been buggered but I was sure that this would happen over the weekend. As we had only met her once we were unsure of her limits although our last meeting suggested that she would soon become one of us. Her time with 'Sisterhood of the Rod' ensured that flagellation was a MUST with her! I was looking forwards to seeing how she coped with this weekend.

John de Lacy This is Joanna writing. John is about five foot eight and an all round athlete with a good body. My sister and I had been flogged by my father when he was alive as punishment but when he died John introduced my sister and myself to the rod as a plaything. He has strong legs and thighs which he uses to good effect when he is 'riding' us an he has a firm well formed cock. It it not overlarge but fits nicely into its various nests. Over time he has learned to be better at timing and can sustain his fucking to give maximum satisfaction. His handling of the rod takes me to the extremes I need to go, while he can also take plenty himself from my sister and I.

Charles This is Amanda writing. It is difficult to say much except that I was most impressed when we first met him last week. His cock is slightly longer than John's although no thicker. When it enters you it seems to search you out. He certainly has stamina and it appears that the girls at Mrs Bratby's taught him well. I am looking forwards to seeing how he can take sustained sessions with the rod, although this should be no problem as he was with Charles at a public school where flogging was the norm. It should be a pleasurable and instructive weekend

John decided that everybody would be dealt with on an individual basis at first so soon Joanna was across her brother's knees.


His hand rose and fell slowly and gently at first but gradually


they were harder and her bum cheeks began to turn a bright red. John massaged and caressed her bum. her legs parted and he felt her pussy which was already wet.


After thirty or forty spanks he handed her over to Charles who continued the spanking and massaging.

Amanda and Fiona received the same treatment and as they did so it became obvious that the two men were actively displaying the effects of their endevours as they had a job to keep their cocks under control. Eventually the spanking was finished and the three girls displayed their bums to the admiring gaze of the men. The soft warm bums which had been white were now a fiery red. Their position made them particularly attractive and Joanna clapped her hands.

"I know. We will have competition to see which of Charles or John can fuck the longest. John. remember that game we played at the new Year party? You must fuck Fiona and Charles can fuck Amanda. The minimum is ten minutes and every minute under that the man will receive five strokes of the cane from each of us. I will be timekeeper but expect my share later"

The other girls thought that this was a wonderful idea and drew the two men down on top of them. Fiona guided John's cock inside her and Charles slipped easily into Amanda. Joanna clapped her hands to start them and the game was on. John had a steadier stroke than Charles and at first it looked as though the rapid action of Charles would soon burn him out but he had plenty of stamina.

"Five minutes.!"

Neither man looked like giving up and they were encouraged by their partners who urged them on to greater efforts. By now the two men were panting with their exertions but there was no sign of faltering.

"Eight minutes!."

Now both men were in distress and within the next minute first Charles and then John surrendered and their cum inundated their respective partners. Joanna declared it a draw and told them that as they had lasted nearly nine minutes they would receive five strokes of the cane from each girl when they were recovered. The two sat back exhausted and Joanna handed them wine. The girls compared notes and agreed that a dead heat was the fairest result. This also meant that both of the men would be caned.

The girls had no intention of wasting time so Amanda picked up a whippy cane and told us both to bend over the back of the sofa so that we were side by side. She took up the cane and
"S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!",

the first strokes lashed down onto Charles bum

"S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!",

then it was the turn of John.


"S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!"

one by one and with alternate strokes Amanda continued laying a pattern across the previously white cheeks of the two men. Now it was the turn of Fiona and, with her considerable experience with the Sisterhood she soon showed that she was learning fast and gave John five consecutive before moving on to Charles.


"S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!" . "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!"

Finally it was the turn of Joanna who was most experienced and had a strong arm and she lay down a full barrage on both bums until they cried enough. She now said that she wanted her satisfaction and would have both men together. and laying John down she impaled herself on his rigid cock before opening her bum cheeks for Charles to find the dark entrance. Soon he was housed and the three began the triple fuck while Fiona and Amanda urged them on. The two men had recovered somewhat from their earlier session and were able to give as good as they got until after about ten minutes they offered up their spend into the separate orifices. The three collapsed laughing and the other two joined in hugging and kissing Joanna before she stood up.

They all decided that it was time to clean up and then retire for the night but even then John had a surprise for them as he suggested that they all share his large four poster tester and they soon saw that it was large enough to house them all. The next hours were spent in play before finally they all slept until morning.

After breakfast the next morning John warned the girls that it was now time for them to suffer. They looked at each other and grimaced but when John told them to follow him to the stables they joined him and Charles. When they arrived they saw that from the cross beam overhead there were dangling ropes and and under one set was a beam to separate two horses when ploughing.

"Undress ladies and Fiona you will stand under the ropes while I fasten you in position. Amanda over to the post in the centre while on the ladder with your arms stretch high above you."

The three girls took up their positions as told and Charles and John fastened them. Joanna was on tiptoe on the bottom rung of the ladder with her arms stretched and her thighs and buttocks taut while John fastened her arms high and her legs to the side of the ladder. She was now immobile and her bum was ripe for treatment. Amanda had her arms round the centre post and Charles fastened them round it before spreading her legs and fixing them in position also. Fiona meanwhile was waiting for John to fasten her hands to the ropes overhead and then spread her legs so that he could fasten them to the horse spreader. Now all the girls were firmly in position. The way they were they could see each other without being able to move.

"Now ladies. Charles and I are going to beat you. You will be able to watch each other as we work. All of you are into flagellation so we want to see your limits. I will be the arbiter of how much you receive. Before we start however Charles and I have a little ceremony. Undressed Charles!"

Upon which the two men stripped and the girls saw that their cocks were already firm. They were also astounded as Charles bent over a bale of hay and parted his bum cheeks for John to slide his cock into his anus. Charles grunted with the initial discomfort but soon relaxed and the girls watched him being buggered by John. Their session went on for several minutes before John stiffened and gave a final thrust into Charles spurting his cum deep inside. After a short interval he withdrew and took his place across the bale ready for Charles to enter him. Again the bout was enjoyed by both men and Charles unloaded into John.

"OK ladies it is now your turn. I think Joanna first."

At that the two men each took up a riding crop from the wall. These were about half an inch thick, at the butt and tapered to a whippy end. They were about three feet long. These were usually used on the horses and the girls knew that they were being made to pay for last night.The men took up position each side of Joanna and John landed th first blow across the firm white buttocks


from the other side Charles followed


and soon the two men were turning the whole into a deep red with their strokes.


After they had given her a dozen each they felt her bum and caressed the ridges rhe crop had left before fingering between her legs. The soft warm interior of her pussy was already dripping with cum.

Now it was the turn of Fiona and again they followed the same pattern with alternate strokes


Finally it was the turn of Amanda so that the three girls had matching bums. The men now fondled them so that they were ready and eager for fucking but John had no intention of stopping and he took up a long cane and walked across to Joanna.


The cane lashed down across the reddened bum. The line turned white before it gradually changed to a deep red and finally purple.


Stroke by stroke as the other two watched the can lashed home. Joanna was moaning in her ecstasy as she drifted away into that nether land where the pain and the pleasure are so intermingled that the true flagellant almost leaves their body and looks down on the punishment she is receiving. Amanda and Fiona that to Joanna this was a 'need' which only this caning would sublimate. Fiona understood most clearly and marked her down as a suitable Sisterhood candidate!


It was finally after three dozen that John ceased and putting down the cane he caressed his sister's breasts and buttocks before releasing her. He then took her to a blanket in the corner and parting her legs fucked her for several minutes while she cried out with pleasure urging him on to even greater efforts until with an arch of her back she fulfilled her destiny at the same moment as his fiery brand fired its load into her. They came together with a crashing crescendo of pleasure which the others watching envied and hoped that they might emulate when their time came. It ended and John eased out and stood up while his sister lay back and remained relaxed and in perfect harmony.

Charles took the cane and stood behind Amanda. He felt her bum and slid his fingers in her pussy which was wringing wet with her spend. He tapped her buttocks

the first stoke landed firmly and it was clear that he knew how to cane


Now he was into his rhythm and his cock, which stood out rigidly, bounced up and down as he lashed the cane home. Amanda like Joanna was an afficionado and was soon absorbed in the caning

a dozen and then another dozen marked her buttocks. The lines stood out against the soft bum and soon the whole area was a mass of purple bruises.


Charles gave Amanda four final strokes before throwing down the cane. He unfastened Amanda and led her across to a a saddle tree and bent her over it. He spread her bum cheeks and she groaned with the pain but welcomed his rigid cock into her anus. Like John and Joanna the bout was long and pleasurable to both of them before with a cry Amanda squeezed his cock with her anal muscles milking his pulsating cock as he ejaculated. He lay across her back with them both gasping with pleasure after the effort they had undergone. With a plop his cock came out of her anus and he stood up helping her to her feet. She joined her sister on the blanket while they watched to see how their brother would deal with Fiona. The girls and John knew that it was important not to push her too far too soon as she had all the attributes to make her one of them but one wrong move and she could be turned away.

John walked across and felt between her legs finding the interior was already well juiced. He stood behind her and caressed her breasts while he whispered

"Do not worry I will test you but make sure not to go too far."

Now he took up the cane. He intended the strokes to be as hard as with his sisters but would restrict the number to suit her inexperience.. "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!",

the cane sunk into her buttocks and left its telltale mark.


John was careful to put a little draw on each stoke so that although they appeared full of menace they were not as fierce as they seemed.


As with the other two girls her bum soon changed in colour to a bright red and then a deeper colour eventually turning a deep purple. They were well ridged when John dropped the can and released her. He took her over to the blanket where the rest made room and spreading her legs wide he slipped his shaft home until it was deeply inside. Fiona wrapped her legs around him to keep her buttocks off the blanket and then joined in as he fucked her, thrusting deeply in before drawing to the edge of her pussy. The other three urged them on and John, after his previous fucks was able to sustain himself for a long time while Fiona was bucking under him calling him to keep going

"Fuck me John, oh fuck me harder. More!, More Pl-e-a-s-e-e-e!!!"

John did his best while Charles also prepared himself and when John finally could hold on no longer but spurted home and then withdrew Charles took over. Harder and faster he reemed her while she was crying out with pleasure and passion before even he could hold no longer and with a shudder he inundated her. He gasped with exhaustion and pleasure as he withdrew and the other two girls hugged Fiona and congratulated her on her stamina.

"Oh Fiona, that was fantastic to watch. I have never had two men one after the other but I am going to try it before the weekend is over, John, you and Charles promise me we can do it tonight."
The two men laughed and confessed that they could not raise a 'canter' at present and they would need plenty of help later in the day before they were ready. meanwhile they would all return to the house and have a drink before the girls had their revenge. The girls squealed with pleasure and took up the straps and cane before running naked back to the house closely followed by the two men who had at least hauled on their trousers.

As soon as they arrived back Joanna decided that it was time to revenge themselves on the two men. She told them to remove their trousers and bend over back of the chaise tongue as the girls were now going to see how they enjoyed the cane. Both men protested but their protests were overruled and soon they were in position waiting for the fury of the girls. They decided that they would each give them five HARD stokes and then Joanna would be ready for her double fuck while Amanda and Fiona used the dildo to satisfy themselves.

The cane played a merry dance on the men's buttocks as the girls took it in turn

"S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!" . "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!"

Until the lines were burned in their bums.

Joanna now told Charles to lay down and holding his ready cock in her hand slid down on top of him. He entered her easily and she bent forwards parting her bum cheeks ready for her brother enter her anus and to join his friend. She soon felt him nudging in and after a slight pain she felt as though the two cocks were touching each other there was so little between them. She moved slowly on Charles as her brother rogered her and soon the three of them were performing the bare back dance. Meanwhile Amanda had strapped the dildo on and was deep inside Fiona who had wrapped her legs around Amanda's back. Soon all that could be her was the heavy breathing as everybody concentrated on their task until the two men finally gave up the ghost and almost together offered their spend inside her. She herself had also found that the excitement was too much and cried out with pleasure as she orgasmed.

Now it was only Fiona and Amanda and they see me insatiable as they continued fucking away for several more minutes with Fiona having orgasm after orgasm and urging Amanda to continue. Even they could not continue for ever and Amanda eventually collapsed on Fiona gasping for breath.

The rest of the weekend, although not an anticlimax, was low key, with plenty of sex between the partners and they parted with promises of further meetings. The only definite commitment was that Fiona agreed to join the family on a permanent basis selling her own London house and becoming a surrogate member of the family.

Sadly for John he had recently been

gazetted as an Ensign i the 42nd of Foot,, his commission having bought by his father for him, and shortly after this party he had to join his Regiment for overseas duty. Thus was his life as a' Rake' shortlived.

This is the final part of 'A Regency Rake' there are many similar stories in my Short Stories

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